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Terranelm is the founder of Syltheim and current chief diplomat. Heavily involved with the development of the region, Terranelm has worked on projects in both Cascadia and the city of Mallarfjoll.


Early Life

After joining Elgeis on September 4, 2020, Terranelm spent his days traveling the world and lurking. Not much is known of his actions during this time other than general exploration. At one point, he encountered the crater left behind from the Fenian-Nyania conflict, which would come to shape some of his views on the military.



On December 21, 2020, Terranelm founded Syltheim. He wanted the country to be one in which any citizen could have the opportunity to lead their people. Being the only citizen of the country at the time, he "voted" himself in as the first leader of Syltheim, a title which would eventually change to "Chief Diplomat". Soon after the founding of Syltheim, Terranelm created the nation's first political party, the Sylt party. He spent his first "term"(indefinite at the time) inviting new players, building the Sylthian mead hall, and collaborating with his countrymen to mine the necessary diamond to purchase the Cascadian territory. He would later call the this time "the best times for Syltheim", as he was impressed with the cohesion and unity of the Sylthian people working towards this common goal.