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"Obios is a fledgling democratic sovereign state with big ambitions and even greater determination. Religiously free and culturally rich, it is our mission to become a beacon of justice and sanctity to Elgeis, as well as a comfortable and stable home for its inhabitants. So far, we have volunteered to construct housing for the homeless, heavily advocated against terrorism, and aided in the growth of multiple kindred states.

Our government comprises of 'Estatesmen,' representatives of different estates within Obios. Estatesmen are given full jurisdiction over the territory to which they are assigned, and for their own benefit as well as for benefit of Obios, they may build, farm and develop their land as they please. Each Estatesman is given his word in the House of Estatesmen over whatever matter warrants discussion. If the Prince disagrees, you can vote to kick him out.

Settle in the stony peaks of Nordomontujo, the green forest of Igpay Obiosway and Lateria, or inhabit the beautiful island of Castor, surrounded by the only coral reefs in the world. Our nation is filled with promise and is headed for great places. We won't be able to get there without you." - Supermar, Prince of Obios