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Voidnest is an independent state led by PlasmaMintz. It is known for its history with Goomlandia and the Sylvian Union.

Current Members

Early History

Voidnest Flag
Voidnest was originally created by PlasmaMintz in January of 2019. He led it alone, but eventually invited members such as mimoche, taakoyaki, boboismissing, and _EightZero_. Soon following its creation, PlasmaMintz and goomyman77 agreed to merge their countries (Voidnest and Goomlandia) to create Goomnest, a country led by the two diarchs. During the life of Goomnest, the region prospered, as cities and roads began to boom, and development reached a peak, all amidst rising international tensions.

Late History

A few months after the creation of Goomnest, PlasmaMintz grew dissatisfied with the loss of identity of his former nation, causing the Voidnestian Secession. PlasmaMintz and goomyman77 agreed to split their country back into its former parts. Voidnest remained a single-standing country for a while as it recovered from the split. Soon after, though, it accepted an invitation to become the Sylvian Union's fourth state. Voidnest fully recovered under the Union's support, and continued to grow under the care of the Union.

As of August 21, 2020, Voidnest seceded from the Sylvian Union in pursuit of independence yet again.


Voidnest consists of a few notable structures that it takes great pride in.

As well as a few cities: