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== Overview ==

The Polaris flag

Polaris is the second nation created by MiksaSerbia. It was founded on the 20nd of January, 2020 and disbanded on exact same day. After a week Miksa formed it again and continued Polaris.


Polaris is located in the North, north of Vailan and Redania, bordering both of them. Cords for main Polaris settlement are -832 -2204.


Polaris is a monarchy, with the King as leader. Other important roles in the country are: Masters, an order of intellectuals (scholars, healers, and other smart men), Knight of the Pole (a special militia), Builders of the Pole (very skilled builders), other roles are citizen (a simple citizen of the Polaris), High Table (a table of the selected people for all important decisions)

Polaris is peaceful country with voting system in it, citizens have to vote about all decisions especially important ones. Ice King or other role have to suggestion on the vote and then citizens and other roles is voting. Every citizen have all rights for their private property, no role can remove or damage their property (Only King or Knights can intervene in case of betrayal). Every new member in the start gets the citizen role, then after some time pass if King see their work and loyalty, citizens can get promoted to higher ranks.


Polaris main settlement is located on the mountain north of Vailan and Redania, mountain is the main settlement and it's provides great tactical and strategic point and also good land for building and mining. West of Polaris are spruce forest with village in it, spruce forest are often used as farm for spruce logs and it can be good for new members to live.

History of the Polaris as idea begins 17th November 2019, when Miksa joined the server. He's first wish was to create a snowy nation like Polaris Tribe from the Mobile Game Polytopia. But in that time borders were smaller and there was no snowy continent only ice bergs. Polaris as idea died in that time and Miksa formed a country called Ilyria. On 2nd January 2020 after New Year, the snowy continent came from new borders and no one claimed it. In that time Miksa was in Vailan and after a 2 weeks he decided to leave Vailan and form new country called Polaris as his first wish. Polaris lived for a day after Miksa joined Sylvia without Polarisian land. Due to his unhappiness he left Sylvia and formed Polaris again on 31th January 2020 and continued to live. On 6th january 2020 Miksa decided to move to the North and unclaim South Pole because isolation from others. Polaris today is happy and growing nation in the North.