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WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization that shares and publicizes classified information that the rest of the world doesn't have access to. Their mission is to make sure that the public has access to this information to allow for freedom of information and transparency in the governments of Elgeis. WikiLeaks operates in a separate affiliated Discord server from the main Elgeis Discord.


WikiLeaks only publishes content, relying solely on their informants for information. Anyone can anonymously supply info using Voltaire, a Discord bot designed to allow for anonymous messaging within Discord. Wikileaks offers financial compensation if the information you are leaking is major.


Anyone may apply to be a partner. Partners donate valuables to WikiLeaks, and these donations are used to pay informants for information. However, partners are not able to influence WikiLeaks and stop certain information from getting leaked.




The founder and original president, guptacakeman, was an extremely influential figure in WikiLeaks' growth. As the only member of position at the time, guptacakeman was responsible for the entire WikiLeaks organization. He was in-charge between the first major leak to the "Montrosian Military Guide" leak. On January 5, 2020, guptacakeman stepped down as president and appointed MedimaNN as the new president. After guptacakeman's break from running WikiLeaks, he returned as president on February 17, 2020. One major addition to WikiLeaks during this time was the creation of the WikiLeaks Library. He then served as president until his ban from Elgeis on April 26, 2020.


After guptacakeman's stepdown on January 5, 2020, MedimaNN was appointed president of WikiLeaks. During his first run, President MedimaNN was responsible for two major leaks: BKAS HQ and Zhongshan Conference. MedimaNN lost his president status after guptacakeman usurped leadership on February 17, 2020. After guptacakeman's ban on April 26, 2020, MedimaNN was given presidency. For his second run, President MedimaNN was responsible for a single major leak: the cleansing of Ilyrdom. MedimaNN eventually lost his status as president when he was banned from Elgeis on August 27, 2020.


Once MedimaNN was banned from Elgeis on August 27, 2020, Doctor_Hound rose from vice president to president. Doctor_Hound has been responsible for major leak, Caracalistan War, and is yet to lose his position of power. One of the biggest changes to WikiLeaks during Doctor_Hound's presidency has been the deletion of the NSFW channel.

Vice President


After guptacakeman stepped down as president and appointed MedimaNN for the job, MTJNC was appointed as vice president along with MedimaNN. MTJNC did not last very long as vice president as he was soon discovered to be a self-authorized Sylvian mole. Ironically enough, this information was leaked on WikiLeaks by a Sylvian insider on the same day as his appointment. The proof of MTJNC's betrayal can be found here.


Following the second presidency of guptacakeman, MedimaNN was demoted to vice president. MedimaNN remained as vice president until guptacakeman was banned from Elgeis and MedimaNN rose to president on April 26, 2020.


On the day of MedimaNN's second rise to president, Doctor_Hound was appointed vice president. Doctor_Hound remained as vice president until MedimaNN was banned from Elgeis and Doctor_Hound rose to president on August 27, 2020.


Two days after Doctor_Hound's rise to president, Grooge64 was appointed vice president by the current president, Doctor_Hound, on August 29, 2020. Grooge64 has been vice president since then and is yet to lose his position of power.

Chief Financial Officer


On January 5, 2020, MasterInventor was appointed Chief Financial Officer by guptacakeman. As Chief Financial Officer, MasterInventor is yet to lose his position of power.

Chief Leaking Officer


During guptacakeman's second run as president, he appointed FlyingGMM as Chief Leaking Officer. The main job of FlyingGMM was to confirm whether leaks were real or fake and to post all leaks going forth.


Provided proof by the first leaker proving the leak on c0cs and Fianna
Alleged screenshot of the MaLL

c0cs and Fianna

On December 13, 2019, it was leaked that c0cs had attacked the a Montrosian fish tank in Gabeford and that Doctor_Hound planned to bait c0cs by paying him to attack Goomlandia. The second bit of information regarding this leak was from another source who claimed to have paid c0cs sixty-four iron ingots to raze Fianna and that c0cs was hiding in the ocean.

Update on the Sylvian Conflict

According to the anonymous source, the Sylvian coverup machine was in full swing. Montrose had began to crack down on the dissident groups. Some groups are considering to seek refuge in Rhett Tropical or llyria and form governments in exile. You may be wonder, Why don't they just vote out the Header of Montrose? Each group wants their own leader put into power. They can't agree to vote the current government out because none of the groups have enough votes to install their preferred leader over the others. My source has also stated that there is no gag order for the people on the bottom. The people at the bottom don't even know about the gag order. The gag order is only for the higher-ups. Many of you are also thinking that this anonymous person is just baiting me and providing false information. But the source has provided evidence that they are Sylvian, as shown in this picture.

MedimaNN's Freedom

Leaked image of the BKAS HQ

During this time, MedimaNN was convicted of a variety of crimes and was wanted in many different nations. Overall, he was captured several times but escaped every time.

House Arrest

This major leak was sent out on December 14, 2019 declaring that MedimaNN was freed from Brayton Jail by a Sylvian. It was later revealed to be Pheonix_Fire123.

Brayton Jail Break

This major leak was a continuation of a prior conflict. It was sent out on December 16, 2019, and declared that MedimaNN had broken out of Brayton Jail. It was later revealed to be doctorspaghetti.

The MaLL

Someone leaked a screenshot of a villager complex allegedly known as the infamous Yugoslavian MaLL on December 18, 2019. This leak was soon revealed to be fake as the screenshot was taken in F3, exposing that it was taken in a separate world and not that of Elgeis.

Montrosian Military Guide

As the first leak of 2020, someone had leaked the official Montrosian Military Guide on January 5, 2020. Written by FlyingGMM, this guide was for the Montrosian military. As it was guide, they were suggestions, not mandatory rules to follow. The WikiLeaks copy of the document can be seen here.


As one of the most noteworthy leaks from WikiLeaks, the BKAS HQ was leaked to be located under the Nyanian ETM district on January 11, 2020. The exact leaked coordinates was 1067, -1758 with a direct connection to MedimaNN's underground bunker from one of his Hide and Seek games. This leak hinted at the Nyanian government sponsoring BKAS; this adds up, especially considering how the Nyanian government said they were doing something secret in the ETM district and even banned foreigners from visiting the district.

Zhongshan Conference

Poster for the Zhongshan Conference

As another influential leak from Wikileaks, the Zhongshan Conference's Agenda was leaked on February 15, 2020. This agenda was laid out in a document made by Abimapixsey and sent out to participating nations. This conference was organized by Yanshu to bring together "like-minded" individuals to discuss the imbalance of power in Elgeis and how to fix it. By many, this came off as an anti-Sylvian Union conference. The attending nations were Vanskovich, Goomlandia, Yugoslavia, Yanshu, and Kovska. The lasting outcome from this leak was the breakage of alliance between the Sylvian Union and Yanshu. The full copy of the document can be seen here.

The ESS Accord

Allegedly written by GoatWhisperer, the End the Stupid Shit Accord was leaked on March 13, 2020. This document declared that due to MiksaSerbia's early release by Consul MTJNC, they both be punished; MiksaSerbia was to be expelled from the Sylvian Union and MTJNC was to be recalled as consul. Although similar events were to unfold around this time, it was later revealed that the documents were fabricated and leaked by MiksaSerbia. The WikiLeaks copy of the document can be seen here.

MiksaSerbia murdering villagers in Ilyrdom

Vailan Internals Leak

As a series of screenshots, the Vailan Internals Leak was meant to show the instability in Vailan. This leak was published on WikiLeaks on March 24, 2020. This came shortly after MiksaSerbia's readmission into Vailan which was the alleged cause of discourse. This leaker was announced to be keyguyperson and he was soon expelled from Vailan. The original series of leaked screenshots can be seen here. For context, the usernames are as follows:

This leak was later revealed to be part of a larger prank from Vailan, Operation Sinking Ship.

BIC Merger

This leak was a letter written by The_Brunt and leaked to WikiLeaks on April 3, 2020. Sent by an anonymous leaker, this document detailed Schevakia's response to Yugoslavia when offered to merge BIC. In summary, The_Brunt detailed that Schevakia prides itself on independence and self-determination and that they are disinterested in merging with any country. The WikiLeaks copy of the document can be seen here.

The Cleansing of Ilyrdom

Leaked by an anonymous source on June 8, 2020, they attached two screenshots of MiksaSerbia murdering the Schevakian populace of the Isle of Ilyrdom. The photos were later revealed to be taken by The_Brunt.

Caracalistan War

With tensions rising, this leak confirmed the plotting of war on Jugoslavija by the Caracalis. Leaked on November 22, 2020, this leak was the eventual catalyst to the Jugoslav-Caracali War.