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Goomnest was an Eastern state led by Goomyman77 and PlasmaMintz in a diarchy. Goomnest's formation was a result of a unification between Goomlandia and Voidnest, of which the respective diarchs were sole leaders. Goomnest was formed on Feb. 18, 2019 in the midst of the crisis caused by _EightZero_'s Montrose Raiding Spree, as a result of pan-Eastern nationalism led by goomyman77 and _EightZero_. It quickly grew to have a massive population, and at one point peaked at 15 members, having over half the population of the entire server. This large population combined with the leadership's habit of allying every new nation (with the intention of isolating the SU) contributed to Goomnest's massive international presence, and for several months it dominated the global stage despite its relative poverty. For much of Goomnest's history, the Sylvian Union had no allies (save their satellite FCB, now Banapo, whose only member was a Goomnester spy tasked with draining the SU's resources.)

Goomnest's government was very autocratic, though member feedback was frequently sought after by the diarchs. goomyman77 dominated the government, as his counterpart PlasmaMintz was often inactive for long periods of time, and frequently made decisions on-the-spot without counseling anyone (a habit most Goomnesters didn't mind but drew much international critique.) To fund the treasury, Goomnesters volunteered for several jobs in the Goomnestian Job Program (the brainchild of Goomy), such as Miner, Builder, and Infrastructure Engineer, an also much-critiqued but internally satisfactory program that led to the development of much of Goomnest, though most development was centered in modern-day Goomtown and Voidnest Proper.

Goomnest broke apart on May 14, 2019 when Voidnest seceded, re-creating Goomlandia in the process and kicking off Goomsplosion. It existed for slightly under 4 months.