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On January 12, 2019, Carpo_Diem joined Elgeis. This date was declared Carpoversary to celebrate his arrived to the world.


Every year, a different activity is done to celebrate Carpoversary and honor Carpo_Diem.

Carpoversary I

On the Carpoversary of 2020, Carpo_Diem wished everyone a happy Carpoversary #mc-world-news and asked for people to say nice things about him. This was also the day Mesadonia was renamed to Mesadonia2.

Carpoversary II

On the Carpoversary of 2021, Carpo_Diem did a giveaway of all remaining Carpo Gear™. To enter the competition, Carpo_Diem asked participants to DM him a number from 0-1000; the first person to guess the correct number would get the prize. 56 minutes later, fbia34 guessed the correct answer of 5 and won the giveaway. Grooge64 had the closest guess of 3 behind fbia34.