Secession of Jugoslavija

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The Secession of Jugoslavija was a period of unrest following the reformation of the Republic of Yugoslavia that culminated in the breakup of Yugoslavian territory into the nations of Jugoslavija and Vostok on October 15th, 2020 and the secession of Baguette & Inquisition from Jugoslavija on November 6th.


The reformation of Yugoslavia on August 28th under BirchwoodMC's leadership was regarded with uncertainty and suspicion by the public. Members of the community described it as "secretive" and having "lost a lot of personality" in a poll conducted by Cascadia.[1] While BirchwoodMC expressed a clear desire to let go of the past and move forward as a new nation, it seemed that some Yugoslavians did not share this sentiment, and these differing opinions caused significant unspoken tension.


On October 15th, MasterInventor, General_Draza, and Katawicz, unsatisfied with the leadership of BirchwoodMC, seceded into the nation of Jugoslavija, claiming it to be a "greater, truer, and more kind and caring Yugoslavia". Jugoslavija claimed the lands of Lazarica, Baguette, Inquisition, and Kosovo, incorporating Kaleidoeyes127's northern lands of the DRC (Democratic Republic of Comus).

BirchwoodMC labeled the secession as a "sudden and swift act of betrayal", contesting Jugoslavija's claim on the province of Kosovo, which was regarded as a symbol of peace and history. Many members of the public agreed with Birchwood, regarding the secession as an overreaction, and questioning why these members had not followed the process in the recently ratified Constitution of Yugoslavia[2] and simply elected a new leader.

Later that day, Chipt peacefully seceded the state of Cascadia from the Republic of Yugoslavia and joined Jugoslavija.


After conferring privately with BirchwoodMC, Jugoslavija released an official statement of apology for their actions, relinquishing their claim on the land of Kosovo and offering citizens of Vostok access to Jugoslavijan mob farms. BirchwoodMC did not consider this a genuine apology, nor adequate reparations for the significance of the betrayal he had experienced.

Further Breakups

On November 3rd, Jugoslavija contested the HUM land claim near the border of the Jugoslavian state of Baguette&Inquisition. On November 6th, MasterInventor, the only inhabitant of Baguette & Inquisition, announced the secession of his state from Jugoslavija, taking the border dispute with him.