Final thoughts from a sickly man

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Note: This document was never published in-game

After battling a sickness for many months, Final thoughts from a sickly man is a compilation of fbia34's final thoughts in one document as he saw his death approaching.


As I am laying here, I find myself lying in my bed in Etel Metsia. Laying here I find it compelling to leave my final wordings of the current landscape the people of Elgeis find themselves in. My final warnings, claims, and just ramblings that I deem worthy of saying.

During my time in Elgeis, I served as a statesman, with varying degrees of success mind you, in 3 different nations; Goomlandia, old Yugoslavia, and finally HUM, during Sylvia and post its dissolution. In this time I came to learn many things about nations and the persons that reside in them.

Before beginning my ramblings, the state of Post-Sylvia Elgeis is the beginnings of a new era where we see the rise of newer, and younger powers take the stage of the world, and one where the old men of Montrose, my beloved HUM, and Goomlandia see a decline, if not yet already happened before the dissolution of Sylvia, begin to creep into the backlines of politics. Nations like Sylthiem, Schevakia, and even Jugoslavia will begin to exert their dominance over the world stage. A new push for politics, experimentation, and development will begin to engulf nations all over. That’s enough of my somewhat obvious predictions.

Herein lies my sayings. warnings, and messages to individual persons or anyone who may be reading this, take these words with as much weight as you please, but heed them if you choose.

As a wise south man once told me “Never trust those from those from the east, snakes they are, rich in eggs and poison

Yellow is a terrible color, one that invokes the sickest part of a good hearted man

The eagle never soars too far from the nest, as should you

In the south lies a haven, where the purest of men can be found, men who know their place in the world as world as the world's place with them

Wohlstand is a free people, forever and always!

Your hunt for the stars leaves your ground dirty and unkempt, come back, know your roots

To my friend's to the east, be wary of the armor, heavy duty makes disgruntled men

Join HUM please

In your time, men were fighters, in the time, men are talkers, who will you be?

Be not afraid to be vocal in your opinion, silence only harms the one who misses the chance to speak in a fruitful time

In politics, know your allies and your enemies, but never let each be known