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border map of Creenis
The political borders of Creenis

Creenis is an Eastern country created and ran by PeenorCreenis. Creenis was created in the final hours of 5/5/2022. On 5/17/2022, Creenis expanded its political borders to more fully encapsulate the surrounding dark oak forests. This was done in the interest of designating the forests as a preserved part of the natural world generation. Though the border encompasses the forests, they are not valid for development, and only the pre-existing developments (such as Krabbatoah and Cheeseton) and natural and unnatural clearings are fit for development by the government and citizens of Creenis.

A woollen sphere of black, pink, magenta, and light blue wool.
Krabbatoan Sphere

On 5/28/2022, PeenorCreenis removed the stone-and-wood box surrounding the mysterious multicolored woollen sphere left by the abandoned Krabbatoan society, and declared the harm of this structure a crime against Creenis.

Creenis is allied with Montrose and Redstone Valley, and is currently neutral in affairs with other countries. Due to a warning from haddock7 about trespassing on Ozan land, citizens of Creenis are asked to avoid any Ozai territory to maintain neutral relations. On 8/8/2022, after claiming land for the prospective Creenis Resort, ThePoptartTARDIS declared Creenis banned from Blackreach, and the Government of Creenis encouraged citizens of Creenis to avoid that territory immediately after.

On 3/22/2023, the Castle Creenis Cornerstone Hall was completed, making it the first landmark of Castle Creenis. One day later, perhaps drawn to the structure, Creenis was raided by pillagers. The pillager menace was swiftly dealt with, making this the first (and to date only) military victory for Creenis.

Cornerstone Hall peeking over McMito's on a rainy night
Cornerstone Hall peeking over McMito's on a rainy night