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PlasmaMintz is the leader of the state of Voidnest. He also goes by the nickname Plasma.


Plasma's physical structure consists of a magenta eyeball for a head, equipped with grey and green headphones. He wears a dark grey vest and a white and grey-striped button-up shirt underneath. He speaks in all lowercase letters, without proper grammar or sentence structure. He also speaks lightheartedly and freely, indicating a sense of carefree living and positive attitude.

Plasma strives for world peace and is an enthusiast of intricate architecture. His main building materials are stone bricks, cobble, and wood planks, as well as stained glass panes.


Plasma joined Elgeis circa January 30th, 2019. He established Voidnest immediately, and began work on the nation. More info on the history of Voidnest can be found on its dedicated page.

Plasma was referred to Elgeis by Goomyman77. Shortly after, Plasma invited hongstoes, taakoyaki, boboismissing, mimoche, and _EightZero_ to Elgeis, all of which (besides hongstoes) joined Voidnest.