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Winterfell is south-western city in Vailan, it's been built by MiksaSerbia. City have long history from Vanskovich province to Ilyrian Capital and then Vailish city. Miksa formed Winterfell when he migrated to the old Vansk lands. Capital is using spruce wood for buildings and stone,cobblestone and stone bricks. Today city is in a good condition with rich history.


Winterfell had 2 name changes in the past, first one is the Elyrion and second one is MiksaGrad. Winterfell got it's name by GameOfThrones city in the North. However the city is gate between North and South and it's the only city who provide coastline to the Vailan.

Vansk Period

The city was once territory of the Vanskovish and it was called Svetya, Svetya was the province for other nation embassies. When Miksa first time came to the old province of Svetya there was only one GoomLandian embassy which is later destroyed by the Progerian raid. After some time Vansk lost war against Fianna and Vansk was lately disbanded and all land including Svetya was abandoned.

Ilyrian Period

Ilyria in it's third migration came to these lands and started building a city there. When Miksa first time came he found one old abandoned GoomLandian embassy from Vansk period. He settled there and started to build a city. After some time terrorist nation Progeria decided to burn this city while it's leader Miksa was asleep. Next day Miksa woke up and saw the city in all mess and decided to rebuild it with new style, he combined orcish and mud hut village style houses to make something unique. After a week Miksa decided to merge with Vailan and that's how city became Vailsh.

Vailish Period

Vailish period is final and the best period of this city. After Ilyria merged with Vailan, Miksa decided to rename city from MiksaGrad to Winterfell. Miksa burned all previous houses with it's own style and then started building with spruce wood like all Vailan.

Revival of the city

City was dead and empty for months, but after MiksaSerbia finished the city of Llyne, he decided to make big changes into the city and make it more alive. He destroyed old unneeded buildings and started growing forest. He also built arena Elyrion where pvp events are being organized.