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Brokate is a member of Goomlandia. She currently lives in Goomtown.


Joining the server

Brokate joined Elgeis through boboismissing on April 29, 2019. At this point, she swiftly joined Goomnest. At the time, the server was very laggy due to the 1.14 Troubles, so she mainly mined at a quarry in the mesa. Because many people avoided the server due to lag, she spent most of this early period playing and talking with Goomyman77.

On May 14th, Voidnest left Goomnest. Despite getting on the server to play with her friend boboismissing, she decided to stay in Goomlandia because she had played more with Goomyman77 and lived in the mesa, which still belonged to Goomlandia.

Upon the completion of the quarry, now nicknamed the Death Pit, Brokate made plans for moving into the Wolf Woods. However, she instead built a small stone hut in a tiny red sand island near the woods as a temporary home. This hut was nicknamed Wolf Hut.

The Bagelonian Question

Because of these plans, Brokate found resistance to her new home and found herself in the center of a heated issue. Soon after, she moved to the Bageltown barracks as a new temporary home. Wolf Hut has remained abandoned, with the only thing remaining being "crack" from toeGANG in the basement. She says she hid it because she didn't want anyone to see it and felt it would be rude to throw it away. She remains in the barracks to this day.

During the second stage ,however, in which Goomlandia was occupied, Brokate was inactive throughout the whole stage. The reasons for which were only somewhat related to the server. Because of this, she wasn't able to discourage Goomyman77 form making "unwise" decisions as she wishes she could have done.

She became active again on the 28th of June.

Upon returning, she remained active until around December of 2019.

General Accomplishments

-Coleader of Goomlandia.

-Built the Donut Station of Goomlandia.

-Went to the End with Goomyman77.

-Made two flyers for the Goomtown BBQ.

-Has a horse named Skelehorse (after Skeletor).

-Has a cat named Florida Cat.

- Is building a dirt tunnel.