Montrosian Cultivation of the Bagelonian Swamplands

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The Montrosian Cultivation of the Bagelonian Swamplands was an event which occurred on September 15th, 2018. In it, FlyingGMM, Header of Montrose, filled in waterlogged swampland in northern Bagelonia against the will of the Bagelonian inhabitants, creating potato fields.


Then-independent Montrose, led by FlyingGMM, had grown disgusted with the perceived inefficiency of Bagelonia's agriculture. In response, he traveled to Bagelonia, and began filling in the waterfront, effectively creating new land. This continued until six 9x9 fields had been created (in a 3x2 grid), entirely upon the newly-created land - all despite 06Smg05's pleas for FlyingGMM to stop. While Bagelonia admitted that it had inefficient agricultural methods, it wished to retain them and grow domestically, rather than from heavy-handed "benevolent" outside forces. At FlyingGMM's departure, 06Smg05 tore up the fields, returning the newly-created land to a flat field.


At this time, HUM was led by GoatWhisperer. The Chairman condemned Montrose's actions severely, but was not prepared to go to war with Montrose over the egregious infringement on the sovereignty of Bagelonia. They elected to fine FlyingGMM four diamonds out of his bank account.


The land created by the Montrosian Cultivation of the Bagelonian Swamplands was used for a number of public works projects in Bagelonia, including a cactus farm and the second residence of 06Smg05.

The event also set in motion later projects of filling in swamplands in the Bay of Bagel, such as the Polders of VOC, which FlyingGMM personally advocated for.