Order of Icedale

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This article is about the short-lived military order which coordinated the Icedale-Rhett Crusade. For the trading guild based out of the Sylvian glaciers, see Icedale Guild. For the city in eastern Tierra Del Fuego operated by erjan101, see Tsarevets.

The Order of Icedale was a short-lived crusader order whose original mission was the "teaching of a lesson" to AbstractEgg of Rhett as retribution for not being embroiled in the border conflict between Icedale Guild and The Water Boys. Crusaders fighting on behalf of the Order of Icedale in the Icedale-Rhett Crusade include:

As a military order whose sole mission was unprovoked military action, the Order of Icedale was a very controversial group. However, since a majority of the states in the world at this point played some part in the Crusade, there was no international action against the Order to speak of.

An image of a battle between the Order and Rhett. It depicts religious hostility and a death of a Rhett by FlyingGMM

Grandmaster erjan101 was petitioned by the Prosperity League to call a second Crusade against the South Sea Coalition, but the request was declined owing to Icedale's desire of neutrality in the conflict.