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Dutch Entperises could be seen as the successor of the former disbanded VOC back in 2019 that was created by Dennypower, After MrDutch28 returned to Elgeis, he started to found a new nation called the Dutch Enterprises that focuses on trading and investing in other nations for the more significant benefit and balance showing interest in smaller nations and not only trade with big economic powers like Montrose for example, Dutch Enterprises lays in the far East of Elgeis where it has it's settlement. Dutch Enterprises controls the old land of Squishmellow and part of LoFren.


Dutch Enterprises was founded on April 5 2022 after the return of MrDutch28 to Elgeis. After a merge on May 28 2022 with Krosnox it became Oostland.

Proprietor's Period

During the Proprietor period as Dutch Enterprises, MrDutch28 has shown the Political world that Dutch Enterprises is growing, And that it should not be underastimated by anybody. It has shown it's pon and cons in the diplomatic world but overall people still have respect for Dutch Enterprises and a good relationship sadly with RSV(Redstone Valley) the alliance only lasted for 2 weeks but MrDutch28 quickly saw the replacement of it by allying HUM. MrDutch28 had been holding a wildcard behind his back as he was discussing for several weeks with the leader of Krosnox about a merge and on May 28th 2022. It finally has come a new era for both Krosnox and Dutch Enterprises, the Stadtholder period with Oostland forming up.

Members of Dutch Enterprises

DiamondBlocker10 joined on 16th April 2022 Dutch Enterprises ---> Oostland

LemonIncredible joined on 18th April 2022 Dutch Enterprises ---> Oostland

TheDarkLord69_69 joined on 10th May 2022 Dutch Enterprises ---> Oostland

KomVechtenDan joined on 11th May 2022 Dutch Enterprises ---> Oostland

ComboMonkey_ joined on 14th May 2022 Dutch Enterprises ---> Oostland


The Dutch society as a whole is very independent. Many believe in equality for all, yet focus on individuality more than community. The culture of the Dutch Enterprises, reflecting regional differences as well as the foreign influences built up by centuries of the Dutch people's mercantile and explorative spirit.


Dutch Enterprises - Montrose Alliance, April 12th 2022 - Present

Dutch Enterprises - Wohlstand Alliance, May 6th 2022 - Present

Dutch Enterprises - Redstone Valley Alliance, May 6th 2022 - May 20th 2022

Dutch Enterprises - Vostok Alliance, May 13th 2022 - Present

Dutch Enterprises - HUM Alliance, May 24th 2022 - Present