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Redstone Valley (R.S.V or RSV), less commonly referred to as "Red." is a transcontinental country that was created in Tierra del Fuego. It is a corporate nation administered by the Red. CEO Mitomon, identifiable by the fashionable red tie and pocket square. The Capital of Redstone Valley, San Jose, is located in the northwestern portion of Tierra del Fuego. Along with Toe Forest, Red. also inhabits the southwestern ocean territory near the southern world border, the northwestern land belonging to Emerald Enclave before they joined the nation, the swamp and meadow near the Redstone Sea and Aradialma's western claim, the middle eastern Sacramento and Seicho town area purchased from Oberos, and the San Francisco area in the southeast. Though seemingly spread out, it has a relatively small player/land ratio and is connected with massive infrastructure projects.

Current and Past Officers

Current Chief Executive Officer: Mitomon

Mods: Strider112358, Bluedude104, Kyoal


Redstone Valley was named by Mitomon due to both the geographical position of the small nation and its status as an underdog in a world with well-established nations. The "Redstone" portion serves as both the nation's emblem and its main focus of creating redstone machines. Out of character, it is meant as a parody of Silicon Valley and American pop culture. Many policy decisions in-game are linked directly to this, such as the naming of the warehouse company RedEx, but others have serendipitously and ironically occurred organically, such as the constant involvement in wars in the Middle East.

While Mitomon originally hoped for the nation's name to be abbreviated as Red., CreeperColder the mapmaker of the time abbreviated it as R.S.V. The abbreviation stuck and Red. was used less and less.


Previous Inhabitants and Pre-Redstonian History

The first known inhabitants of what is now mainland Redstone Valley were the citizens of Ravvsend and ToeGANG . They ended up fighting each other over ownership of the flower forest in the Unnecessary War. Later on, ToeGANG was absorbed into HUM to protect the land in the absence of its owners, and then returned upon their return. ToeGANG later abandoned the land again on 11/07/2020. That same day, Doctor Hound announced that Fianna was annexing the land. On 12/13/21, Fianna announced it would be releasing the old toeGANG land politically, but would still protect it to ensure it was given to a new player to join them in the Central region.

Initial Settlement (5/3/2022 - 5/5/2022)

Mitomon ended up being that new player and began construction of Apple Campus almost immediately in what is now San Jose. The repair and renovation of the Very Big Observatory was also completed at this time. After a week of sand and gravel gathering by Mitomon and later Trimyy, tons of white concrete had already been made for Apple Campus, and it still had not been completed. During this time, Redstone Valley accepted donations of bricks and traded stacks of sand for glass to StonkseleksI. The scale of the build was simply too much however, so the construction of a new headquarters made out of a less time-consuming material was commenced. After the first floor of Redstone Tower was created, other projects and farms, such as the iron and wool farms, were created. Luckily, development was fairly quick due to the nature of the land being settled. ToeGANG had built rudimentary farms for food, wool, and feathers while also having a storage full of concrete, wood, and other materials. Because of this and other land improvements, Redstone Valley was able to get a great head start despite being a new single-player nation. Globally, the creation of Red. was celebrated with some calling it the most "based" nation in Elgeis history.

The Honeymoon Period / Single Player Nation (5/6/2022 - 6/16/2022)

Since Trimyy had only logged on for a few days, Redstone Valley was a de-facto single player nation. Thus, all of the projects, policies, and procurements were up to CEO Mitomon. This led to slow economic progress, as well as some notable political mishaps. However, these were quickly forgiven as the nation was tiny and new. Because of the relative unimportance of the nation globally, it was also mostly disregarded politically.

Creenis Moment

On May 6,2022, PeenorCreenis, ruler of Creenis, announced a formal alliance with Redstone Valley and Montrose as a gesture of gratitude for those two nations assisting his and Creenis' inception in Elgeis. However, this was done without consulting either nation beforehand, leading to a quick retraction of the statement and negotiations between the nations. Eventually, all three became allies as a result of this.

West Sea Confederation Moment

After Red. declared the message: "After carefully analyzing the results of the global survey last week, we have found that less than 18% of respondents considered draining an ocean monument to not be morally flawless. Despite this, an overwhelming majority (88.2%) would be excited to tour a drained monument to enjoy the architecture, partake in minigames, or learn about guardian biology. In the interest of both science and historical preservation, Redstone Valley will establish a corporate office in the highlighted area below to begin preparations for the operation and preserve one of the few remaining wild ocean monument sites. An official name for this area will be announced during the opening ceremony after construction ends," the West Sea Confederation announced it had not allowed the acquisition and invited Redstone Valley to negotiations involving potentially ceding the territory. Seeing Ocean Monument preservation as highly important and having not known the WSC even existed, Redstone Valley agreed and left the talks after having the claims were approved with the condition that the unused sea area should be returned to unclaimed status after construction.

Mr.Dutch28 Breaks the Alliance

During the Dutch Enterprises growth period in May 2022, KomVechtenDan joined DE. As both he and Mitomon loved redstone, they immediately became friends and helped each other with different projects through texts. One of the biggest problems they faced was when KvD wanted to build a gold farm, but did not want to have to mine thousands of obsidian blocks. Mitomon then came up with the idea to cage a Wither boss and use it to destroy obsidian that had been made after using lava and water. This great idea led to the suggestion of KvD to make it a joint DE and RSV project, which Mitomon supported. Despite the support of both parties, MrDutch28 would not allow the project to happen unless Redstone Valley abandonded Goomlandia as an ally. This was due to MrDutch28's resentment towards Goomlandia due to an event that had ocurred three years prior. Since Mitomon upheld Redstone Valley values by not abandoning an ally simply because of Mr.Dutch28's pettiness, the head of DE decided that Redstone Valley was not a comparable nation and broke the alliance, assuming that RSV would not be able to cage a Wither without DE anyways.

Alternative Transport Research Center(ATRaC)

The Creation of ATRaC

ATRaC was created on 05/24/22 in the northwestern corner of Elgeis with the goal of researching better transportation technologies and Wither cage designs. As a single player nation working on multiple projects already, any time that could be gained was of utmost importance. Wasting time getting lost in the NELT since it all looked the same had already wasted too much ocean monument draining time. A couple of days later, the first Blockticle Accelerator in Elgeis was created by Mitomon with the help of his friend Taming Ocelots. Notably, Mr.Dutch28 was the only person to downvote the creation of ATRaC and the search for better technology.

Gartinian Union Callout Moment

On 05/31/22, Camaradultudor of the Gartinian Union announced that MiksaSerbia had actually spied for the GU while he had access to Notos internals and that all allies of Notos, including RSV, should reconsider their alliance with the nation because of their findings or join them in war. The Notosians, however, had known that Miksa was a spy the entire time, and had led MiksaSerbia to believe that they had stolen some artifacts from Ozai. Before this was announced however, there was a brief moment of chaos as the young RSV had to prepare in case of war.

The Slimeblock Period / Economic and Population Boom (6/17/2022 - 6/27/2022)

Near the end of the second month of its existence, Redstone Valley had already partnered with great allies, created a few buildings, and made more farms. Despite that, this linear growth would not be enough to place Red on the global stage. However, series of events led to both Strider112358 and Bluedude104 joining the Valley. This period is named after the slime block as it can propel entities to large heights similarly to how the new members led to almost immediate Redstone Valley global relevance. By the end of this period, with the country existing for less than two months, Redstone Valley was already an economic powerhouse and more industrialized than many of Elgeis' established nations.

Emerald Enterprise Acquisition

One of the players that had helped Mitomon during the Initial Settlement of RSV was Strider. He hand crafted a netherrite chestplate for the young player and mostly spent his time working at the Enclave, his nation. After visiting the EE Gold Farm and thinking of the different amazing projects the duo could work on, Mitomon invited him to join Redstone Valley. On 06/20/2022, Emerald Enclave decided to join Redstone Valley and was renamed to Emerald Enterprise. This gave RSV access to Strider's farms and expertise, leading to a boom in productivity as many basic farms were no longer needed. The EE gold farm also financed many of ATRaC's powered rails for Mitomon and Catpaco's Ntrac project.

Hiring Ad

On 6/17/22, Mitomon posted an advertisement looking to hire a Rockstar Developer to join Redstone Valley. Trimyy was still comatose, Strider had not been invited to Red. yet, and the small nation needed more manpower so an ad seemed like the perfect solution. The best applicant on paper and during the interview was Bluedude104, and so he was invited to join Redstone Valley if he could leave Wohlstand with no conflict. On the 22nd, bluedude announced his departure from Wohlstand and subsequently joined Redstone Valley.

The M.I.S.C. at ATRaC

Near the end of the Slimeblock Period, suspicious reports of new flora and fauna were reported at the ATRaC swamp. To help investigate, the M.I.S.C was invited to research alongside ATRaC to find the root of the mystery. To protect potential speciments, the MAN:grove claim was established, claiming the rest of the northwestern swamp. Research here later led to the discovery of the Frog and it was quickly discovered to have nether-purifying properties.

The Iron Period (6/28/2022 - 7/23/2022)

After the new recruits had settled in, it was time to get to work. Strider set out to modernize the Emerald Enterprises HQ, Mitomon built the Nature Publishing and RedEx buildings, and bluedude worked on villager trading and farming. It was also during this period that Mitomon built the very first shulker farm in the overworld. Politically, nothing much happened other than the claiming of the Anaheim territory, named after the short-lived Alfheim that had taken over the Seichoan Temple ruins. An Introduction to the RSV Measurement System and the first volume of Mitomon's Seichan Studies were also published during this time.

Mitomon levitating into the void after Casey and his brother Casen shot him
Casey, the first ever live shulker to be transported to the overworld, shoots CEO Mitomon

The Anvil Period (7/24/2022 - 9/3/2022)

This was a troublesome period in the nation's history that served to filter out the true friends and allies of Redstone Valley. Only Goomlandia and Creenis stood by Redstone Valley's side as Elgeis' conservative population fought the nation through toxic rhetoric and libel.

KomVechtenDan Joins RSV

On 7/24/2022, KomVechtenDan approached Mitomon with the intention of leaving Dutch Enterprises (then Oostland) and joining Redstone Valley. This was discussed heavily with Mr.Dutch with many combinations of KvD leaving DE to join RSV, or staying in DE but somehow being a part of RSV as well. An alliance merger was proposed by KvD and he would join RSV. However, Mr.Dutch wanted to use this as an opportunity to perform the same type of alliance "merger" that he had accomplished with Krosnox where he gained an immense plot of land and dominion over it. Mitomon did not trust him enough to give him an equal ruling position though (due to the time Dutch broke the alliance the first time) and so declined, citing that event directly. On 7/28/2022, KomVechtenDan officially joined Redstone Valley.

The New Wither Zone and R Combinator

The nation had developed a novel approach to fast, renewable travel. It was discovered that a wither blockticle(wither head projectile) could be controlled with a long channel of bubble elevators and aimed at a tower that the passenger would throw an ender pearl into. The pearl would be hit with the explosive power of the wither blockticle and be launched much farther than a thrown ender pearl could. This new idea however, required a long strip of barren land, and so on August 3rd, 2022, Mitomon announced the now infamous (and defunct) New Wither Zone to build the upgraded version of the Blockticle Accelerator he had designed, to be located inside the land Pawnch had unclaimed in the eastern desert.

Howdy loyal Redstone Valley customers, current, and future allies! We @Redstone Valley have a few announcements to make today. Some of you may have logged on to Elgeis recently and wondered to yourself, " Where is my favorite CEO Mitomon?", as I have not been online even to AFK like usual. Do not worry, for I am perfectly fine and have simply been creating and improving upon some new products for you to enjoy! Unfortunately, those will be announced at a later date, but let's just say, if you like Chess by @Insidious_Apple , you are really gonna love this ;] (no, it is not Chess 2). Now, onto the real announcements: as the less attentive of you may have already noticed, we are claiming the Championis desert and naming it the New Wither Zone. After listening to some customer feedback, we realized many people, especially those of the Grove Faith, were uncomfortable with us conducting wither testing under the GANG TOB above ATRaC. We always encourage consumer feedback as we strive to maintain a healthy work and play environment for those of all races, nationalities, and faiths. For that reason, we will be conducting all future Blockticle Accelerator-related research in the NWZ. Now everyone can happily engage in parkour and other TOB-related activities above ATRaC. Please note, regular ATRaC research will continue there, and our international researchers are free to conduct Blockticle research in their plots if they need to. Why this region specifically? Well, if placed in the center, we are able to avoid major civilization centers, historical sites, and also reduce containment breach damage in case of the rare, unlikely scenario where the worst happens. We will also be close enough to our Eastern allies @Oostland and @Creenis for them to provide containment support, if necessary. There also won't be a TOB above it. Now, what are the A and B tracts? Redstone Valley is also excited to announce the creation of the R Combinator startup nation accelerator! Making and running a nation is hard, especially for those new to Elgeis, but creating a corporate nation is even harder. There are relatively few corporate nations in the history of Elgeis, and the R Combinator will attempt to help potential founders dreaming of leading one by backing them with our industrial and scientific might. We will work intensively with new corporate nations for the duration of their training, to get them into the best possible shape and refine their policies, products, and consumer base. We will also instill in them the value behind historical buildings. Any founder deciding to settle a tract with historical sites will have to protect the sites or be terminated from the program. Each tract will be gifted to qualified applicants accepted into the program after successful completion of it. But RC doesn’t end upon program completion. We and the RC alumni network will continue to help founders for the life of their company, and beyond. The tract sizes may change depending on a specific startup's needs as we see fit, these are only suggestions. That's all for now, and I hope you have a Redtastic ™️ Day!

New Wither Zone and A/B Tracts

Along with the Blockticle Accelerator 2.0, the claim also included the A and B tracts to be used for the R Combinator- a program designed specifically to help new nations. This event was closely followed by the unrelated dissolution of the ally state Notos on the third and the breaking of the alliance by Montrose on the fourth. This then led to Mr.Dutch's discontentment with Mitomon to rise in a libelous post on the sixth. The announcement was later walked back in an apology post on 8/22/2022 with Redstone Valley confident in the support of their remaining allies.

The Dutch Papers

Following Mr.Dutch's defamation attempt, Mitomon posted the entire situation summary in a few documents named The Dutch Papers. They are available for viewing here: The Dutch Papers.

Rosafina and Ozai

On 8/18/2022 Mitomon approached Camaradultudor with a business proposal. Redstone Valley would create a brand of bottled water to sell to Elgeisers and name it Ozaika in order to improve Ozai's terrible reputation. The drink would be sold as the perfect man's drink with many of Ozai's past actions rebranded into positive traits, such as the courage to challenge Montrose, the individuality of their nation, and their perseverence in claiming their rightful lands. In exchange, Ozai would sell their unused witch hut in north Spoingus to Redstone Valley as they had been looking for one in order to produce redstone domestically. Anticipating closure of the deal, Mitomon quickly built a bottling facility in the desert near North Spoingus. However, the deal fell through after Ozans leaked DMs to try to defame Redstone Valley and with the facility already built, Redstone Valley simply renamed the product to Rosafina and to this day sells water bottles under this brand. The Ozans however continued to issue threats against the nation and individual Redstone Valley employees until the plant was dismantled on 9/7/2022 after the threat of war and a wave of terrorist attacks all over Redstone Valley holdings, notably only the ones the Ozans were opposed to.

The Sculk Period (9/4/2022 - 12/7/2022)

The sculk period was marked by the rapid expansion of the world border, the addition of large cave systems under what was previously bedrock, and the sudden appearance of wardens, sculk, and ancient cities. It led to more political turmoil and ultimately growth for Redstone Valley.

The 1.19 Event

On 9/3/2022, many Elgeisers experienced what can only be described as a collective dream in a distorted Elgeis. The spawn island had turned into a jungle, entire nations were gone, and players quickly resorted to killing each other for entertainment. Redstone Valley was still intact, but Goomtown was cut in half as was Fianna.

Deep Dark Mountains

On 9/4/2022, the world expanded and those seeking to discover new lands ventured forth. Mitomon chose to focus on what is now the Redstone Sea area, specifically the mountains and cave systems west of Emerald Enterprise. He found a strange and eerie biome no one had ever seen before, the Deep Dark. It was filled with sculk blocks and was the location of the very first sighting and screenshotting of a Warden by none other than Mitomon himself. Since it was so rare and the Ozai and Wohlstanders had expressed their interest in raiding and griefing Redstone Valley outposts, all cards were on the table for the protection of this rare yet unexplored biome. That very day, RSV claimed the enormous area where the biome was suspected to be along with another large parcel in the northeast of elgeis as a red herring. Though unorthodox and unprecedented, the red herring strategy was justified due to the non-functional nature of player-placed shriekers. This plan was effective in protecting the area as looters like Coblue quickly descended on the designated area to steal the disc fragments and swift sneak enchantments. Redstone Valley's enemies took advantage of this political overclaiming and issued an ultimatum threatening RSV with war if all possessions outside of the Valley itself were not forfeited, citing the alleged lack of use of the land and "imperialism". Notably, one of the supporters of this threat was Wohlstand, the largest nation in Elgeis by landmass, yet one of the smallest by active population.

Red Herring Claim
The initial Deep Dark Mountains claim

After Mitomon had finished scouting the caverns on the 5th, the claim was updated to include only the deep dark cave system and a small adjustment of the ATRaC and EE borders so they fit their biomes better. An ancient city had not been found in the location, but the biome itself was deemed rare enough to warrant protection.

Terrorist attack locations, interestingly only those which Ozai hated
Updated DDM Claim

On the 6th, bluedude discovered there had been a terrorist attack in San Jose. Upon further inspection by Mitomon, many similar attacks were found in the RSV locations Ozai had demanded be given up. Even the MISC at ATRaC was attacked, with the culprit still at large. The situation was settled after Askar agreed to protect the Seichoan Shrine if that and the Rosafina plant were unclaimed by Redstone Valley. Ozai accused RSV of creating a false flag attack and used that as justification to not declare war.

The Restoration of Mangrove Park

Mangrove Park promotional poster

The island Mangrove Park sits on today had been used for explosives testing by Goatwhisperer and the ToeGANG before Redstone Valley's inception, and as such was at least 6 meters below sea level. After 2 cases of sand and the importing of the new Mangrove tree and frogs, it was turned into the paradise it is today.

The Bamboo Period (12/8/2022 - 2/8/2023)

This time period began with an announcement from CEO Mitomon teasing two new projects in San Francisco alongside an expansion of that claim (then referred to as "southeastern territory"), declaring the ocean monument to be completely drained and detailing the next steps, The purchasing of a tiny amount of land from Schevakia at their request, and the teasing of a new project at the Deep Dark Mountain claim. External factors such as the Schevakian Civil War and the Great Floppa War influenced policy decisions in the nation but it was ultimately uninvolved.

POLR Ice Company and catcherzw Terrorist Attack

Hoping to leave the chaos of politics behind to focus on work, Mitomon set off to build an ice farm as the world desperately needed the resource following the warming of the mountaintops after the world expansion. The build began on December 16 and Mitomon did not sleep until its completion on the 18th when it was subsequently announced and the land it was on claimed. While working on this project, the Schevakian Civil War was ongoing with players from both sides logging on at various points throughout the build. During one of these encounters, catcherzw, Supermar360 , and Mitomon made various jokes about the state of global affairs. As Schevakian catcherzw had made a faction during that instance, Supermar and Mitomon engaged in a mock auction to see who would purchase catcherzw's new faction. Soon after he left, The Brunt logged on and asked for help finding catcherzw. As the would-be terrorist himself had made it fairly obvious, Mitomon informed the King of the rebel's new faction. That was all it took for catcherzw to accuse Mitomon of manipulating him into creating a faction so that the king could find him easily, attempt to paint him in a bad light by lying about the mock auction in order to make it sound serious, and finally detonate a TNT on one of the roads in San Jose. The POLR Ice farm was completed shortly after catcherzw's announcement making the announcement seem like an odd response to the terrorist attack. That same day it was discovered that HUM had provided catcherzw with explosives with GoatWhisperer himself giving him TNT instead of the sand he had asked for. HUM admitted that the plan was for catcherzw to use the TNT on Schevakia, not Redstone Valley, but downplayed the terrorist attacks effect and damage. This ultimately led to Kaab breaking the alliance with HUM.

Hybrasil Hijinks

On the 16th of January, camaradultudor announced the capture of ThePoptartTARDIS and the end of all hostilities with his country Lososha. As the Ozan leader had previously made it a point that once Poptart was captured all of the ex-Notan land would be released, Mitomon interpreted the announcement as the release of Ozan claims on Hybrasil. As he had been friends with Katawicz due to Notos' and Redstone Valley's alliance, the CEO announced the claiming of Hybrasil for Red. This ended up in a back and forth between the two leaders as camara claimed the land had not been unclaimed after all while Mito brought up the Ozan's previous promises. In the end, the land was unclaimed again with the promise that Redstone Valley would help Katz liberate his land if he ever returned.

New Ocean Monument Claim Ratified

After much back and forth between the WSC and Mitomon since the 8th of December, the new ocean monument claim was ratified on the 22nd of January. Originally, a tropical resort village to accompany the ocean monument was going to be built in the island by the monument, but it was cancelled after the WSC denied the request.

Aradialma Is Formed

On the 23rd of January, Pyxit announced the creation of Aradialma in the Redstone Sea. It was preceded by private talks between him and Mitomon as both parties wanted to be amiable neighbors. Initially, Pyxit's claim did not include the mountains directly south of the Red Peninsula, but after CarrieCCatharsis mentioned in a public chat that she was considering living in those mountains, he decided to add those to the claim and invite her to join his nation. She refused and instead asked to join Redstone Valley. As part of Aradialma's formation however, Redstone Valley requested and was granted ownership over some previously claimed areas in the Redstone Sea. These were not displayed politically to prevent border gore but were kept in the private records of both countries.

Bamboo Farm Construction Begins

The construction of the bamboo farm can be traced back as soon as 9/18/2022 with Mitomon asking hotcocolate(aka Cocos2D,Cocos,m4elstromm) if it was possible for a small amount of land to be bought from Windiya, then in HUM. As the conversation had seemed positive at the time, farm planning and land preparation efforts began that day. However, work only began in earnest after completing the ice farm on the 18th of December. Coincidentally, Kyoal joined Redstone Valley on the 19th with the bamboo farm mountain excavation project being the very first project she worked on as an RSV Employee. On 1/31, Mitomon contacted Hotcocolate over the land again, this time more urgently, as the 200x100 farm had become setback by the lack of an agreement. This resulted in hotcocolate mocking Mitomon in public even more than previously, Mitomon asking Cocos politely to stop in the HUM embassy, and Cocos taking this as a personal challenge. Though HUM officials told him to settle down without punishing him as Mitomon had asked him to not be punished, Cocos continued to disobey and later on left HUM and signed the requested land to Redstone Valley. This project continued to be worked on in the background of the Bamboo Period and up to the present day.

The Gravel Period (2/9/2023 - 3/10/2023)

Believing the political turmoil from the Bamboo Period was over and assuming a more calm future, the nation set its sights to the future and began planning and executing many long-term projects.

New Old Nations, New New Nations, and Alliances

With a wish to distance itself from its roots, the Second Dynasty renamed itself to Istamor in the previous time period.The emperor of Istamor Morizuza then decided to unally Ozai and simultaneously formed an alliance with Redstone Valley with the only clause being that Istamor did not have to defend RSV if it was against Ozai. The previously extinct nation of Nyania, a nation whose members RSV Employee Krabulon/CarrieCCatharsis was fond of, also revived during this time period. Diplomatic talks were initiated at her insistance and the nations also formed an alliance. Many new players joined Elgeis during this period and were all given new nation starter kits, with the most notorious being LettuceHeads, a player who later on was one of the main antagonists during the First Naadic War and was subsequently killed (banned).

San Francisco, Project GIANO, and Van Ausland Aquisition

On 3/3/2023, CEO Mitomon announced the completion of the purchase of most of Oberos' eastern territory. While the transaction began on 7/03/2022 and the land paid for that same month, 13Lights's inactivity, external political turmoil, and differing schedules prevented the land from officially being ceded until eight months later. The area was temporarily named GIANO until construction began in the area.

As the player Moth Aus and his nation the Republic of Van Ausland had been inactive, he was offered a job at Red. to protect his land while he was away. He agreed and Van Aus was incorporated into Redstone Valley as AusCorp.

Lastly, the construction of the Copper Gate Bridge began as a joint project between Mitomon and Coolnut10 the Sentinel of East Taiga under HUM. It sparked controversy initially as the prototyping of the gate designs was done using honey blocks, but those were to be replaced once the proper materials had been gathered. This was accompanied by the naming of the territory formerly known as "the EE Gold farm" or the "southeastern territory" to San Francisco along with a territorial expansion for the area along with work continuing on the bamboo farm.

LettuceHeads going from cordial to threatening military action in a matter of minutes after Mitomon does not sell him land
Paarm's Annexation of the entire GIANO Purchase

The Sand Period (3/11/2023 - 5/3/2023)

First Naadic War (3/11/2023 - 3/15/2023)

The First Naadic War began on March 11th after LettuceHeads DM'd Mitomon to ask about buying the entire GIANO purchase for Naador. Mitomon declined, after which Lettuce suggested they buy it back and give it to Oberos as that nation planned to allow them to use their land as they pleased. Mitomon again declined as many future projects were planned for the area. The CEO then clarified that he had no issues with the new nation of Naador, and that he would even be very open to working on border projects together with them. The two left it at that until 15 minutes later Lettuce threatened "action" if the land was not sold to them (or unclaimed by RSV so that Naador could build on it) with the "offer" again declined by Mitomon. This escalated into Paarm, the leader of the nation, annexing the entire GIANO purchase in world news. This led to an announcement by the Red. CEO to defend the nation's sovereignty and immediate support from the Shaxian Empire. That same day HUM offered to work as a mediator between the two nations which RSV accepted as a way to show willingness to prevent the onset of war despite HUM being biased against them. The talks were unfruitful as the Naadori refused to accept their problematic conduct and believed Redstone Valley to be at fault simply for buying the land from Oberos before them. Again, despite these issues, RSV accepted a ceasefire as proposed by the mediator until the next day.

A day later, Camaradultudor announced Ozai's support of Naador's conquest and promised that any of Redstone Valley's allies' participation in the war would lead to Ozai joining the war against them. Camara claimed that Paarm had asked for this support, but Cam later suggested that he had messaged him first. OOC, he clarified it to be an accident and that he hadn't messaged him first after all. In the background, Lettuce and Paarm had been speaking to all of the nations of Elgeis in an attempt to build rapport and hopefully gain more military support.

After being informed of this and the fact that the mediation still had not given any results, Red. prepared for war. Lettuce then announced that Paarm had attempted to imprison him to avoid the war and pin it all on him and Nolan despite his previous approval of it. This led to the Naadic revolution and the formation of three separate states: New Championis, Shremmelton, and Naador, with the first and last being controlled by LettuceHeads after Paarm was exiled and the second by NolanGamerKingYT. It was during this chaos that Redstone Valley sent troops into New Championis and Shremmelton to build fortifications and force the rulers to take back their annexation of GIANO and end the war. While RSV occupied the entirety of all three nations, Paarm was in hiding in HUM, Lettuce was banned, and Nolan was assassinated as he did not respond to any attempt at negotiating the end of the war. After he was assassinated, Nolan claimed he did not even know a war was going on and that he only wanted to just build and be an isolationist. It was later discovered through AliveSnowTMH that Nolan had in fact known about the war and planned to "hunt RSV" at Emerald Enterprise with Snow, someone he invited exclusively to join his nation to fight Red. in the war. Since Paarm was the default ruler of the countries of New Championis and Naador, negotiations for that area were done with him, while separate negotiations were conducted with Nolan as Paarm insisted he had nothing to do with the nation of Shremmelton. The conflict ended with the Treaties of San Francisco, one destroyed the previous nations of New Championis and Naador, forming the new nation of Naador, and the gifting of the RSV-occupied land to Paarm. The other destroyed the old nation of Shremmelton with a new Shremmelton taking its place and the gifting of that RSV-occupied territory to NolanGamerKingYT. No reparations were asked from the new rulers with the only requirements of both treaties being the permanent end of hostilities from both nations and the promise to not create any laws marginalizing any group in the new nations by their rulers. In exchange, RSV would give them all of the land their old nations used to control and form economic and defensive alliances with them to help rebuild their nations with protection while they did so.

Second Naadic War/Shrimpleton War (3/19/2023 - 3/22/2023)

Four days after the previous war, Nolan decided to voice chat with Wohlstand about some land he wanted that they refused to sell him. He wanted it badly enough that he declared war on "Wholstand" and accused a Wohl of calling him "gay". He then faction claimed the area and was advised through DMs by Mitomon to stand down as RSV would not defend him due to their alliance being only defensive in nature. Nolan said that it would be fine. Nyania then announced their support for their ally Wohlstand and both nations launched an assault on the nation now referred to by the defenders as "Shrimpleton". Thirty minutes later Nolan DM'd Mitomon asking him to "call in RSV" to help Shremmelton. Mitomon declined as Nolan had created this mess himself but announced he would be open to being a mediator between both parties. Mitomon once again advised Nolan to reconsider the war and Nolan doubled down by saying, "I will not back down."

After another Wohl/Nyanian allied raid, both Shrems (Nolan and AliveSnow) were killed. Snow then denounced Nolan's actions in order to join Redstone Valley. This was permitted as he claimed to only want to build things to make the server a better place and said he was a very experienced redstoner.

The next day, Nolan announced he had killed Nyanians Mejackmac and Dragontek21 and that he had griefed both Wohlstand and Nyania in retaliation for them blowing open his bunker.

Up to this point, the Treaty Nolan had signed from the First Naadic War was technically unbroken as he had not attacked Redstone Valley. However, soon after it was discovered that Nolan had send AliveSnowTMH as a spy to Redstone Valley to gather intelligence through the ally chats which he used to escape Nyania and Wohlstand, TNT which he used to grief them, and to siphon other war materials like tridents, potions, and golden apples. Since Nolan had actively sought to destabilize the nation, he was found in violation of the Treaty of San Francisco and war preparations began in RSV once more.

This all culminated the next day as Wohls, Nyanians, Shaxians, and Mitomon guarded Nolan's new bunker location in Naador for more than 24 hours as they had found his exact logout location. The spy and traitor AliveSnow had been imprisoned in a nearby crying obsidian fort made by Mitomon during the previous war after he had tried to break into Nolan's fort to free him and help him fight. He claimed a creeper had made the explosion as he didn't know creeper explosions are turned off in the server. Snow had repeatedly ignored many requests to leave the area and had not even built anything in RSV, so his motivations at this point were very clear. A video was later released to explain the situation and all of Snow and Nolan's crimes. Mitomon himself was on-site for the last twelve hours of the stakeout and combat tagged Nolan with an arrow the instant he joined the server. He along with Dragontek fought and popped Nolan's totems(that AliveSnowTMH had given him from RSV's stock) until he ran away into a tunnel underground. Mitomon and dragon then blasted the tunnel open with TNT with Nolan fleeing to the surface. Mitomon left and was replaced by bluedude who made the killing blow on Nolan after he had towered up with cobblestone.

The war ended with Shremmelton being disbanded as they had broken the treaty with the land going back to Redstone Valley. Given the alarming levels of conflict in the area during such a short period of time, Mitomon thought it best to simply wait and not do anything with the land so that tension in the area could cool down. Despite multiple clarifications that the land was only being occupied and would not be annexed by Redstone Valley, multiple parties still claimed this action to be a land grab by RSV and involved themselves politically despite not knowing anything about the region or its treaties. Less than twelve hours later, Paarm decided to call out Mitomon in world news for not giving Naador the land that used to belong to Shremmelton. Two days later he did it again and purposefully increased political hostilities in an attempt to force RSV to give him the land, eliminating him as a candidate to receive the land.

Kovska Gift

On 4/7/2023, the land of Shremmelton now referred to by its historical name of Kovska was gifted to Nyania since the nation had owned it in the past and it was extremely small despite being quite populous by Elgeian standards. The Nyanians had had a close relationship with the Kovskans back when they existed and as such sought to preserve the historical areas and use the cleared land for their people to expand into. The conditions of this gift included that the land would only be Nyanian and could not be sold or form part of another country if Nyania decided to join another nation. This was met with mixed reactions by the general public with many arguments formed from the specific wording of the gift announcement.

AliveSnow Conviction

4/16/2023 is the date the blockbuster The Snow Who Cried Creeper was released as evidence alongside the conviction of AliveSnowTMH for his work aiding the now banned terrorist Nolan and his treason of Redstone Valley. His sentence was announced to be one year, but eventually 3 months were offered as long as he was willingly imprisoned and promised to be good in the future. He did not respond and there is still a kill on sight order for him.

Naador Economic Treaty Terminated

The grand opening of the Home Creepot

At Naador's request, the defensive and economic alliance was eliminated since Paarm claimed to want to focus on just building and would practice isolationism. This was permitted as Redstone Valley had included those to aid the young nation but understood the desire to disconnect from the world and saw no harm in it.

Home Creepot

To celebrate Redstone Valley's first anniversary, the Home Creepot was announced, the largest ever collection of automatic vending machines in Elgeis. It sells armor, tridents, tools, building materials like sand, gravel, and glass, along with other items like amethyst crystals and clocks.

The White Dye Period (5/4/2023 - 12/31/2023)

Van Ausland Independence

After the first sighting of Moth_Aus in months, he posted a cryptic message stating,"


*I have returned from a deep hole in the ground and as the keep has not been raided and my stuff hasn’t been loaded, Van Ausland May become a political entity again.*

*i’ll have a think about it*" and then asked Mitomon about independence. The CEO allowed Moth to secede unconditionally and so the Republic of Van Ausland was recreated. Soon after, Redstone Valley also allied the nation to aid their economic development and protect them from external threats.

Third Naadic War

After regaining Ozan support, Paarm declared war on Nyania in order to take the Kovska from the nation. The ruler's justification was that despite legally owning the territory as was granted by its previous owner NolangamerkingYT, Nyania did not have enough of a historical or cultural claim to the area. This resulted in Redstone Valley joining the Third Naadic War to assist their ally Nyania.


In the aftermath of the war, RSV buckled up and set to recover and focus on building. Roads and small farms were built, personal projects were started, and larger farms were improved. Most of this work was notable in Sacramento and San Francisco.

Moth_Aus Terrorist Attack

Despite being allied to RSV, Moth_Aus decided to bomb the Emerald Enterprise city streets on 8/5/2023. In reality, Moth had been working with Paarm throughout the previous war, accepted material gifts from him, and even damaged the POLR Ice Farm with TNT. He announced his attack through the in-game chat cryptically at first, then publicly immediately after being confronted by Mitomon. He went into hiding the rest of that day until Mitomon occupied the entirety of Van Ausland. He proceeded to run to the San Jose RedEx to attempt to bomb and loot it, but was killed by one hit from Mitomon's bow as he was only wearing iron armor. Moth was later banned as he claimed he didn't "care about the server" anymore and just was "just bored." In the aftermath, some of VA's old land was claimed by RSV, some was left for new players, and a territory disputed by neighboring Aradialma was also released for new players. Aradialma also used this as an opportunity to offload extra territory including a portion of the Redstone Sea and both Yellow and Green Island.

Red Creeper Returns

On 9/4/2023, AliveSnowTMH returned from inactivity and claimed he would show RSV no mercy if they tried to imprison him. This led to a response from Mitomon reinforcing the nation's commitment to seeing justice served and then another bout of inactivity from Snow.

Fourth Naadic War

On 10/19/2023, RSV officially joined the Fourth Naadic War to help its Goomlandian allies retrieve the items stolen from them by Paarm. This led to advancement in Redtheon military technology, large investments in armament fabrication, more combat experience for RSV employees, and increased research in alternative weaponry for the nation.

DeathPercent Wither Bombings

On 12/08/2023, Mitomon announced that the Sacramento RedEx and Home Creepot had been bombed. Signs of a wither explosion near RedEx, TNT explosions on a Home Creepot wall, and wither skull pockmarks on the pavement of Squink Square were some of the notable features recovered by forensics, A loose wither in Shaxia confirmed these suspicions. With assistance from FlyingGMM and a prototype of a novel security technology researched during the Fourth Naadic War, the suspects list had been narrowed down to single person within a day of the bombing. A confession was extracted from Deathpercent, then known as kliener, in exchange for a more merciful punishment soon after the announcement. The criminal accepted the charges of two counts of attempted grand larceny, one count of petit larceny, and one count of vandalism. Instead of incarceration, DeathPercent agreed to collect twelve cases of obsidian within two months to make amends.


The Redstone Valley mainland is located in the flower forest known as Toe Forest. It can be considered a valley due to the mountains on its southwest border with Schevakia and the northeastern mountains of Montrosian Fianna.The southern Ocean Monument territory is a deep ocean biome with a small almost invisible river along the world border. Since the river is right beside a small island, the chain has been named Innovation Archipelago. ATRaC is located on a swamp biome with a river and deep ocean biome running through it.


Biodiversity and Conservation

Government and Politics

Redstone Valley was founded on 5/03/2022 and has been led by Mitomon since then. It is an autocratic technocracy made up of five main claims in locations across the Elgeis overworld. It is the world's only technocratic government, and has been since its founding, with its meritocratic ideals balanced by the Redstone Valley Code of Conduct.

Written by Mitomon, the Redstone Valley Code of Conduct serves as the country's supreme legal document, guiding all corporate and international affairs.

The corporate government comprises eight main areas, Engineering, Infrastructure, Scientific Research, Diplomacy, Defense, Economics, and Record-Keeping. These branches of government are all managed entirely by the CEO by default, though important decisions are often consulted on with other C-level members. These members are also known as faction mods. Below them are regular faction members who may still provide their input in major decisions, though they usually do not because of their own inactivity.

These areas are run by an assortment of companies made up of and led by members of Redstone Valley. While some focus solely on one area of government, others often share responsibilities between them, or in cases where a suitable company does not yet exist, with a player directly.

The current list of companies and their positions can be found here.

Foreign Relations

Allied with Dutch Enterprises on May 6,2022

Allied with Creenis on May 7, 2022

Allied with Notos on May 11, 2022

Allied with Montrose on May 11, 2022

Allied with Goomlandia on May 17, 2022

Dutch Enterprises breaks alliance pact due to Redstone Valley alliance with Goomlandia

Acquired Emerald Enclave on 6/20/2022

Notos dissolved on 8/3/2022

Montrose breaks alliance on 8/4/2022

Allied with FauxFord 10/4/2022

Allied with Shaxian Empire 1/26/2023

Allied with Istamor 2/16/2023

Allied with Nyania 2/21/2023

Allied with Van_Ausland 5/19/2023

Van Ausland breaks alliance by blowing up EE infrastructure 8/05/2023

All alliances are/were joint military defense and economic in nature.


The CEO is the commander of the Redstone Valley Armed Forces, appointing leaders of general-purpose squads to take control of terrestrial, aerial, nautical, subterranean, or extradimensional points of interest. Though admittedly lackluster in the beginning, the RSVAF has unwittingly improved over time with a reluctantly constant involvement in wars. It has been involved in four defensive wars, all Naadic in origin, with varying outcomes. The engineering philosophy of seeing all problems as technical has led to some interesting results when applied to warfare. It resulted in the first large-scale crying obsidian military base built during a war, the first weaponization of wardens, and the birth of modular quadratic TNT cannons. All of these breakthroughs were seen under Redtheon, the company in charge of all military engineering in the nation.

Environmental Policy

Nature is meant to be molded by the crafter. If it weren't, why would it be so easily modifiable and replaceable? Some crafters have resurrected islands and created entire mountains. The divinity of nature that others worship is not recognized in Redstone Valley. Research is underway to prove this. However, the aesthetics of modern Red. builds are not at all in agreement with those seeking to soil the land due to laziness. While crafters may modify the world as they please, that power comes with the responsibility to ensure that whatever is built looks better than what the natural world could ever hope to create.

Political Policy

Redstone Valley takes a holistic utilitarian approach to all political involvement, balanced by the "Don't Be Evil" belief outlined in the Code of Conduct. In the beginning, this led to some expressing the notion that Redstone Valley could be "the glue that holds the world together." As time progressed and the nation grew however, many began to see it as a threat with nations such as Ozai and Askar threatening it with military action. Redstone Valley currently aims for favorable relations with all nations of Elgeis and builds McMito's restaurants as a way to create useful embassies within friendly nations.


Science and Technology

On 5/25/2022, the ATRaC tract including the Tower of Babel was annexed by Redstone Valley to further transportation research. This was done after consulting Captin_Roman to ensure no immediate plans had been made for the building.

Map showing the annexation of the Tower of Babel and surrounding areas (top left)

A single day after its creation, ATRaC managed to cage a wither boss successfully and simultaneously divert its explosive projectiles, thus creating the world's first Blockticle Accelerator. This went on to generate both wither roses and obsidian for Redstone Valley.


One of the Redstone Valley companies, McMito's, has established locations around the world, with locations at Creenis, Nordomontoj, Sacramento, and the Shaxian Empire, along with plots secured for future locations in , Wohlstand, and Montrose. The McMito's currently serve as McChicken dispensers and plan to add drink offerings like the McFlurry and Dr. Kelp for loyal Redstone Valley customers.


There are currently 8 members in the nation, with varying levels of activity. They are free to live anywhere in Elgeis, with some even obtaining citizenships in other nations.

Mitomon founds Redstone Valley on May 3, 2022

Trimyy joins Redstone Valley on May 10, 2022

Strider112358 joins Redstone Valley after the Emerald Enclave acquisition on June 20, 2022

Bluedude104 joins Redstone Valley on June 22, 2022

KomVechtenDan joins Redstone Valley on July 28, 2022

Kyoal joins Redstone Valley on December 19, 2022

Arsonbb joins Redstone Valley on January 23, 2023

CarrieCCatharsis joins Redstone Valley on January 24, 2023

Moth_Aus joins Redstone Valley after the Van Ausland acquisition on March 3, 2023

AliveSnowTMH joins Redstone Valley on March 19, 2023

AliveSnowTMH is kicked from Redstone Valley as he is discovered to be a spy on March 22, 2023

Moth_Aus leaves Redstone Valley to run an independent Van Ausland on May 16, 2023

KomVechtenDan leaves Elgeis on May 19 2023

CarrieCCatharsis leaves Elgeis on July 14, 2023

Domi6712 joins Redstone Valley on November 11, 2023

Fydux joins Redstone Valley on February 22, 2024

Culture and Society


Currently, there have been three books published by Redstone Valley, An Amiable Ally, An Introduction to Blockticle Physics, and An Introduction to the RSV Measurement System. The first is a 69 page science fiction and fantasy story told mainly from the main character's point of view. In it, the protagonist tires of his old traditional way of life after discovering the marvels of technology through a chance encounter with a rather dashing stranger. The tale describes the struggle of advancing efficiency while attempting to stick to one's traditional beliefs.

An Introduction to Blockticle Physics was created after research at ATRaC resulted in the direct observation of blocks, blockticles, and particles. The book describes the various properties of each type of substance (all colloquially known as blockticles) and gives a brief introduction to science itself.

An Introduction to the RSV Measurement System describes units of measurement common in Redstone Valley and adopted by the majority of Clgeis such as a case, a pound, a meter, and more.

Code of Conduct

The Redstone Valley Code of Conduct also referred to as the CoC (see oh see) are the guidelines by which all Redstone Valley employees interact with themselves and with the general public. Notable segments include mandatory protection for dogs in Red(and the exclusion of cats) and the anti-intoxication clause prohibiting the use of alcohol or illicit substances during work hours. The CoC has unfortunately been seen as an attempt at Creenis humor by some members of the public. To remedy this, the creation of a Code of Conduct Knowledgebook is underway to dispel this confusion. The Code itself can be found here:


Apple Campus

Apple Campus was the first big build by Mitomon. It was unfortunately subject to delays because of concrete unavailability due to the non-renewable nature of sand. Construction began on May 5, 2022 and has not yet been completed.

Redstone Tower

Redstone Tower Under Construction

As the concrete scarcity bogged down construction of Apple Campus, Redstone Valley architects set out to find a concrete-free way to build structures with both utility and the Redstone Valley aesthetic. On May 12th, 2022, construction began on the project. Redstone Tower has become a signature example of overcoming challenges to attain Redstone Valley's shining future.

Toe Gang Museum

Toe Gang Museum

Ongstoes' house was converted into the Toe Gang Museum as a way to preserve the impact of ToeGANG on Elgeis. Many relics, entities, and artifacts can be seen here by the general public. Among the artifacts present are signs proving Prince Excalibur's existence, ongstoes' head, the doors FlyingGMM used to trap them with, and various cats named after players like Gabe and ArcherAce3m.

Nature Publishing Building

The previously unnamed moss building was named Nature Publishing after more Redstone Valley books were written and currently serves as both the agricultural center for RSV as well as the closest NELT entrance to downtown Red. It is one of the more futuristic building designs present in Redstone Valley.


Ocean Monument

The Ocean Monument east of Hybrasil and west of Obios was granted to Redstone Valley by the West Sea Confederation after the WSC moment described above to convert it into a museum and park. Construction is still underway.

The draining of the monument itself was completed on the 8th of December, 2022 and was subsequently announced by the CEO

Mitomon formally announces the draining of the ocean monument