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"The Fortress of the North"


The Kingdom of Askar is a north-western nation located between Syltheim and FauxFord. Its land borders FauxFord. It is ruled by King InformalSandwich. The national language of Askar is Wohltauk. Askar is a religious country fully devoted to the true path of Floppaism. Askar is allied to Ozai and Wohlstand. Askar is very close to both nation and was also part of the Gartinian Union with them. The Askarian government regularly supports both nations political decisions. Askar is now a province of the Wohlstand Empire.


Askar's geography is limited to a spruce valley and a mountian range. The capital city of Arkavollur rests in the spruce valley at the base of the Alleranso Mountians.


The Kingdom of Askar was founded on April 4 2021 by InformalSandwich. It was initially created in the far mid-western part of the world between Kaab and Syltheim.

It is now a nation located in far northwest.

After Askar was abandoned it fell in to ruins.

On June 14 2022 The Kingdom of Askar was reformed as its leader returned to rebuild the ruined nation.

On December 3 2022 its capitol was renamed from ArkField to Arkavollur to better represent the nations language.

Land Claims

On April 7 2021 a northern claim was acquired, separated from the original claim. Both claims were named South Askar and North Askar. North Askar's border was slightly redrawn on April 10 due to conflict with the newly founded FauxFord.

On April 30 2021 North Askar border claims expanded east and south. This restored Emerald Enclave to a true enclave once again. Northern land in Twiceland was annexed in conjunction with Syltheim's annexation of the country. South Askar was subsequently handed over to Kaab during this time.

On June 9 2021 Askar shrunk its borders to follow the rivers and biomes. As well as leave land for new nations.

On July 9 2021 borders were slightly expanded due to a threat of nations claiming land on its then current border.

On December 4 2022 its borders were reduced to its walls.


The government of Askar is a monarchy. Although it is a monarchy, the King values the opinions of the Askarian High Table. The Askarian High Table acts as representatives of the King.


Askar has had a small population since its creation. Currently with a population of two.