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catpaco is a player who was invited to the server by FlyingGMM via a mass invite. He invited FlufflePuffPony, JTT3, chum199, C00chieCollapser, Melraerox, Bear12Tiger, Busccccccch, visiphon, Charmless_Maam, askec, WillToLive, Kevninja, and Froglette to the server. He currently lives in Azrainir. He is a devout Floppaist, and was a major player during the Great Floppa War.

Pre-Azrainir (Early May 2022)

Upon joining the server, catpaco ventured around striving to find empty land and spruce forests. He first came across Askar and began exploring. While exploring, FlyingGMM came to him and took him on a journey to help find him a place to settle.


On his journey with FlyingGMM, catpaco was shown the Estate of Azrainir and fell in love with its architecture and mighty Spruce forests. He settled in and formed a bond with Mania_Man. Through his time in Azrainir they have grown it from 2 to 5 citizens. Many infrastructure projects have been undertaken by catpaco, such as the Central River Locks, Peninsula Park, the roads of Azrainir, and the AIDs.