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Founded as part of HUM, Basharshire is a village built and maintained by fbia34.



Basharshire was built in the East Taiga Company area in HUM. The name was proposed to fbia34 by ThePoptartTARDIS, someone who would have a crucial role in this village's history.

Crna Ruka

On May 5th, 2020, the Crna Ruka organization destroyed the entirety of Basharshire. The attack was led by ThePoptartTARDIS and fbia34 was devastated. GoatWhisperer declared that rebuilding efforts would be made and that "Basharshire's spires will reach twice as high". The attack on Basharshire was compared to similar attackes made by PizzasWithBone under Deathwatch.

Etel Metsia

As a new dawn upon Basharshire, it was renamed to Etel Metsia. As Etel Metsia would later go on to become its own nation, the location of Basharshire had a sphinx of Big Floppa and a Floppa Church built on it under it's new name.