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DoctorProck is a Goomlandian citizen with a strong sense of nationalism. He spent a short time in Voidnest after being recruited by FlyingGMM, but rejoined Goomlandia within a day. He currently resides in Goomtown and is known for building Novosibirsk in the Goomlandian-owned Botania, connecting Novosibirsk to MTJNC 's Rapture via underwater tunnel, and his multiple propaganda posters he has created for Goomlandia. He can be found often at his house in Goomtown, his Office of Propaganda (also in Goomtown), or in Champignon, visiting Grooge64.


DoctorProck joined in mid-September of 2019, after being invited by Brokate. He has lived in Goomlandia ever since, spending a short time in Voidnest and quickly renouncing all Sylvian affiliation and returning to Goomlandia.

He was involved in the crusade against Nyania, now known as the Nyanian Crusade. After witnessing the slaughter of all his fellow fighters to one man alone, Vetous, he promptly left and did not commit any further hostilities against Vailan.

Later, he spent about a month building Novosibirsk in a double-ravine below a Botanian island, northwest of Rapture. MTJNC came to him one day and together, they connected Rapture and Novosibirsk in a multi-national effort and a sign of peace between Sylvia and Goomlandia.

After completing this project, Prock was at a loss for what to do next. He went on to build the Goomlandian Sheep and Beef Ministry, and used the wool provided by the Sheep Ministry and Grooge64's automatic wool farm, he tackled another project: Creating a map-based propaganda poster for his favorite nation. In the sea west of Groogelandia, he set about making a huge island, nicknamed Goomy Island, built entirely out of wool that floats along the ocean's surface and is visible from space. So far, he is the only player to create a map-based image.

After the success of his first work of propaganda, Chipt I applied to become, and was promptly accepted to become, the Goomlandian Co-Minister of Propaganda. However, Chipt I has yet to contribute to any works of propaganda or other artworks.

Prock is also rumored to be involved in numerous espionage operations, member of a secret gang whose name is known only by its members, and the owner of a hidden museum which holds many artifacts important to the server's history. The only time he has been caught in the act is when he accepted an anonymous job from MTJNC, which happened to be a sting operation after Prock had lied about his identity through the anonymous Discord bot, Voltaire. MTJNC locked Prock in his bunker, called FlyingGMM and the unaware Grooge64 in to help prosecute Prock. Fortunately for Prock, he had drank a bottle of aged Spicy Rum he'd found in one of MTJNC's chests, and was too drunk to be questioned. FlyingGMM deemed MTJNC's actions a waste of his time and Prock was let free. This insubordinance from MTJNC is only a part of what led to his removal from the Sylvian Union and the creation of the sole country of Rapture

Propaganda / Works of Art

As the only Minister of Propaganda in all of Elgeis, Prock is currently responsible for the creation and subsequent propagation of two artworks so far (soon to change). 

Goomlandian Propaganda Issue 1: A picture of Goomlandia's mascot, Goomy, smiling broadly with the caption "You Are Not Immune to Propaganda" and a heart.

Prock's first poster

How Bikers Eat There Sketty: A picture of the common meme depicting a "biker" holding two forks covered in spaghetti in the same fashion a motorcyclist would hold their handlebars above a bowl of spaghetti. This meme has been an emoji in the Elgeis Discord server and is integral to server history, and it is forever immortalized in the form of artwork.

The inspiration for Prock's artwork
Prock's second artwork

(Future artworks here)