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Azrainir, is an Estate nation of Montrose. Azrainir is located on the edge of the known world, east of the sea of Ice.


Azrainir was created on October 10, 2020 by Mania_Man (originally Mania_Man111 at the time) on the eastern world border after a long search for preferable lands.

Late 2020

Mania_Man quickly started the process of forming the land to his needs, planning out the area for the walls to rise around the city. After the walls were built, Mania_Man build some houses to fill in the city, as well as a Tower. After these were finished Mania_man created several farms as the food supply was running out. The types of farms created were as follows; wheat, melons, pumpkins for plants, and chicken, pigs, cows for animals. These farms were then opened to the public for anyone to use so long as they were replenished after use.

Inactivity and Stagnation

This period of growth and activity lead to Mania_Man becoming tired and he went inactive. Eventually he returned

The return of 2021

Mania_Man returned with a wish to expand Azrainir from the small single hilltop and housing area to something much larger. The first decision was to expand the town itself onto the nearby larger island. This was a large and expansive project requiring the terraforming of the island into land easier for use. The project took a considerable amount time and was reduced from the plan that include 2 towers to just 1 that was completed.

After that expansion into a new housing area was finished Mania_Man wanted to push for more industry as that was an area Azrainir was very behind in. This led to the Azrainir Industrial District (AID). However, when the decision to make crops require certain biomes for growth, the extensive plant farms of Azrainir were rendered useless since Azrainir was in a spruce biome. This lead to Mania_Man on September 5, 2021 to claim the abandoned Squishmellow lands as a colony to grow crops on as well as to make use of the existing slime farm on the land.

Merger with Montrose

On November 10, 2021 Mania_Man chose to merge Azrainir with Montrose. This decision was made for several reasons, as it did greatly improve the quality of life in Azrainir. The merger allowed Azrainir relinquish th claim on their farming colony since Montrose had a surplus of resources. The period under Montrose has been great for Azrainir and has greatly sped up its development, Allowing the contruction of Bigtower. Bigtower is a project started by Mania_Man to build a highly decorated tower up to the build height limit. This project requires massive amounts of materials, and it was almost abandoned until the merger with Montrose. It has 38,872 blocks total, many of then required extensive dangerous mining in the Nether before access to the MID.


In May 2022 a user named catpaco joined the estate of Azrainir. He started building a fort and his home on the northern peninsula of Azrainir. He has proposed a revolutionary plan to greatly increase the industrial capability of the AID.