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InformalSandwich is the Wohlk of the Empire of Wohlstand and former King of the northwestern nation of Askar. He founded Askar on April 4, 2021. He is one of three founding leaders of the North-Western Alliance (NWA).

On September 6 2021 Informal officially moved out of Askar abandoning the nation. He joined Wohlstand, founding the city of Yskar.

On June 14 2022 Informal left Wohlstand to return to his homeland of Askar.

Informal took part in the Bardum/Drift war under the Wohlstand flag.

He is known for being an erratic person.


From September 6 2021 to June 14 2022, InformalSandwich lived in Wohlstand. He was a valued and important part of Wohlstand during this time.

He was a main contributor in pushing Wohlstand to a more modern age of development. Greatly increasing resource output and infrastructure upgrades proved invaluable.

Informal created the Wohlstandic Engineers when he became the Tunji of Infrastructure. He was responsible for the expansion of the vast road network in Wohlstand. Every corner was now connected to the capitol. Many bridges and water ways were also built. Tunnels and rail systems also constructed around the nation.

The Askarian people built the second largest city in Wohlstand called Yskar a direct translation of Askar to Wohltauk.

He left when the Wohlk left the country. He left the idea of the new Wholk in the hands of the council to discuss. With a high chance of Informals most disliked Wohl being picked for Wohlk he left with the Askarians back to their homeland in the Alleranso Mountians.

On February 16 2023 Informal rejoined Wohlstand with allstarad.

During this time he earned the titles Meistari of Roads, Meistari of Cartography, Leikstjori of Askar and Ljeni of Hveiti.

On August 19 2023 Informal was made Wohlk of Wohlstand, the first time a non ethnic Wohl has lead the country.

He has greatly contributed to the development of the country. Building many structures, conducting land sales and acquisitions, enacted new domestic and foreign policies, reformed the Ljeni and Ljeniship system.


Created and owns Sandwich Foods, a restaurants and food production company. Subsidiaries under Sandwich Foods which are also owned by Informal are Sandwich Deli, Sandwich Bakers and Informal Farms.