Bagelonian-Tsarevetan Conflict

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The Bagelonian-Tsarevetan conflict was a minor conflict between Bagelonia and Tsarevets, and participated in covertly by Chairman GoatWhisperer of HUM.

The war began when erjan101 of Tsarevets punched 06Smg05 of Bagelonia off of the tower of Tsarevets and killed him, holding his belongings ransom in an attempt to vassalize Bagelonia (he later said it was a joke). 06Smg05, of course, refused, and several skirmishes ensued. Tensions had begun to cool when erjan101 came to the Bagelonian homeland and punched 06Smg05. 06Smg05's dog, "Popo" became aggressive towards erjan101 as a result, and he killed Popo as 06Smg05 told him not to so he could tell his dog to sit. This act reignited the conflict.

After hearing of the offensive and unwarranted conduct of erjan101, Chairman GoatWhisperer contacted 06Smg05 and asked to provide military support to the impoverished nation. 06Smg05 declined his offer, but GoatWhisperer wanted to strike back against the unjust Tsarevets anyway. Aided by ForeverAmour of Divinity, GoatWhisperer destroyed the Icedalic Dwarf Fortress on Dwarf Island (modern-day Fianna) and planted an extreme amount of TNT underneath the Tavern, rigged to a pressure plate.

The war was ended without the Tsarevets ever taking account of their damages. GoatWhisperer, either purposefully or having forgotten, did not alert Tsarevets to the unexploded ordinance underneath the Tavern. Weeks later, ClapYoThighs entered the Tavern, setting off the TNT trap. Due to the clandestine nature of GoatWhisperer's actions, it was not immediately clear that the bomb was a part of the Bagelonian-Tsarevetan Conflict. However, the war was already over when by the time the destruction of Icedale territory was done by HUM because Erjan101 and 06Smg05 already made a peace deal.