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DISCLAIMER: This text is a historical document written by FlyingGMM from an OOC perspective in an attempt to document objective history for future players, starting in the very beginning of the server continuing to the current day (at least, in theory-- the current form has not been updated since December 2018, cutting out directly before the Bagelonian Question.) It is continually updated in sporadic spurts. Despite scattered grammatical and terminological errors, the text has been rehosted here, in its original form, with extremely little editing, in respect of its value as a genuine historical text.

It is meant to be meta, and strives to be unbiased. Unfortunately, due to the natural tendency of authors' limited perspectives, the history herein is arguably Western- and Sylvian-centric, as are the geographical and political terms used. Due to its age, some terms for events are not contemporary ones either. Since the overall wiki is more globally-sourced, it may be prudent to view relevant pages to investigate competing perspectives. Links have been added throughout the document to aid in this.

Any disputes of important oversights should be sent to FlyingGMM for revision.


At the current point in server history, it has existed for several months. Most of the “activity” that shaped the basis for our current systems took place in the first of these, and as such it only lives on in the memories of those involved, ever-fading. As such, it is necessary to compile this information into one document, to preserve it for posterity.

The Founding Period

The server was founded on August 30th, 2018. The first states founded were HUM and Montrose, as their leaders came on first. ClapYoThighs was on at this same time, although there is not currently a state in existence with ClapYoThighs as the leader. In the following days from here, others got on—such as Perihelion_Jack, erjan101, mania_man111, and AbstractEgg.

Rise of First Nations


The very first state was High Upon the Mountain Bank (HUM), as its founder, GoatWhisperer, started the server himself. HUM began as a largely neutral, isolationist bank, dedicated to increasing its own wealth by providing services to members of other nations. The very first buildings in HUM were GoatWhisperer’s house, an “entry node” describing HUM’s policies, a large autosmelter, and villagers to trade with. The latter two were meant as facilities for the usage of HUM members—those who had accounts with HUM. This was determined by HUM to be at the cost of 2 diamonds per week. Each member received an account box, generating an interest rate of 5% compounded weekly, and a safety deposit box, where anything could be stored in and withdrawn immediately at the member’s request.

Having established itself, HUM sought to make use of these systems. It reached out to FlyingGMM, the leader of the then-fledgling Montrose, ClapYoThighs, and the few other players on, such as mania_man111 and Perihelion_Jack. Of these, FlyingGMM and ClapYoThighs chose to have memberships, with FlyingGMM depositing 40 diamonds to pay for his membership fee by interest.


Montrose was founded a few hours after HUM by FlyingGMM. The building of Montrose began as the construction of a simple wooden cottage on the plain that was to be Castle Montrose. ClapYoThighs was in the process of building his house nearby, to the north, at the site of current Fort Graham. FlyingGMM asked him if he wanted to join Montrose; he did so. Because of this, FlyingGMM built him an identical cottage next to his own, as ClapYoThighs' house was not finished. These cottages were meant to be temporary housing for future new residents of Montrose until they built their houses, and served this function for those first members of Montrose.

Montrose’s civics were peculiar for a server like this, with a system of federalism, where the possessions of the state—those being both items and land—were independent from the possessions of its members. The leader, FlyingGMM, was given the title of “header”.

From here, construction was started on Castle Montrose, which was intended to be the center of administrative operations of Montrose, rather than a house for the leader of Montrose, as had been the case on previous servers. The castle’s central building, and part of the walls were completed, and so FlyingGMM went off to build his own house, about 200 meters on some plains to the west. At this time, ClapYoThighs had moved into his own house. A policy of taxation was initiated for the sake of increasing the federal resource stockpiles, although soon thereafter was abolished, as it was deemed unnecessary due to no need for federal resources at that moment. This role was later delegated to the header, for them to fill the federal stockpiles out of their own treasury.

Dark Forest Investment Company

It was around this time that mania_man111 got onto the server. He settled in the dark forest to the south of Castle Montrose, near the southern coast. His house consisted of a wooden palisade surrounding a central, labyrinthine castle. A road project was planned between the two states, and it was decided that mania_man111 should be the one to build it. To do this, he constructed a wooden walkway above the treetops of the thick dark forest between them. To FlyingGMM this was an eyesore, and he burned it, replacing it with a cobblestone road on the ground in the forest. A few days later, on September 9th, mania_man111 was banned from the server for x-ray hacking.

Upon this being announced on discord, Perihelion_Jack, seeing the notification on his phone, got onto the server and claimed mania_man111’s old house as his own. He had since been living in the swamps to the east of Montrose, nowhere near the now-vacant property, but saw the opportunity and took it. Upon doing this, he styled himself as the “Dark Forest Investment Company”, and made the house his main base of operations, largely abandoning his swamp homestead. (He, however, retained ownership of the land.)

Rhett, Icedale Guild

AbstractEgg and erjan101, despite being active for most of this time, were not affected by these activities—when they first joined the server, they immediately ran (or, rather, swam) off to the South Sea, where they settled on a large island and a series of huge icebergs, respectively. From here, they remained isolationist for most of the time.

AbstractEgg built a colossal wooden house, mostly made up of empty indoor space, and erjan101 made a series of towers and bridges spanning his icebergs, in addition to an elaborate wooden “tavern” on an island to the south of them. They styled themselves as “Rhett” and “Icedale Guild”, respectively.

Bagelonia, Free State of Lucas

BiteZaDusto4901 and 06Smg05 also got on the server around this time. The former built for himself an ornate house to the southwest of Sylvia, near Icedale. When offered to, he joined Montrose, and stayed there, not engaging in many affairs, until he later uneventfully left due to his wish to remain nonaligned. The latter built a small, two-story cottage in the swamp to the north of the mesa biome, calling himself “Bagelonia”.

The Water Boys

On September 13th, Perihelion_Jack told the players Hatty_Hominid, NoCheezyFrizz, and RHIN0SAURUS83 about the server, and they got on. 

Hatty_Hominid settled on the coast to the south of DFIC, within its territory, but joined Icedale Guild. As such, throughout his server playment, he was often treated as and acted as an independent entity, due to no easy classification as to his nationality. His house was a wooden “pier” built off the coast facing south.

The latter two joined together in a state situated in the ocean between Rhett and Icedale, in a series of small glass bubbles below the surface of the water, each serving the function of a room in a house. There was a small, artificial island floating on top of the ocean above their main bubble, which gave the ability to enter the main bubble via soul sand and magma block.

This state was known by the exonym of “The Water Boys”, owing to the aquatic nature of their activities. While the endonym of “The Trench Dwellers” was discovered in the Unification Period upon reading over some old texts, it was never used widely to refer to them. Due to their situation in the middle of the ocean, most of their economic activity was ocean-based. Their food was first dried kelp, but later fish as their fishing business took off. They used dried kelp blocks for furnace fuel, and bred turtles for their shells. They designed an autofishery which generated astounding amounts of enchanted books, bows, fishing rods, and, of course, fish. Wearing turtle shell and waterbreathing-enchanted helmets, they were able to swim underwater almost indefinitely, and, for them, the ocean was a second home. They acquired tridents enchanted with as many enchantments as possible, making it so that they were able to use the water for every possible need, be it travel, combat, and a food source.

A map of the world as of September 17th, made by erjan101, displaying borders that remained largely constant from the end of the Founding Period and throughout the Middle Period. It was based on an earlier, erroneous version, as can be seen by the scratch-outs.

[Editor's note: while "Icedale Maps" are useful to understand borders, they are rough, and worse, have never cared for proper terminology of locations. For the sake of clarity:

The Middle Period

The Middle Period was one of the most stable periods of the server. Very few borders changed, no new states were formed, and there were relatively few lasting hostilities or even disagreements between nations. Most nations engaged in their internal projects, economic activity, and trading. While there was no specific event that began it, the Middle Period can be said to have begun around September 13th.

With this period of stability, trade started up like never before. While, due to the nature of Minecraft, most states could produce what they needed with little specialization between each other, there were certainly certain items that were specialized in. For example, The Water Boys exported enchanted books and saddles that they had fished to Sylvia, and Sylvian nations (most notably Montrose and Hatty_Hominid) exported terrestrial items to them, such as timber, non-food agricultural items (cacti, sugarcane, pumpkins, melons, etc.), and dirt. The currency for these transactions was usually iron, as it was universally valued and could be easily produced by anyone. Trade within Sylvia happened especially between Montrose and DFIC, particularly for mined materials, most notably Montrose trading large quantities of redstone and lapis blocks to DFIC. This period, despite being mundane, was rocked by a number of serverwide-reaching events, all of which lasted no more than a few hours and had few lasting effects.

Order of Icedale-Rhett Crusade

The first notable event of the Middle period was the Icedale Guild-Rhett war [editor's note: currently, this is commonly called the Order of Icedale-Rhett Crusade.] On September 14th, there was a minor border dispute between Icedale and the Water Boys, which never would have escalated and never did between the two. However, at FlyingGMM’s idea of doing so, they decided to start a coalition to “teach AbstractEgg a lesson” for not being involved in some sort of diplomatic dispute.

This was suggested entirely in jest, although it was carried through in a very serious manner. Erjan101, FlyingGMM, GoatWhisperer, 06Smg05, ClapYoThighs, and later RHIN0SAURUS83 (who was “drafted” at bowpoint from his island by GoatWhisperer) made up the coalition, which was styled the “Order of Icedale”, with erjan101, called “Grandmaster Yorgi” placed at its head.

A beachhead was established on the western side of Rhett Island, with a tent, campfire, and a few chests set out to serve as basic aesthetic and functional facilities. Supplies of food were lain in, and soon thereafter the construction of a fort began. Erjan101 ordered the digging of defensive trenches, and himself built, astonishingly quickly, a cobblestone fort in the middle. At this point, FlyingGMM went out in front of AbstractEgg’s house, set up a cross made of logs, and burned it. AbstractEgg, sitting in his house and completely oblivious of the actions going on on his beach, saw the burning cross and came outside. FlyingGMM lured him to the newly-made fort, a relatively imposing complex considering that it was on his land and had been made without his notice. 

Immediately after AbstractEgg appeared, in full enchanted diamond armor, several members of the Order of Icedale began firing at him with their bows. He was struck many times, until a shot fired by FlyingGMM (his only shot fired) [editor's note: specifics of this exchange and the shots fired therein are disputed] killed him. Given that the invasion was meant as a joke, AbstractEgg was allowed to respawn and recover his items—except they despawned. As a result of this, he became very angry and loosed his pack of dogs—which easily numbered in the hundreds—upon the Order of Icedale.

Despite only being armed with a stone sword himself, he was able to quickly overwhelm 06Smg05 and ClapYoThighs with his dogs, killing them both. The rest of the members of the Order of Icedale retreated in panic, watching the off-white wave of hundreds of dogs tear their comrades apart. Several boats carrying the surviving members of the Order of Icedale arrived at erjan101’s tavern nearby, regrouping for another attack. AbstractEgg died by drowning en route, chasing after a boat rowed by FlyingGMM.

AbstractEgg respawned and came to the island, but was sunk by an arrow en route and was forced to swim back to his own. The Order of Icedale landed once again on his beach, ready to fight again. With their bows and swords, they slaughtered his dogs, killing most of them. AbstractEgg himself died several times in fruitless attacks upon the earthworks surrounding the fort. He was jeered at from the earthworks by the occupants, saying that he was being aggressive and therefore had no one but himself to blame for losing so much, despite him fighting defensively on his own land against people who had attacked him to begin with. At some point during this, AbstractEgg got away and burned down the tavern.

At this point, AbstractEgg was exhausted from repeated fruitless attacks upon the defenses of the fort built by the Order of Icedale, and wanted peace. A courthouse was constructed by erjan101 next to the fort, to be used for a peace negotiations meeting. A meeting was held, and it was determined that the structures built by the Order of Icedale (including the courthouse) would be ceded to Rhett, as the land they were built upon belonged to it. Additionally, it was agreed that AbstractEgg would be paid two stacks of diamonds from HUM. However, a few hours later he fell into a lava trap in GoatWhisperer’s house and very nearly burned to death, had he not logged out. In exchange for AbstractEgg annulling the reparations, GoatWhisperer removed the lava, to allowed AbstractEgg to log back in safely. The tavern was rebuilt later that day.

Montrosian Cultivation of the Bagelonian Swamplands

The second event was the cultivation of the Bagelonian swamp, on September 15th. Upon seeing the objectively inefficient agricultural methods employed by Bagelonia, FlyingGMM dedicated several hours to filling in sufficient swampland in front of 06Smg05’s house for the creation of six 9x9 farm plots, each growing a different crop. This was met with extreme hostility by both Bagelonia and the international community. When FlyingGMM left, 06Smg05 dug up the fields, but kept the immature crops therein. The filled-in land was also kept, and was later developed by Bagelonia. FlyingGMM was fined 4 diamonds by HUM for his actions.

First Burning of Rhett

The third event was the burning of AbstractEgg’s house, only hours after the cultivation of the Bagelonian swamp. ClapYoThighs announced to the discord that Rhett’s house was burning, and sent a screenshot of it with no further context. He soon after went to work in real life, and no one was able to communicate with him for several hours afterwards. This left room for many theories to be spun by those present, and it was arrived at that ClapYoThighs must have burned the house himself. FlyingGMM himself built a reconstruction of AbstractEgg’s house in creative mode [editor's note: in singleplayer mode, not on the server], set it alight, and determined that the location that the screenshot was taken from gave enough time for the fire to have been lit and for ClapYoThighs to have ran to the location from which it was taken.

ClapYoThighs came on later, and told the story behind the picture. According to him, he arrived at Rhett with the intention of stealing blaze rods from AbstractEgg’s chests, as he had done before. Upon landing to the northwest of the island, he found the house—made almost exclusively of wood—ablaze, and took the picture. There were two other people online: RHIN0SAURUS83 and 06Smg05. 06Smg05, according to himself and ClapYoThighs, helped ClapYoThighs put out the fire once it was discovered. However, because ClapYoThighs had seen the fire first and taken the screenshot himself, (not to mention having came over to Rhett with the intent of burglary) he was suspected primarily.

On September 20th, a court was held in the same courthouse built by erjan101 for the treaty at the end of the Order of Icedale-Rhett war. After about a half hour of deliberation, it was determined by a jury vote that ClapYoThighs had set the fire alight, more because there was more evidence for him than anyone else, even though there was no conclusive evidence. A specific sentence was never determined nor put in place against him.

Montrose-Icedale War

Fourth chronologically of the few violent events of the Middle Period was the Montrosian-Icedale war [editor's note: this is commonly called the Montrose-Icedale War], which took place on September 16th. This was sparked by a routine, albeit uninvited, diplomatic visit to Icedale by FlyingGMM, the header of Montrose. Erjan101 punched FlyingGMM in jest. FlyingGMM, in response several minutes later, broke a cobblestone block on one of Icedale’s bridges beneath erjan101, plunging him into the water. In response to this, erjan101 declared war upon Montrose. FlyingGMM first interpreted this as jest, given the perceived inseverity of the events, but it was discovered that it was not, as erjan101, fully unarmored, descended first upon Castle Montrose and then Gabeford, where FlyingGMM was located. He burned out Castle Montrose, but was repulsed from Gabeford by bow fire, and retreated to the south along the western world border. FlyingGMM chased him on horse, but was ultimately bogged down by the dense forest and lost his trail.

He came back a second time, and again was forced to retreat due to bow fire back along the route he came from, to the east. He was, however, able to plunder the fields of Gabeford. FlyingGMM chased him down with a horse, hacking him to death among the spruce trees, and recovered stolen crops.

Erjan101 came back a third time, in full iron armor, and, during a brief and intense melee battle, attempted to retreat back to his boat. However, he fell into a pond, and became trapped against a nook in the wall of it. FlyingGMM descended upon him, slashing at him until he died.

After this victory, having thought Erjan to be defeated due to the loss of his armor, FlyingGMM descended upon Icedale, leaving Montrose open to erjan101 to plunder Montrose freely. This was a massive tactical blunder, although he did not see it at the time. There were about 15 minutes where erjan101 was able to plunder Montrose without any threat from FlyingGMM, and he caused widespread damage. Spruceville was burnt to the ground, as was Gabeford. The resources thereof were burned, the chests broken, and animals slain or released. Even the aquarium in front of the house was destroyed, with all of the fish therein swimming into the River Montrose. Furthermore, at some time during this, the Montrosian Staple Port, at the mouth of the River Montrose, had been torn down block-by-block by erjan101.

Very little at Icedale was destroyed, with the exception of a few icebergs smashed, the tavern burned, and several minor storage chests looted. A roof to a tower, the only wooden structure on the iceberg complex, was burned as well.

FlyingGMM returned from this venture, frustrated at his inability to cause structural damage to Icedale, and came back to Gabeford to find it in the aforementioned ruins. Erjan101 was in the process of destroying the fishtank when FlyingGMM found him. He tried to escape by boat, but, given that he was unarmored this time, was quickly hacked to death by FlyingGMM near the northernmost dock in Gabeford. Items plundered by erjan101 were recovered, including the very first wooden pickaxe used by FlyingGMM. Peace was made soon hereafter, the only term thereof being Montrose agreeing not to expand politically into the South Sea.

The Great Plugin Debate

In the Middle Period, there was also the discussion of the topic of adding plugins to the server. This was started by a proposal by FlyingGMM on September 21st, to add a plugin that would prevent the repair cost from increasing each time an item is repaired. This was rejected by most of the server along the lines of it being “cheating”, but it brought up the idea discussion of the fact that in order to install plugins to begin with, there needed to be bukkit installed. GoatWhisperer was about to install bukkit, as this alone would have no effect on the server gameplay itself, when Perihelion_Jack said that it was needed to hold a vote to determine whether or not to add plugins [editor's note: at this time, athough GoatWhisperer administrated the server, the server was democratically run. All changes were only made with the majority of the community's vote.] . His argument for this was that many people (himself included) didn’t want any plugins whatsoever, and, as such, was opposed to the idea of adding bukkit, as it would allow the addition of plugins. (Even though these plugins would have to be added by a vote themselves.)

Eventually, two days later, all of the server, with the exception of Perihelion_Jack, voted to add bukkit. At this, Perihelion_Jack was furious, and declared that he was only in opposition to the plugins system because FlyingGMM had proposed it, due to a personal, IRL hatred for him. Furthermore, he was even more enraged at Hatty_Hominid, his IRL friend, who had voted for bukkit, and very nearly came into conflict with him on the server over this [editor's note: doing so would have been a violation of rule 6 by mixing metagame with in-game, although Perihelion_Jack regularly engaged in such actions with impunity due to the casual nature of the server. At this time, no formal list of rules had been drafted.] He later stated that he supported adding MCMMO (an RPG-type plugin) now that bukkit was added, and this passed 4-2. 

FlyingGMM Slain by the Water Boys

 The fifth event, on September 24th, which marks the transition of the Middle Period into the Coalition Period, was the killing of FlyingGMM by RHIN0SAURUS83. This happened as FlyingGMM was attempting to rebuild the Montrosian Staple Port, destroyed in the Icedale-Montrose war. The island it was on had been since converted by Hatty_Hominid, living nearby, to a llama pen. FlyingGMM, upon discovering this, told Hatty_Hominid that the land there was part of Montrose. After some negotiation, he was able to get Hatty_Hominid to agree to let him move the pen. However, soon thereafter, RHIN0SAURUS83 showed up, and began throwing tridents at FlyingGMM, hitting him a few times. FlyingGMM fired back with his bow, and Hatty_Hominid told him to stop. FlyingGMM said that he would stop if RHIN0SAURUS83 stopped throwing tridents. A few seconds later, he had a massive lagspike, during which he was killed by RHIN0SAURUS83. FlyingGMM, totally taken aback by being killed for no reason, asked why he was killed, but RHIN0SAURUS83 never answered more than the cryptic “you were on Hatty_Hominid’s property”. FlyingGMM made his way back to where his items were, to find that his sword (The Sword of Montrose) and pickaxe were stolen. He enquired as to where they were, to be told that they had despawned, which was impossible considering that the rest of his items were still there.

From here, FlyingGMM made his way to The Water Boys’ island, fully armed and armored, and demanded his items be either returned or replaced. This was declined, as The Water Boys said they lacked the proper materials. This was responded to by FlyingGMM as being no excuse, as they had killed him and should not have if they could not pay the price. At this time, Perihelion_Jack and Hatty_Hominid showed up to the island and tried to intimidate FlyingGMM out of demanding reparations.

GoatWhisperer, who had been in contact with FlyingGMM about the whole ordeal, got on at this time, and made his way to the island to stand with FlyingGMM. He engaged in the standoff/negotiations, but was told the same thing. Eventually, FlyingGMM broke off from the standoff, but was followed by Hatty_Hominid to the dock to the north of Icedale’s Tavern Island, who began shooting at him. FlyingGMM fired back, causing Hatty_Hominid to retreat; it was later determined that he nearly was killed and had to retreat because of that.

The Water Boys eventually gave FlyingGMM a book with some of the enchantments of both his sword and pickaxe (which could not be applied to both), in addition to a “curse of binding”. FlyingGMM viewed this as in no way compensatory. It was eventually reached, by a contract signed by NoCheezyFrizz, that The Water Boys would get FlyingGMM replicas of his sword and pickaxe, with all their previous enchantments. While it was obvious that the originals had been stolen, likely as trophies, and that the xp levels that he lost in doing so would not be returned, nor that he would be given what he lost any time soon, he accepted this, seeing it as the only effective deal that could be reached.

Later that evening, ClapYoThighs got on, and showed to FlyingGMM and GoatWhisperer, who were the only ones online, how The Water Boys had massive storehouses hidden underwater full of enchanted books, which they had fished. FlyingGMM determined the previous statement of The Water Boys not being able to recompensate him on the spot to be a lie, and got all the enchanted books he needed to replace his items. He then announced to The Water Boys that this would everything needed to resupply him, and this was agreed to. In this same interaction with ClapYoThighs, his old estate was sold to Montrose for the price of four diamonds, and was renovated and dubbed “Fort Graham”.

The Coalition Period

The Coalition Period of the server is primarily defined by diplomatic hostilities between the Prosperity League and the South Sea Coalition. The hostilities from the killing of FlyingGMM were in no way resolved, and they continued to increase over many minor things. This period lasted from September 24th to 29th [editor's note: 2018.] It is worth noting that for almost the entire scope of this period ClapYoThighs lived in the mesa biome in the far east of the map [editor's note: this area is consequently referred to as Clappia in modern discussion], moving there at its outset and moving to HUM at its conclusion.

Formation of the Prosperity League, South Sea Coalition

Perihelion_Jack’s and The Water Boys’ want for southern Montrosian land, The Water Boys’ want for Rhett land and waterspace, and general diplomatic tensions resulted in most of the server fracturing along two lines, forming the Prosperity League and the South Sea Coalition. 

The PL was formed foremost defensively, along the lines of protecting the balance of power in Sylvia and surrounding landmasses from the SSC. Member states were Montrose, HUM, ClapYoThighs, Rhett, Lucas, and Bagelonia. The states therein were mostly bound together by mutual allegiance, wanting to have an orderly server, territorial interests against the SSC, or a combination of the three.

The SSC was formed to gain an edge against PL nations which it found itself in conflict with, namely Rhett and Montrose. Member states were The Water Boys, Hatty_Hominid, and DFIC. It was later determined that the SSC was founded largely due to exaggerations told to Hatty_Hominid and The Water Boys by Perihelion_Jack.

In general, most of the activity in this period was each coalition plotting amongst themselves. The PL established defensive public works projects, including Fort Spearhead, a holding of HUM, to project influence into the South Sea, while the SSC mostly focused on battle strategies and political plotting.

The Coalition Period reached its climax and ending event during the infamous Hatty_Hominid Raids, on September 29th.

The Hatty_Hominid Raids

In preparation for a war between the PL and SSC, GoatWhisperer rigged Hatty_Hominid’s house to be burned remotely—by placing a dispenser in his house that could be filled with flint and steel or a firecharge, and activated with redstone to set his mostly wooden house alight. However, he must have left a flint and steel in the dispenser during testing, as Hatty_Hominid came on the server one day to find his house on fire, with a flint and steel in the dispenser. (It was not determined that GoatWhisperer had been the one to accidentally set the house alight until several weeks afterwards, when he admitted it.)

Hatty_Hominid then proceeded to do what he called “collective justice”, by burning Lucas’ house, searching unsuccessfully for ClapYoThighsmesa house, and finally burning FlyingGMM’s house around an hour later, in addition to the dark forest in Montrose, and Spruceville (in addition to massacring the villagers.) This was responded to by FlyingGMM by burning down and looting the rest of Hatty_Hominid’s house.

The purported goal of this, according to Hatty_Hominid, was to eventually find the person responsible for burning his house, and end up burning their house, by virtue of burning all the other ones. However, it was put forth by many at the time that this was only a thinly-veiled excuse to go on such a spree of destruction.

The raids would have continued, had it not come out via Perihelion_Jack that Hatty_Hominid had been the one who had burned AbstractEgg’s house, in addition to a number of high-value item thefts. At this, GoatWhisperer banned him from the server [editor's note: he was banned as this revelation, alongside several other griefing attempts which had come to light painted a narrative of an indiscriminate, uninterested griefer], and installed the legacy factions plugin, as it was determined that it was far too easy without any territorial protections to cause the type of mayhem that Hatty_Hominid had. At this, Perihelion_Jack and The Water Boys declared that they were leaving the server. They all ceded their lands to Icedale.

With the dissolution of the South Sea Coalition, there was no opposition to the Prosperity League. While it continued to exist nominally (and still does), there was less of a glaring threat to member nations therein, and therefore less of a need for the PL. This ended the Coalition Period, as there was no source of tension fracturing the two sides of the server.

A map of lands held by Icedale at its "peak" on October 5, 2018

[Editor's note: while "Icedale Maps" are useful to understand borders, they are rough, and worse, have never cared for proper terminology of locations. For the sake of clarity, "Bank" is HUM, and "Sam Mesa" is Bagelonia.]

The Barren Period

After the end of the Coalition Period came a short period of economic and diplomatic activity for members of the PL. Among Montrose, HUM, and Rhett, the lands given to Icedale were split up in the Taco Bell Conference, held IRL at a Taco Bell between the heads of the three nations. Of the previous possessions of DFIC, the large island separated from the mainland by the HUM Sound was given to HUM, as well as everything in Sylvia on the eastern side of the HUM railroad branch line 2. Everything else of DFIC was given to Montrose, including the swamp to the east. The main building of DFIC was heavily renovated and ultimately designated as the headquarters of the Prosperity League. Of The Water Boys, their main structure was given to Rhett, with their massive stores of enchanted books. While this doesn’t characterize the Barren Period, it was a result of events that caused it.

The Barren Period took place in the period between September 29th (when The Water Boys, Perihelion_Jack, and Hatty_Hominid left/were banned) and November 24th. It is characterized by very, very few people playing on the server. (It was reported that for the month of October, only FlyingGMM and ClapYoThighs logged on.)

This period, by its very nature, was very uneventful, with little interaction either on the server or in the discord.

On October 24th, FlyingGMM, upon seeing a group of people in an urban planning Facebook group wanting to play on a Minecraft server, asked the players of the server if this would be alright. The general consensus was indifferent, but GoatWhisperer said that the permissions weren’t set up entirely to support new people. Seeing as the server had been dead for nearly a month, he did not set them up. Exactly a month later, server interest ticked up again, and he set up the perms. At this time, though, there was little “hype” from the people who FlyingGMM had advertised to. However, this opened up a precedent of advertising in circles having to do with things done on the server. This began the Repopulation Period.

The Repopulation Period

The Repopulation Period was a period of repopulation of the server. This was due to some of the original players who still played (GoatWhisperer, FlyingGMM, ClapYoThighs, and AbstractEgg) advertising in certain circles, such as Facebook and Reddit groups, PoliticsAndWar discord servers, and reaching out to their friends. Additionally, the “LGS Waiting Room” discord server, which had been made for members of the LGS friend group not “qualified” to be in the main group (in the main LGS discord, a channel had been set aside for Minecraft, which had been the previous platform used for communication), was renovated into the “LGS Minecraft Server Discord”, with its own specialized channels dedicated to the Minecraft server. The Repopulation Period lasted from November 24th, 2018, to February 18th, 2019, with the formation of Goomnest and the beginning of the Unification Period.

There were nearly a dozen people who joined the discord in the following weeks and expressed interest, but of those few got on. The first was goomyman77, from a Politics and War discord server, who also got his brother, awesome_ketchup, to join. They founded Goomlandia on December 5th, and settled in the dark forest to the east of Bagelonia, eventually expanding over most of the eastern mesa biome. 

On December 12th, FlyingGMM got his friend Cassti to get on, who joined Montrose and built a house next to the road to the south of Fort Graham. GoatWhisperer got jedixander, who he knew IRL, to join the server, and he joined HUM on December 24th. However, he was largely inactive during his time on the server, and eventually left the discord.

Aquascissors The Road-Glutton

On December 12th, aquascissors joined the server from the urban planning Facebook group. Aquascissors was mainly only interested in building roads, and initially joined Montrose on December 16th. Upon doing so, he began to make unnecessary, poorly-designed, and completely unpermitted roads throughout Montrose. In response to FlyingGMM’s condemnation of such construction, aquascissors defected to HUM that same day, where he began to do the same thing. However, aquascissors’ roads in HUM began to stretch south to the unclaimed Heaven Island and then-Icedale-owned Dwarf Island, as well as a planned route to Rhett Island. The international community (HUM included) condemned these roads (which were simply 2-block-wide cobblestone paths suspended above the ocean), and tried to make aquascissors stop, mainly due to the fact that he was making egregious violations of sovereignty in doing so. Aquascissors refused to back down or even show that he understood the concept of sovereignty, and was banned on December 22nd.


On December 27th, FlyingGMM made a new account, named “Duguntho” (after the Proto-Germanic word for “strength”) and transferred all his items and holdings, so that he would be able to have less of a hassle when it came to dealing with his account, as it was registered under his mom’s email address. He gave FlyingGMM, renamed “Lucavario”, to his friend, who joined the server under Montrose and settled along the road left of the Prosperity League Headquarters.


Erjan101, having abandoned the server since the Barren Period, got back on the server on January 8th. He abandoned Icedale (with the exception of the tavern) to build Tsarevets, a giant castle complex modeled after the real-life 12th-century Bulgarian fortress. He built this in the southeast corner of the map. On the same day, Autraya joined the server and Montrose, but left the discord soon afterwards and was never heard from again.

Rise of Divinity

Dinoking93, who had gotten on the server temporarily in the Founding Period, joined the discord on January 12th, founded the state of Divinity, and built a skybase above an island to the south of HUM, called “Heaven Island” [editor's note: this was NOT a skybase, it was allowed because it was a "treebase", with a large central shaft leading up to a square home known as "Heaven"]. He invited his then-girlfriend, ForeverAmour, to get on, and they together lived on the island. Dinoking93 was active for intermittent periods until April 20th, 2019, where both he and ForeverAmour were banned for x-raying.

Rise Deathwatch

AbstractEgg got pizzaswithbone, who he knew IRL, to join the server on January 7th. Pizzaswithbone, upon being explained the server political-roleplay theme, decided that he was going to be a pirate, raiding undefended structures, and founded the state of Deathwatch. Under the limited patronage of Tsarevets, he established himself on a pirate ship in the Bay of Tsarevets, built by erjan101. He later covered this entirely with a cobblestone cube, which was covered in water to protect it from TNT-shelling.

On January 11th, pizzaswithbone announced that he had “raided” the house of AbstractEgg. This consisted of him blowing a hole in one of the supply sheds holding loot from The Water Boys, owned by Rhett. After doing this, he /f-enemied Montrose. FlyingGMM also discovered a booby-trapped hut made of birch planks and logs on the side of the road to the south of Castle Montrose, and attributed it to pizzaswithbone [editor's note: this was the Birch Cult's doing, and pizzaswithbone was not responsible]. 

Siege of Deathwatch

At this, FlyingGMM and AbstractEgg, who, along with pizzaswithbone, were the only people on the server at the time, agreed to meet together at Tsarevets and neutralize the threat of pizzaswithbone, who lived nearby. FlyingGMM swam up the northern side of the cobblestone cube, while AbstractEgg waited below. FlyingGMM hit pizzaswithbone, who was on the roof of the cube, off the side of it, where AbstractEgg began to hit him below. However, he was unable to hurt pizzaswithbone, as he did not have Deathwatch /f-enemied. 

Pizzaswithbone used the /f home function (which was removed soon afterwards [editor's note: after being slated to be removed for several weeks]) three times to get into his pirate ship, but FlyingGMM and AbstractEgg swam under it, with the former continuing to hit him. When he was chased back into his /f-home spawn, and could no longer retreat, he combat-logged, saying that he lost connection. He logged in several times afterwards to see if FlyingGMM and AbstractEgg were there, but in each case he ended up logging off due to them still being there, still claiming the excuse of his internet failing.

At this, FlyingGMM and AbstractEgg began preparations for sieging. FlyingGMM set up a cantonment on a nearby spit of sand, made of a central cobblestone tower surrounded by dirt walls. This provided a vital source of storage, crafting, and smelting facilities. AbstractEgg “sat” his dozens of combat dogs within this cantonment as well.

AbstractEgg discovered that pizzaswithbone’s house was built on the edge of the faction claim, meaning that blocks could be placed right next to it. This unclaimed spot of land also encompassed the water off of the western side of the house, which was quickly blocked off. This left the cobblestone wall exposed, which was blown open, exposing the wooden ship therein. After several tries to burn it, including using a fire charge dispenser and netherrack, they finally were able to burn the ship by using flaming netherrack to spread fire to the sails. The entire ship burned quickly. To get the now-floating chests, they poured lava on the water below the chests, turning it to stone, and fired TNT onto it. The chests broke open, the loot was divided, and each person went home. The entire siege lasted several hours, into the wee hours of the following morning.

Brayton Jail & Diggy Diggy Hole

The following day, pizzaswithbone claimed that FlyingGMM and AbstractEgg had no right to burn down his ship, and that he had done nothing to deserve such action. GoatWhisperer and FlyingGMM devised a plan to trap him in a 3x3 obsidian cell in Fort Graham with a bed, that was /f claimed by Montrose. GoatWhisperer lured him to it, with the promise of finding “The Montrose Vault”, which didn’t exist. Once pizzaswithbone was in the cell, GoatWhisperer told him that to open the vault, he had to lay in the bed. (This was so that, even if pizzaswithbone killed himself, he would respawn in the cell.) It slowly dawned upon him that he was trapped. He spent the next few days complaining about not being able to be let out of the cell, and professing his innocence. The decision to put him in the cell was described by FlyingGMM as a “preventative measure”, given that pizzaswithbone only intended to raid on the server.

Once pizzaswithbone was imprisoned, he got his friend, Carpo_Diem, to join, solely to infiltrate Montrose and break him out [editor's note: while speculated by many, and some circumstantial evidence supports this assertion, this is by no means proven fact.] However, this plan was discovered, and Montrose did not admit Carpo_Diem, despite his many pleas to join. Carpo_Diem built a house on an island to the northeast of Rhett Island, directly outside of Rhett’s borders. 

This escaped the eye of Rhett for several days, but when it was discovered on January 19th, AbstractEgg offered Carpo_Diem the ultimatum of either joining Rhett or leaving the island and his home. Carpo_Diem refused to do either, and AbstractEgg /f-claimed his house, preventing his escape. He finally escaped through a hole in the wall, and was killed by AbstractEgg. The consensus of the international community was that Rhett was within its rights to expel Carpo_Diem, although that it was an aggressive act considering that the island was clearly demarcated as not being within the borders of Rhett. AbstractEgg eventually destroyed both the house and island. The items from both the chests in the house and looted from Carpo_Diem when he was killed were put by AbstractEgg into chests on the shoal where the island used to be. 

Expelled from his home, the following day Carpo_Diem settled in the northeast corner of the old map, in the desert. He created a faction named “Richard”, named after a turtle he kept in a boat at his island, and made a house out of sandstone.

Bagelonian-Tsarevetan Conflict

During the week that all of this was going on, erjan101 knocked 06Smg05 off the wall of Tsarevets, killing him. this started the Bagelonian-Tsarevetan Conflict. Erjan101 took 06Smg05’s items hostage, attempting to force Bagelonia into vassalization. 06Smg05 refused, and erjan101 attacked him, blowing up his dog “Popo” with TNT. The only third party who knew about the incident was FlyingGMM, who happened to be on at the time. The event entered the eye (and knowledge) of the international community on January 19th, when FlyingGMM casually asked both parties if they were still fighting, as no formal peace agreement had been brokered. In response to this [editor's note: in response to hearing of the Tsarevetan atrocities, not in response to FlyingGMM querying the fighting parties], at some point, GoatWhisperer planted TNT beneath the Icedale tavern, and it was later set off by accident by ClapYoThighs. GoatWhisperer also blew up Dwarf Fortress with the help of ForeverAmour. The precise dates of all of these events are unknown.

Eastern Growth

On the same day [editor's note: as Diggy Diggy Hole], Goomy got his friend, grooge64, to join the server and Goomlandia. Goomlandia soon afterwards began a number of public works projects, such as the creation of three villages, public agricultural works, and fortifications.

PlasmaMintz, one of goomyman77’s IRL friends, joined the server on January 24th and founded Voidnest, taking up a large central part of Wildia, including lands previously owned by Richard. In the following weeks, he got taakoyaki, mimoche, boboismissing, and _EightZero_ to join. The same day, banishthespleen (who had joined the discord in early December) got on the server and founded the state of Spleenmark to the northwest of Goomlandia, along the coast of the East Sea.

Birch Cult

Throughout this period, there were many incidents of structures in Montrose being destroyed or damaged, such as fields, stables, bridges, etc. Next to each of these were signs all saying various things demanding the release of pizzaswithbone from captivity. Carpo_Diem and erjan101 were suspected for this, both because of style and motive, but no solid evidence was presented. Similar damages were found throughout Goomlandia and HUM, but the signs were absent.

On January 27th, FlyingGMM announced that the Archives of Montrose, housing all flags of the world and many books, was un-/f claimed and made public for all to come and makes copies of the books and banners. A day following this announcement, the entire library was found looted. Upon further investigation, there was a trail left of birch wood leading to a large cave in the north of Montrose that was titled “Birch Cult HQ”. The entire inside of the cave was paneled with birch wood. Inside of it were the entire contents of the Archives of Montrose. They were recovered, but the front complex was rigged to flood with lava when an iron door in the back of it was opened with a lever. FlyingGMM and ClapYoThighs, who was helping investigate, put water over the lava reservoirs where the lava flowed from, The books, maps, and banners were all recovered and placed back in the library. A phallic-shaped birch totem was also later found in front of Gabeford, rigged to explode with TNT upon its removal.

At first, FlyingGMM suspected that Carpo_Diem was responsible for the looting of the library, due to both motive to cause mayhem within Montrose and the fact that the only trees he cultivated for timber were birch, despite living in the desert. However, further analysis of witness testimonies, the fact that he logged on and watched the investigation process fold out, the odd specificity of birch wood, and even characteristic misspellings on signs pointed to erjan101. As the entire thing was effectively a very large and elaborate prank, no action was taken against Tsarevets. Erjan101 denied this, but never tried too hard to do so, and often giggled in mirth when confronted with the accusation. [editor's note: this, too, is speculation on FlyingGMM's part-- no conclusive, concrete evidence has pointed to erjan101 as the definite perpetrator.]

Carpo Joineth Goomlandia

On January 29th, Carpo_Diem joined Goomlandia, bringing their population up to 4, the largest on the server at that time.

PizzasWithBone's Apology

After nearly a month of imprisonment, on February 8th, PizzasWithBone started making more demands for his release. PizzasWithBone's Apology was a very heartfelt speech (which was later found to have been written by erjan101), and also pleaded with FlyingGMM IRL to release him, saying that he only wanted to build a barn that he had been designing. FlyingGMM and the rest of the server agreed that he could be released, as it seemed that he was genuine. 

The very next day, several raids were found to have been done all over the server, such as the looting of everything owned by Voidnest, the burning of Cassti’s house, the burning of a building in HUM, the burning of two buildings in Goomlandia, the partial damage of a stable in Bagelonia, and many of the wooden buildings in Tsarevets. Furthermore, PizzasWithBone became ever-more snarky as the day progressed, even going as far as to say that FlyingGMM couldn’t actually enforce him not to raid people. Upon the discovery of this, GoatWhisperer determined that it violated the rule of no senseless griefing (even though it was within the roleplay of pizzaswithbone), and promptly banned him. [editor's note: more can be found on this issue in Deathwatch.]

Various Developments

Erjan101 announced his resignation from the server a day later on February 10th, officially due to HUM having conducted “vigilante interventionism” but suspected as being a result of Tsarevets’ burning. Dinoking93 also announced that he was leaving due to unrelated reasons.

Around this time, construction of Bageltown, a city in Goomlandia, commenced.

On February 17th, on a weekend Model UN trip, FlyingGMM invited argetlam04 to the server, who joined Montrose.

When he got home that night, FlyingGMM found that all of his animals had been killed in his absence. When he began asking the discord who did so, _EightZero_, a citizen of Voidnest, admitted to it, and claimed little motive other than sheer malice. In response, FlyingGMM trapped him in the newly-built Fort Graham prison (which was a great deal more secure than the one pizzaswithbone had been kept in) until a trial could be held. The reparations demanded by FlyingGMM were rather lenient given the nature of the crime, and amounted to _EightZero_ replacing all the slaughtered livestock. During the whole debacle, goomyman77 lobbied heavily for _EightZero_’s release, despite them not being in the same faction and goomyman77 having no official authority over _EightZero_. This was an early example of the “eastern unity” that preceded Goomnest’s founding a day later.

Later that day, Pirka joined the server from a Facebook ad put out by FlyingGMM. He invited AnMadadhRua the next day, and they settled in the swamps to the southwest of Montrose. They founded Riochtai na nGael, roughly translating to “Country of the Irish” and was usually abbreviated as RnanG. It was made exclusively of Irish speakers, all actually Irish except for Pirka, who was an American who spoke the language. They settled in the lands to the south of the SU, including the ruins of BiteZaDusto4901’s house. Three of them joined in total. 

The Unification Period

The Unification Period was characterized by the merging of several of the factions on the server. Initially, Goomnest, a combination of Goomlandia and Voidnest was formed, and a few weeks later the Sylvian Union was formed from HUM, Rhett, and Montrose. Both of these factions commanded massive amounts of faction power (at least 100 at their lowest), more than any other faction had ever before. It lasted from February 18th with the creation of Goomnest, to May 14th with [Goomnest]'s dissolution. Virtually every state outside of Goomnest or the Sylvian Union picked a particular superpower to align itself with, such that once again the entire server was fractured along two lines.

Due to the nationalistic nature of the unifications, the nationalistic differences between the east and west continued to contrast with each other and became institutionalized. Throughout this period, there were many verbal hostilities between both sides, although war never occurred between the two powers. In fact, the Unification Period was one of the most politically stable periods in server history.

Formation of Goomnest

Goomnest completely unified the two nations of Goomlandia and Voidnest. They were culturally very close (the comprising nations mostly consisting of people from the same friend group), and this sped along the unification. A diarchy was formed, with goomyman77 presiding over the Goomlandia part and PlasmaMintz presiding over the Voidnest part, and both conferring with each other on national decisions.

Formation of the Sylvian Union

As for the Sylvian Union, founded on February 24th, the process was slightly more shaky. This was due to the long independent history held by each state involved, contrasting government models, and overall apprehensions. The creation of the Sylvian Union was delayed for around a week before it was formally founded, as kinks in government were worked out.

The government model of the Sylvian Union was heavily decentralized with no member nation or even individual holding “superiority”, exceedingly rare even in the most democratic nations both in the world and previously on the server. This made it very attractive to all those within.

The Sylvian Union government was set up with each previous nation comprising of a “province”. (However, the terms were often used interchangeably, as a nation is not necessarily an independent state, at least in the classical definition.) From each of these provinces came two delegates, which were meant to vote on issues within the parliament. (For provinces such as Rhett, with only one person, AbstractEgg, he counted as both delegates.) Additionally, each province had a governor, which was decided by the province’s own means. [Editor's note: Provinces' "governors" are actually called "viceroys" in Sylvian law, although in casual use the terms are used interchangeably.]

Most of the previous laws of the nations that the SU comprised of were kept in place so long as they did not conflict with the constitution of the SU, and, as such, their independent workings varied greatly.

Growing Populations & Tensions

During this period, both Goomnest and Sylvia, Montrose specifically, were hit by raids. Both states blamed the other, both due to existing animosity and perceived motive held by either side. (See FlyingGMM’s raid on Goomnest’s potato fields on March 11th.)

On February 18th, in the wake of Goomnest’s founding, PlasmaMintz invited hongstoes to the server. She took up residence in Bageltown under Goomnest.

On February 22nd, Banastair joined the server from goomyman77’s Politics and War alliance, and founded the state of Banastair in the mesa to the south of Goomnest.

On February 23rd, Luka23GG joined the server, and founded New Arcadia on Dwarf Island. He invited his friends luisnext1989, sanlega, QU4KM4N, and GPSJoan, who all joined New Arcadia. New Arcadia initially allied with Goomnest, before becoming isolationist and eventually going inactive and disbanding.

Scramble for the Federal Province

On February 24th, RnanG came into conflict with the Sylvian Union (the same day it was founded) over a mountain to the northwest of the swamp they lived in. Prior to the Sylvian Union’s founding, HUM had unofficially annexed the mountain and built a building intended to function as the Sylvian parliament building at its peak. RnanG discovered this while scouting out land to expand into. The Sylvian development in lands they considered their own was viewed as imperialism by RnanG, while the Sylvian Union argued that the land was developed prior to RnanG’s settlement in the area and therefore it had no reason to retract its claims.

Negotiations commenced, with the Sylvian Union initially offering RnanG their help in relocating. RnanG rejected this proposal. Finally, after much deliberation, it was agreed that RnanG would help the Sylvian Union move the parliament building, and would formally annex the land. However, this was never actually carried out.

Iskallia Formed

MithicSpirit was invited by goomyman77 on February 27th. He created the state of Iskallia in a small “trade outpost” made by Icedale in the Middle Period, to the east of Tsarevets.

Formation of the Free City of Banastair

On March 3rd, Banastair reached out to FlyingGMM and the Sylvian Union as a whole and requested their assistance in taking over New Arcadia, in exchange for an alliance. The Sylvian Union saw no reason to support this, but offered Banastair an interesting counteroffer: Banastair would be allowed to found and have total control over a state to the Sylvian Union’s east, straddling the northern and western coasts of the East Sea, called the “Free City of Banastair” (FCB). The Sylvian Union would provide military, diplomatic, and material support for this state. In exchange, the Sylvian Union would have control over the FCB’s diplomatic relations. The Sylvian Union had another use for the FCB, though: it provided a place to put any future enemy defectors who wished to be aligned with the Sylvian Union, but could not be entirely trusted in the Sylvian Union faction itself.

Unknown to the Sylvian Union, Banastair was entirely under the control of Goomnest, and was sent as a spy by goomyman77.

That same day, dennypower joined the server from goomyman77’s Politics and War alliance, and joined Goomnest. 

On March 7th, argetlam04 invited enbydrowned, and he joined Montrose.

FlyingGMM’s raid on Goomnest’s potato fields

On March 11th, when FlyingGMM discovered that the Montrosian Production Emporium and his own fields had been raided. As the only temporal evidence available supported three people in Goomnest, in retaliation he destroyed the main Goomnestian potato fields, targeting a public structure due to his belief that Goomnest had targeted a public structure. This was discovered by goomyman77, and all temporal evidence pointed to FlyingGMM specifically. FlyingGMM admitted to the retaliatory raid. In reparations after a long negotiation process, FlyingGMM rebuilt the potato fields and built an automated potato cooker on-site.

Rise of Hong & Ong (and rattleworm too)

The same day, ngstoes invited her friend ongstoes to the server. Ongstoes was initially attracted to Montrose (as Montrose’s namesake was the real-life town of Montrose in Scotland, which ongstoes happened to live near), and sought to join the Sylvian Union under Montrose. However, the Sylvian Union was suspicious of ongstoes, seeing as she had joined the server from hongstoes, a citizen of Goomnest. She was offered a citizenship in the FCB, and she took this offer—making her the first person to join the FCB other than Banastair. Ongstoes, despite being a citizen in the FCB, mostly resided in Goomnest’s Bageltown to be close to hongstoes. Later that day, ClapYoThighs got his sister, rattleworm, to join the server and HUM. However, she soon went inactive.

Forming of Soraryius

On March 14th, YellowEevee22 and Tv306 (two sisters) joined the server through _EightZero_. They initially joined Goomnest but soon broke away to found the state of Soraryius along the northern coast of Tierra del Fuego.

Fall of RnanG

On March 15th, RnanG got their friend, AnGabhairinBui, to join the server. Their friend, however, supposedly only spoke Irish, and no English. (It should be noted that only 2.5% of Ireland speaks Irish, including those who speak it in conjunction to English, and there are virtually no exclusive Irish speakers in Ireland.) The next day, after deliberating the matter between themselves, GoatWhisperer and FlyingGMM declined AnGabhairinBui’s application due to him not knowing any English, on the grounds that he would be unable to understand anything (namely server rules) without a translator. In response to this, all of RnanG left the server—a day before Saint Patrick’s Day. With the effective dissolution of RnanG, the Sylvian Union annexed the entirety of their territory, to be the “federal province”, the seat of the Sylvian Union’s administration.

On March 30th, argetlam04 invited BeachKid to the server, and he joined Montrose.

Establishment of DEInc

Around this time, dinoking93 established Dinoking93 Excavation Incorporated (faction name DEInc), which was a stockholder-run corporate state providing excavation services. DEInc also engaged in illegal excavation for its own resources within the borders of several states. Players were able to pay diamonds, iron, or nether quartz in exchange for shares of the company. These shares (or percentages of a set amount of 100 shares total) accounted for votes in control of the company, including diplomatic actions. DEInc built a large tower out of nether quartz off the coast of HUM in the East Sea to serve as its “corporate headquarters”.

The Banastair Debacle

On March 31st, Goomlandia annexed the mesa previously owned by Banastair before he resettled and founded the FCB.

On April 1st, Scampo12 was invited to the server by ongstoes. He joined the Free City of Banastair, wanting to be in the same country as her.

On April 7th, FlyingGMM and GoatWhisperer were sent screenshots in a group chat by dinoking93, which appeared to be Goomnestian plans for invading the Sylvian Union through the FCB. Goomyman77 had apparently made a council-type discord server with heads of various Goomnest-aligned states, including DEInc, New Arcadia, Bagelonia, Iskallia, and, most interesting to the Sylvian Union, the Free City of Banastair. Banastair was in the group and present for the discussion of plans involving his cooperation in invading the Sylvian Union—but never alerted them to this. When confronted about it over the next few days by the Sylvian Union, Banastair presented a number of excuses, namely that he didn’t want to alert the Sylvian Union prematurely. The Sylvian Union, seeing his inaction as at best gross incompetence and at worst outright treason, replaced him with Cassti. Banastair left the discord server on April 10th, angry over having been found out. The intercepted plans turned out to be fake, made by goomyman77 to weed out potential informants. The same day as Banastair left, ongstoes emigrated from the FCB to join hongstoes in Goomnest. They moved to the newly-annexed mesa previously belonging to Banastair, and built a very tall tower out of terracotta, calling it “Toe Tower”. Scampo12 remained in the FCB.

Further Montrosian Expansion

On April 10th, argetlam04 invited Abstacious to the server, who joined Montrose. BiteZaDusto4901 returned to the server for the first time since he left at the end of the Coalition Period after Hatty_Hominid burned his house, and joined Montrose. Both of them (initially unknown to FlyingGMM) settled in lands annexed from RnanG, which were technically part of the Sylvian federal province rather than Montrose. FlyingGMM asked the Sylvian parliament’s permission on April 14th to formally annex the area on which the two estates lay on for Montrose. It was granted, and Montrose expanded for the first time since the Barren Period. On April 16th, ClaimingBand was invited to the server by Abstacious and joined Montrose, settling in the newly-annexed area.

Fall of Dinoking93

On April 20th, after a very thorough investigation by GoatWhisperer, dinoking93 was found to have been x-raying, at least when he was living at Heaven Island during the Repopulation Period. As such, he was banned, as well as ForeverAmour, who always mined with him and would have had to have been an accomplice. DEInc was disbanded by this, but dinoking93 “willed” his tower to goomyman77.

Abstacious: Possessor of the Quartz

The following day, the Sylvian parliament, seeing the large and imposing tower arguably within its waterspace, decided to take it down. Abstacious, who simply happened to be online at the time, dismantled the tower himself, and was lauded extensively within the Sylvian Union [editor's note: he was awarded the Hero of the Union award, an award created specifically to laud him for this act]. Goomnest demanded that the nether quartz be returned at least (as they viewed it as their property); the Sylvian Union refused.

Toe Gang's Secession from Goomnest

On April 29th, Brokate joined the server under Goomnest. That same day, ongstoes and hongstoes seceded from Goomnest to found the state of Toe Gang. Toe Gang kept Toe Tower and some of the outlying area, and annexed a significant amount of land to the south of Soraryius, in a flower forest. They allied with both Goomnest and the Sylvian Union.

Formation of Vailan

On May 1st, vetous joined the server from the main Elgeis discord. Vetous was not active for the first couple weeks after joining, but later founded the state of Vailan in the mountain range to the north of the Sylvian Union. He built impressive structures spanning the mountains and valleys in between.


On May 11th, FlyingGMM invited Juzomi to the server, and she joined Montrose.

Voidnestian Secession from Goomnest

On May 14th, after a few days of communication with the Sylvian Union and seeking their support, Voidnest broke away from Goomnest. They cited self-determination and dislike for goomyman77’s control over the nominally diacratic government in this. This went very smoothly, with Voidnest and Goomlandia reverting back to their previous borders and population. Goomnestians who joined after the merge remained in Goomlandia. Voidnest allied with the Sylvian Union and Toe Gang

Goomlandian Reforms

Goomlandia, having seen many of their people secede over lacking autonomy, began a system of reforms. These included the establishment of the office of co-leader (to which Brokate was appointed to), and increased personal rights.

With the breakup of Goomnest (especially with Voidnest’s alignment with the Sylvian Union), the Unification Period was brought to a close. The political divisions between both sides of the server were gone.

The Post-Unification Period

On May 15th, 

On May 16th, goomyman77 invited guptacakeman to the server, and he joined Goomlandia. However, a few days later, he came into conflict with Goomlandia over zoning regulations in Bageltown, and seceded and ultimately went inactive.