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Mikssa was a player who was invited to the server by ThePoptartTARDIS in November 2019. He was a Vailic Knight and politician of Ilyrian heritage, renowned for his fighting and building abilities. During his time on the server, he journeyed across much of the world, holding citizenship in over ten countries. After his unbanning he joined Montrose for a month after he left for Ilyria. After eventual downfall of Ilyrian idea, he joined Emeraldia for couple of weeks. He then took a break for 2. weeks and came back and formed nation of Alfheim. Alfheim however was short lived because on 14th July 2022. Miksa left the server permanently and started his final journey across the border.


Miksa World Tour (Pre Ban)

Miksa resettled numerous times during his tenure on the server, rarely sticking to a project for longer than a week. This constant flux found him to be a key player in countless major geopolitical events, and his travels have been dubbed the Miksa World Tour.


Upon joining the server, MiksaSerbia created the nation eventually known as Ilyria. The nation of Ilyria was stated to be unpredictable and politically volatile, relocating between an area east of Lucagrad, the New Mesa, and an area to the west of FunkyLand, all before disbanding Ilyria to join Vailan.


Miksa soon grew tired of Vailan and reestablished his independence by founding Polaris.


Polaris was short-lived as Miksa disbanded it soon after to join HUM under the Sylvian Union.


Miksa soon left the Sylvian Union and reformed Polaris as an independent nation. This turn of events was sparked when HUM refused to claim the Polaris continent.

Northern Polaris

Days later, Polaris abandoned the icy continent in the southwest and relocated to a mountain above Vailan.


Eventually, Miksa abandoned Polaris and joined Yugoslavia, where he stayed until the king was forced to exile him due to complaints from other citizens.

Sylvian Union (again)

Miksa was then granted asylum by the Sylvian Union and did contract work under Consul MTJNC, and resided in Rhett Tropical in the state of Rhett. Here, he worked on the Rhettian Industrial Complex while aspiring to emigrate to Montrose once he had proven his worth. After a fierce confrontation with Montrose's OhOkayy and HUM's fbia34, the Sylvian Parliament chose to imprison Miksa and deliberated on expelling him from the Union. Miksa left Sylvia on March 9, 2020 and joined Schevakia.


Miksa left Schevakia on 3/10/2020.


He appealed to Vailan to allow him to return, and the leadership issued a challenge: win two matches of the free-to-play game PUBG Lite, and he would be allowed to join Vailan. Miksa contested that this was too hard, and didn't attempt the challenge. [Note: This would be considered metagaming by today's rule standards] Deeming that he had run out of places to go, he left the server, but was shortly convinced to return by GoatWhisperer.


Upon his return, Miksa created Miksalonia on the colloquially-named Japanese Island (the former home of Seicho). He appealed to conditionally return to the Sylvian Union several times, but was advised against it by GoatWhisperer, who told him there was no voting appetite for him to be given a third chance. Miksa similarly asked most of Vailan's high council to readmit him, but was instead once again given the offer to "win two PUBG (Player-Unknowns Battlegrounds) Lite games in a row to be let back in" to which he refused. Miksa then disbanded Miksalonia and joined Goomlandia.


In Goomlandia, Miksa was given the rank of Minister of Richard as he endlessly complained about a lack of recognition.

Vailan (again)

Sometime in April 2020, Miksa was readmitted to Vailan where he resided in the southern Vailic city of Llyne, a city of which he is the primary architect. He owned four cities in Vailan: Llyne, Leyendor, Winterfell, and Acacia Dale.


On July 31, 2020, MiksaSerbia posted a link to a spinoff server made by a banned player. When it was removed once, he posted it again. This was against the rules-- the admins had told everyone not to post content from banned players or the communities they had set up, much less links to them. When told this was against the rules by Grooge64 and FlyingGMM, he responded "ok fuck you all." He then proceeded to attack Flying's character for refusing to let him post content from banned players, stating:

"i refuse to believe that he's my admin... makes me thing why goat even gave you adminship."

Flying was, of course, simply carrying out the rule put in place by GoatWhisperer, so this didn't make much sense. However, recognizing Miksa's love for the server and his struggles with impulsive anger, the staff team was lenient in only temp-banning him for two days so he could cool down. Upon his return, he was placed on a zero-tolerance warning for future incidences of toxicity.

Almost a month later, on August 25, 2020, the server admins received screenshots of MiksaSerbia angrily threatening to make in-game attacks on all the players he didn't like before leaving the server, a flagrant violation of Rule 6. This, atop of a history of prior toxicity incidents for which he had been warned, including racially insensitive jokes, rape jokes, and general toxicity when upset, finally caused staff to permanently ban him.

Miksa appealed 2 years later.

Miksa's Death

On July 14. 2022. Miksa packed his stuff in backpack and left his home in Alfheim. He told one last goodbye to catpaco his good friend and went beyond the border, after that no one ever have seen him ever again.

Catpaco seeing Miksa for one last time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77wCFrivrZM&ab_channel=Miksa

Miksa after passing border: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2UtsyniXrY&ab_channel=Miksa