Dwarf Fortress

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The Dwarf Fortress was a single tower fortification built in the early Middle Period by Erjan101, located on Dwarf Island. It was owned by Icedale Guild, and later Tsarevets. The tower was built into the highest mountain in the island, and reached several stories both inside and above the mountain.



When Icedale disbanded due to erjan101 leaving the server, the tower was left unclaimed. However, when Erjan101 returned and founded Tsarevets, he reassumed control of Dwarf Island, as well as Icedale Tavern.

During the Bagelonian-Tsarevetan Conflict, both of these locations became target for HUM intervention in the war. GoatWhisperer, working with ForeverAmour, used TNT to destroy the entire fortress, reducing it to little more than a vertical shaft in the mountain.

New Arcadia

On ___, New Arcadia established their state on Dwarf Island. While it took several days for them to move from the shoreline to the mountain, the ruins of Dwarf Fortress was eventually discovered by them. The cobblestone rubble was cleared away, and the fort was turned into a means of accessing slime chunks, due to its immense depth. This is how the fort stands at the moment, even though New Arcadia has since dissolved, taken by Mozoe3 for Riftisle, and subsequently annexed by Vanskovich.


Dwarf Island was sold by Vanskovich to Grooge to avoid conflict with the Sylvian Union, who stood poised in invade Vanskovich if they didn't cede it to Fianna. This land was gifted to mr_gidyup. With assistance from Sylvia, Fianna began building the island back to it's former glory. While most of the Dwarf Fortress no longer remains, the main tower still stands and is in the process of being rebuilt.