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Goomsplosion was a period of history starting on 4/29/2019 and ending around 7/03/2019, during which the multinational state of Goomnest and its successor state, Goomlandia, were rocked by secession movements and territorial cessions one after the other, resulting in an "explosion" of the single state of Goomnest into a myriad of smaller fracture states.


Toeland's final borders post-secession and post-Bagelonian Question. The bottom extension (Brainstem's Island) and the top strip of land (Braintown) were not ceded until the conclusion of the Bagelonian Question.

💥 On 4/29/19, then-Goomnest residents hongstoes and ongstoes delivered a letter to Goomy titled [TITLE OF LETTER] which respectfully communicated their intentions to leave Goomnest to form their own state, ToeGANG. This resulted in a Goomnestian loss of the strip of Mesa known as Toe Land.

💥 On 5/14/19, PlasmaMintz, one of the diarchs of Goomnest and the domestic administrator of the former Voidnestian territory, announced that Voidnest would be reformed as an independent state and would be seceding from Goomnest. This changed Goomnest back to Goomlandia, due to Voidnest being the reason for the "nest" in the name.

💥 On 5/15/19, 06Smg05, leader of Bagelonia, announced that Bagelonia would be reclaiming multiple previously-uncontested Goomnestian claims from the new state of Goomlandia. This sparked a month-long debacle known as the Bagelonian Question. At the end of the Bagelonian Question, on 6/25/19, Bagelonia, with the help of its allies, coerced the Mesa Peninsula and the Wolf Woods from Goomlandia.

In purple, the uncontested Goomlandian holdings. In orange, the uncontested Bagelonian holdings. In red, the disputed territories: the Mesa Peninsula and the Wolf Woods.

💥 In the midst of the Bagelonian Question, certain Goomlandian citizens seceded from Goomlandia in support of a speedy end to the dispute by accepting Bagelonia's terms:

  • 💥 Grooge64 decried Goomyman77's actions as "not epic" and went to live in the Sylvian Federal Province while the dealings were hashed out. He returned after the resolution of the Bagelonian Question.
  • 💥 On 6/25/19, dennypower seceded from Goomlandia and created VOC, claiming chunks of Bageltown for his new nation. At first, this state was intended to recombine with Goomlandia once the Bagelonian Question was resolved, but eventually dennypower decided to remain independent, continuing to hold onto land adjacent to Bageltown and building more land into the sea via polders. Later, VOC came into further conflict with Goomlandia over an attempted landgrab deeper into Bageltown (then renamed Goomtown), which was thwarted by Vailan and FlyingGMM.

💥 Finally, later that day on 6/25/19, the state of Richard was founded per Goomy's request. Carpo_Diem was the leader and sole member of this state, which encompassed the former Goomlandian mesa provinces of Argileux and Clappia. Richard in its infancy requested to be a satellite state of Goomlandia which Goomy refused; they then went on to become a very wealthy mesa nation and make imperial claims on the other side of the world in the West Sea. In this way, some believe Richard to be the truest successor state to the eastern-centric weltpolitik-esque politics engaged in by Goomnest, as Richard went on to make imperial claims across the world while Goomlandia mostly stood content in its shrunken state for several months, focusing instead on internal improvements.

The resultant fracture states from the originally cohesive whole of Goomnest.