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"Skelehorse is the best horse and no other horse can ever surpass him objectively. He is a sweet horse that likes his warm hay bed and always knows when to say the right thing to cheer me up. His bones are healthy and strong and he knows how to make a good jump. I like to keep him out of danger so he usually stays in his comfy stable, which has a nice pile of hay, and occasionally let him wander among the pens of Cattlehead or among the villagers if he's looking to snack on some greens" -Brokate

Undead Qualities

Skelehorse, as an undead horse, cannot die permanently. While he can die, his undead spirit can possess hors bones to reform! This was discovered after the terrible tragedy caused by Grooge64, in which he accidentally MURDERED Skelehorse. Fortunately, he can be revived through a ritual that helps him do just that. Grooge64 performed the last ritual on account of him being the one who killed him.


- Skelehorse is Brokate's horse.

- Skelehorse is an official Goomlandian citizen

- Skelehorse has a discord: Skelehorse#9456

- Sometimes he'll start dancing without stopping and even walk around in 2 legs for minutes until he suddenly stops.

-MithicSpirit banned Skelehorse from the Goomlandian server an added him back in afterwards.

-Goomlandians have said that if they get a new member they would kick out Skelehorse from the goomlandian group chat so they could use the space.