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Champignon is a town in Eastern Goomtown which was founded by goomyman77 in January of 2019. It was the second town to be founded in Goomlandia, and it is inhabited by Grooge64 and awesome_ketchup with ArcherAce owning a vacation home as a part-time inhabitant. Champignon originally consisted of villager huts and a large residence but Grooge's many revisions to the town caused it to change form many times. It neighbors Cratertown, Clap Base, and the Goomlandian provinces of Clappia and Argileux. The name is French for "mushroom", referring to Champignon's original red-mushroom-block floors.


Champignon is home to many structures from a variety of builders. As the mayor of Champignon, Grooge64 has the final say all changes made to Champignon.

ArcherAce's Vacation Home

In August of 2020, ArcherAce built her own vacation home in Champignon. It is made primarily out of brick and has an attic and basement.

awesome_ketchup's Home

awesome_ketchup has a house made of nether blocks; intended to look like a castle, it ended up being very small.

Gabe Head

Champignon is home to the one and only Gabe Head. In here, Grooge64 has his engagement gift to StonkseleksI out on display and stores many of his excess items. Along with this, Grooge64 has a small portion of villagers to help supply Goomlandia with the tools it needs for success.

Goomtown University

Over the course of late-2020, goomyman77 began construction of a university. Although it is not finished yet, classes for Gumuldri, Grove Faith, and Redstone have been planned out.

Grooge64's Home

Originally built by goomyman77 in the start of January 2019, this is the oldest building in Champignon. Quickly after joining Goomlandia, Grooge64 was given permission to live in this building and begin his life. The main changes to occur to this building overtime was the extension of the attic, giving Grooge64 more room to store items and work with wool. Later on, Grooge64 added an animated Goomlandia flag to the front of the building; this was one of Grooge64's first redstone contraptions on Elgeis.

Nature Reserve

Finished on August 2, 2020, ArcherAce built a large nature reserve of the dark oak forest surrounding Champignon. This reserve was home to seventeen naturally generated trees, a pond, and a walk path.

Sheep Barn

In the previous location of Grooge64's sheep pen, a barn was constructed to help encase them and increase overall fluidity. The sudden change of Grooge64's house to sheep did not look well and was not effective at concealing his sheep from the dangers of the outside world. Here is where Grooge64 stores the wool for Goomlandia's Propaganda Ministry.

The Pit

In August of 2019, Grooge64 decided to move his sheep pen from being beside his home to directly behind it. This left Grooge64 with a lot of empty space. Grooge64 did not know what to do with the area so he decided to dig a large pit in its place. The pit has never been used for any purpose but construction on a small establishment was started.