Goomtown BBQ

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"Have you ever wanted to burn down Goomlandia? Have you ever wanted to wipe our ugly cubic buildings off the face of the earth? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HUNGRY? WELL NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!!" -Goomyman77 in #mc-world-news

The Goomtown BBQ was a special event held on August 5, 2019. It was Goomyman77's idea and was organized with the help of Brokate. The purpose of the BBQ was to clear space for new buildings in Goomlandia. Many of these buildings were updated, better-looking versions of old ones, like the Goomlandian Library.

Lead up to the BBQ

A promotional poster was made for the BBQ by Brokate. It outlines the rules for the BBQ. The poster was made by BRokate but it was made with the consultation of Goomyman77.


Firstly, buildings were marked with black and yellow wool to signify they were to be burned. However, in actuality, many buildings that were not supposed to be burned were burned. Some were from people's lack of restrain and some were from being right next to a building designated to be burned down For example, the Witch Shop was next to the library and suffered some damages despite not being supposed to be burned.

A map of the marked buildings.

Then, guests arrived. The BBQ started. During the course of the evening various buildings were burned and even TNT was used. At times the damages were far more than what was expected.

During the course of the event people ate the BBQ'd meat and some even drank the hot sauce in its entirety.

A picture of the chest containing the food, napkins (labeled GOOMTOWN BBQ), and hot sauce,

Mutton was provided to account for the oaphanist attendees.

As one of the final events, and egging of Goomyman77 was held with the Egg-A-Goomy Machine™ built by Brokate.

Additionally, there was a brief conflict between toeGANG and MithicSpirit.