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Known for its Rip Van Winkle rum and modern build-style, Championis was founded by Pawnch_ on July 6, 2020. Championis is located in the Northeast, bordering Goomlandia, Grove Tribe, Kovska, and Vailan.


The main and only settlement in Championis is located on the border between the savanna, desert, and grassy biomes in the Southeast corner of its entire nation, bordering Kovska. It consists of a few redstone builds, a modern-style house belonging to BiscuitAvenger, a hobbit hole belonging to RedBrain144, a shack belonging to Pawnch_, and some other structures with a main town square. Slightly apart from the other builds, there was discovered to be a corrupted chasm and a fountain of light.



Championis was unofficially founded by Pawnch_ around May or June of 2020, when Pawnch_ had settled in an unclaimed piece of land between Vailan and Kovska formerly known as Gayrden. As many people had been pressuring Pawnch to either join or found a country, he decided that in an act of petty revenge, he would secretly create all the necessary infrastructure needed to found a country before unveiling it all to the server. Little progress was made however, and on 7/5/20, MiksaSerbia would discover Pawnch's settlement while browsing through the dynamap. The following day, 7/6/20, Pawnch would officially found Championis as a nation. He would then invite RedBrain144 and BiscuitAvenger on 7/720. They would not stay for long however, as Redbrain would be banned for x-raying, and BiscuitAvenger leaving the server after long periods of inactivity would leave him kicked from the faction leaving him without faction territory and inability from Pawnch and himself to communicate with each other as to a good time they could play on the server together. The nation as a whole would go into a period of inactivity, as Pawnch would soon experience techinical issues preventing him from joining the server, which were eventually bypassed and leading to a new period of activity from Pawnch, but not necessarily Championis as a country.

Caracali Raid

On November 24, 2020, it was discovered that someone had come to Championis and stolen all valuable resources that Pawnch did not have in his inventory. This attack had been seemingly unwarranted and was taken to be a raider attacking the world; in the coming days, many cases of missing items were reported coming from all ends of the globe. We do not know why but the attacker seemed to have come by three days later and gave him one of every disc minus pigstep; despite this gesture of kindness, Pawnch_ was still a long way from getting back what was stolen. With investigation on many parts, it was soon discovered by the Jugoslavija Repossession Team that the items were stolen by Caracalistan along with many other stolen items of the time to be used in war efforts by the Caracalis.


Throughout it's lifetime, Championis has made efforts to stay neutral in most conflicts, many times alluding to anti-war sentiments. Currently, Championis is part of the Northern Alliance and has been involved in only the Jugoslav-Caracali War, as a victim of one of Caracalistan's wartime thieving spree. It has had no government, as all major political endeavors only took place while Pawnch_ was the sole inhabitant.





  • Some of Championis claims were never officially claimed by Championis, but after a political map misinterpretation, Pawnch decided to just keep the lands as drawn in the map.
  • Pawnch's inactivity would lead to the creation of one of Championis's national treasures: the Rum van Winkle. These were bottles of rum which had been aged for hundreds of Minecraft years, named after the folktale of Rip van Winkle, which is about a man who would go into a deep sleep for one hundred years.