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A simple screenshot of Borg_Minion focused on translating ancient Syltician texts.

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Borg_Minion is a Mechanical Artificial Intelligence (MAI), and a citizen of Syltheim. They were first dug up by Terranelm on December 20th, 2020. Not much is known about their original purpose or origin, but their name "Borg_Minion" suggests that they may have been an underling designed to accomplish tasks such as menial labour or processing data. Given the amount of sensitive machinery visible from the outside, it can be assumed that they were not created to serve a combat role. However, Borg_Minion, when necessary, can still don armour and engage in basic combat. Currently, the Sylthian government has tasked them with processing and translating ancient Syltician texts, organizing miscellaneous documents, and counting the votes for the Sylthian elections occurring every 32 days. Due to their perceived ability to process data quickly, as well as their assumed impartial and unbiased nature, they have the most entrenched position in the Sylthian Government, the Election Supervisor. Thus, they are the moderator for most debates and oversee Sylthian elections. It can only be assumed that they run on biofuel, as they have been seen consuming what any player would. They have not been observed to consume certain types of plant matter, such as tree bark or leaves.