The Goomlandian Problem

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The Goomlandian Problem is a book which was commissioned by Grooge64 for two gold blocks, one for fbia34 and one for ThePoptartTARDIS as fbia34 was in Yugoslavia at the time.


The Goomlandian Problem: An essay by a former Goomlandian

Goomlandia, a nation that spans all over the map, has had a long history in our worlds. But with this long history comes with ups and downs, in goomlandias case, many downs. I come today as a former goomlandian to speak on the most recent decline of power in the goomlandian influence. This decline of power began on November 15, 2019, when the former leader of goomlandia, GoomyMan, stepped down and gave his position to his co-leader Brokate.

This move thus began the weak, and awkward rule of Brokate. Now heres the difference between Brokate and GoomyMan, Goomyman had a good intent for his country and other peoples, but was weak and was easily controlled by his constituents. Brokate on the other hand was strict and on edge. With that being said, the first major event of the decline of goomlandia's power is when user Fbia34 left goomlandia to join Yugoslavia, formerly potatograd, due to Brokates inadequate leadership abilities. Fat forward a week or so and then on November 27 of 2019 the user DoctorProck leaves goomlandia to join voidnest, where he felt "unfulfilled and unsatisfied" to life in goomlandia. He leaves one final message to his former constituents, and that being "Goomlandians, if you want to see anything else I have to say, you know where to look. At least some of you do" now we are unsure what this means and you are free to guess, but it still signifies something happening in this nation. The following day, on Thanksgiving day, MedimaNN left goomlandia forming his own nation Gimnkransi. I personally asked why he left goomlandia, he says "Goomlandia was never a permanent for me" this being a reference to how he was a refugee to goomlandia after the Vansk-Fiannan war. Now we see a common theme from as soon as Brokate took over in goomlandian, thus starting the downfall of goomlandia.

A New Chapter?

On November 28, 2019, Grooge64 took control of goomlandia, beacause of Brokates will to not lead anymore. So with this new administratioon we may see a new era of prosperity from goomlandia, or we could see the utter down fall of goomlandia, only time will tell.