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BKAS was organization to secure and protect bees, the BKAS formed after bee update on January 1st 2020 by the MTJNC. The organization was multi-national and first settlement were in the Nyania located in MedimaNN old bunker in the mountain biome.


All members that were in BKAS are: MTJNC, Miksa03, FlyingGMM, mejackmac, jpbeecher, DragonTek21, coolnut10, MedimaNN, catcherzw, General_Draza, CreeperColder.

After creation of BKAS first threats came from guptacakeman and his WikiLeaks. He threatened BKAS that he will kill all Bees and leak their main Hideout if he find it. BKAS members MTJNC,Coolnut10,Miksa03 and Mejackmac started negotiations with gupta and he refused to back off. After some time someone found the BKAS Hideout and leaked it. MTJNC moved BKAS and fake bombed the Hideout to prevent people from going there.

BKAS Moving to Llyne

Then Miksa03, a Vailish citizen at the time, offered a BKAS Settlement in his city Llyne and welcomed MTJNC and other BKAS members. BKAS continued to share and protect bees there until everyone had bees. After Successful mission of the BKAS MTJNC decided to disband it as BKAS mission was done and everyone had bees. On 31th January 2020 MTJNC disbanded BKAS.