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Progeria was a country that launched numerous terrorist attacks against other nations, looting, raiding and griefing. Progeria was created by Keetsu and allegedly had four members, but also had sleeper agents in Montrose and Kovska.


Progeria first established themselves on the ice islands to the east, modern Yanshu territory, building a settlement made out of melon blocks. The first nation raided by Progeria was Ilyria. Keetsu, having infiltrated Ilyria, looted and raided Grand Mesa whilst MiksaSerbia, the Ilyrian leader, was asleep. However, after their raid on Ilyria, the watermelon settlement was destroyed in the retaliatory attack that later became known as the Progerian Massacre.

However, this wasn't the end of Progeria, for they then illegally settled in Vailan and built a castle made of crafting tables. After the end of the war Progeria was supposed to pay Ilyria reparations for its crimes, but it never did. After a month of waiting, Miksa decided to get over with it and he called Keetsu once again to pay him reparations, which Keetsu ignored. The next day Ilyria, declared war or Progeria. Following the declaration of war, Goomyman77 and DoctorProck helped MiksaSerbia raid Progeria and kill Keetsu, with the castle becoming occupied and destroyed.

After the successful occupation and raid the perpetrators went offline. Right after that the Progerians logged on and started randomly attacking all nations, destroying settlements and killing livestock in several nations. As those attacks were also carried out against nations Progeria had no political ties to, the admins promptly determined in indiscriminate griefing and intervened, banning all of Progeria.


Progeria had bad relations with most of the nations due to bad blood from the Progerian Massacre. However, cimcimmy and Machow, sleeper agents in Kovska and Montrose, secretly supported Progeria, with cimcimmy openly arguing in their defence (a position that was renounced by the rest of Kovska).