New Ilyrian Kingdom

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New Ilyrian Kingdom is a nation located on Balkan Peninsula. It's bordering Notos to the east, HUM to North and Wohlstand to South,Ilyrian claims are on Hunger Games Island and Ilyrdom.


Announcement of Rebellion

The Ilyrian people were first time observed as a distinct group in Elgeis in late November of 2019. After chaotic and wild history of Ilyria.Ilyrian people were divided and majority of them went back to their homeland in Southern Ilyria while small numbers of them remained in Western Ilyria and New Mesa City.

Ilyrian Revolution

On 3rd May 2022. Miksa started a rebellion within Notosian borders in order to form independent Ilyria. War was echoing across whole peninsula, majority of nations supported Notos and their side of the war. Ilyrians were much outnumbered and outgunned, battle was going on Ilyrdom soil where ThePoptartTARDIS turned concentration camp into fortress while on other side Miksa took old Ilyrdom Fortress built by Schevakians. Notosian side numbered up to 4. men while Ilyrian just one. Meanwhile Balandis decided to help Notos in this war and Balandis declared war on Ilyria. Most of combat was sides shooting each other from their fortifications and telling each other to surrender. But this didn't last long, at some point ACanadianGuy along with Poptart started sieging fort ilyrdom and pushing Miksa back from it. Miksa quickly escaped fort and started running around Ilyrdom while being shot at from ACanadianGuy and ThePoptartTARDIS. However Miksa survived and fortified himself back in Ilyrdom fort while enemy was outside. After failed attempt to kill Miksa, Miksa offered peace talks and cease fire to Notosian side which they accepted. All combat was called off and both sides had to put down their weapons while negotiations were outgoing. Next Day Notos offered peace agreement which Ilyria accepted and which this war came to an end.

Peace Agreement:

Miksa Pushing Notosian King off from fort Ilyrdom
Ilyrian Borders after the war


After the war was over, both sides made a peace and started living normally again. Ilyrians began rebuilding their homeland along with Notosian volunteers. Ilyria in first time after so many years appeared on the world map of Elgeis. On 5th of May 2022. Miksa converted to Floppaism alongside his nation. Ilyria became Floppaistic State and gaining good friends in Wohlstand and Ozai bringing these 3. nations together.


After being Notosian vassal for weeks, Miksa decided to gain Ozai's respect and trust by incorporating Ilyria into Notos as Ozan Spy. His plans were to join Gartinian Union as third state and have long living country. After week or two of being a spy, Notosian Higher ups made special operation called Shortbread. It was meant to bring false information for Miksa to pass to Ozai. Miksa and Ozai, spreading false information about stealing from Ozai. MIksa and Ozai fell to these lies and Ozai announced their attack on Notos and Miksa declared full independence whit somewhat Ozan support. After Notos revealed their special operation, whole world turned against Ozai and newly released Ilyria. Notos refused to recognize Ilyria and Ozai soon after that started having doubt in supporting Miksa and his nation. Ilyria was disbanded and Ozai annnounced their full withdraw from diplomatic support.