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The Alternative Transport Research Center (ATRaC) is a research organization towards new travel and infrastructure methods in the world. It has created the Blocktickle accelerator and is currently developing project NTRaC.


ATRaC was announced to the world on May 24, 2022 by Mitomon. In his announcement he stated that, "After toiling in the ocean monument for days, I've come to realize much time is lost just to travel. Getting somewhere in Elgeis, even through the NELT for those who use it, is time-consuming and unenjoyable." which has become the mission statement for ATRaC. ATRaC is located around the Northeastern Tower of Brazil at approximately -3000, -3000.

Blocktickle Accelerator

The first project undertaken by ATRaC was in the harnessing of the destructive power of a Wither for use in ender pearl travel by creating a Blocktickle Accelerator. This goal was achieved on May 26, 2022. In the announcement of the capture and stabilization Mitomon said the purpose and plan of the capture of such a volatile creature by saying, "One of the few finite resources in Elgeis is Sand. We all have seen the pitiful states of some deserts and rivers due partly to tnt creation. With the Accelerator, we hope to harness the explosive power of wither skull collisions to create a renewable alternative to tnt for enderpearl boosting or other currently unforeseen technologies."

Project NTRaC

Project NTRaC is a collaborative project between Mitomon and catpaco. Currently no information about NTRaC has been published, or is available to the public.