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MrDutch28's Biography

MrDutch28, Also known as Dutch. He is the founder of former VOC back in 2019 where he was Dennypower, but came back on April 5 2022 after a long break back to Elgeis with the foundation of Dutch Enterprises where he has settled himself in the far east of Elgeis where he leads Dutch Enterprises as a Private Trading Company similar to how the VOC was back in 2019.


Alias: Dutch,Dennypower,MrDutch, Denny Affiliation: Oostland

Let's hop into the history of MrDutch on he's been through, Back in March 3rd 2019, goomyman77 invited Dennypower back then where he joined Goomlandia and settled himself in Goomtown but due the dispute of Bagelonian Question, Dennypower did not seek war and found his own nation called the VOC. Inside Goomlandia to pressure goomyman77 to accept the ultimatum back then. where it later resulted in the Goomsplosion as Dennypower decided to remain independent instead of rejoining Goomlandia. As time passed and VOC went on it's growth it seeked to claim GoomTown but it was quickly twarted by Kingdom of Vailan#The Western Crisis (7/11/2019-7/28/2019) after War of Northern Aggression the VOC capitulated and joined Goomlandia again where Dennypower few days later quitted at the end of 2019. As years passed, In 2022 FlyingGMM asked MrDutch if he was interested in joining back and he gladly accepted as he founded Dutch Enterprises at his return where he leads it since April 5 2022

A New Start for MrDutch28

As MrDutch28 returned to Elgeis, starting his own nation called Dutch Enterprises. He hasn't achieved much but he has learned several lessons that he made in the past when he led the VOC. However, this time he focus mainly on trading and trying to avoid unneccassarily wars or conflicts unless it's needed.


Since the foundation of Dutch Enterprises it pro-claimed a neutral stance in diplomacy till the latest invasion of Ozai on Balandis it concerned MrDutch28 and seeked for protection where Montrose proposed an Alliance and MrDutch28 gladly accepted aswell as he made an Economic alliance with Goomlandia, Later at the time he allied with Vostok, Wohlstand, HUM and Redstone Valley but it didn't last long before his alliance with Redstone Valley ended due the differences they have in their goals, However with his current allies Montrose,HUM, Wohlstand and Vostok he tries to keep a strong bond with them.

After several weeks of talking on May 28 2022, MrDutch28 finally succeeds on having the merge take place between Dutch Enterprises and Krosnos and create Oostland