First Naadic War

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The First Naadic War was the first of three Naadic Wars involving Naador and Redstone Valley. It was initiated by the Holy Kingdom of Naador after its ruler Paarm annexed the GIANO territory recently purchased by Redstone Valley and was fueled by Naadic desire to expand into the territory formerly belonging to Oberos. The pressure of negotiations and war led to a revolution where the king was ousted and replaced by the ruler of the province of New Championis, LettuceHeads. After this new ruler was killed(banned), the nation split in two as the old king could not reconciliate with the leader of Shremmelton NolanGameKingYT who had assisted in his imprisonment and ousting.

Annexation of GIANO by Naador

The First Naadic War began on March 11th after LettuceHeads DM'd Mitomon to ask about buying the entire GIANO purchase for Naador. Mitomon declined, after which Lettuce suggested they buy it back and give it to Oberos as that nation planned to allow them to use their land as they pleased. Mitomon again declined as many future projects were planned for the area. The CEO then clarified that he had no issues with the new nation of Naador, and that he would even be very open to working on border projects together with them. The two left it at that until 15 minutes later Lettuce threatened "action" if the land was not sold to them (or unclaimed by RSV so that Naador could build on it). This was implied to mean military action and so the "offer" was again declined by Mitomon. The situation escalated when Paarm, the leader of the nation, annexed the entire GIANO purchase in world news. This led to an announcement by the Red. CEO Mitomon to defend the nation's sovereignty and immediate support from the allied Shaxian Empire. That same day HUM offered to work as a mediator between the two nations which both nations accepted. The talks were unfruitful as Naador believed Redstone Valley to be at fault for buying the GIANO tract while RSV did not want to give up any of the land they had just purchased. The mediation however did lead to a ceasefire agreement with both nations to attempt to remedy the situation peacefully.

Ozan Involvement

A day later, Camaradultudor announced Ozai's support of Naador's conquest and promised that any of Redstone Valley's allies' participation in the war would lead to Ozai joining the war against them. Camara claimed that Paarm had asked for this support, but it was later discovered that the Ozan had messaged him first. In the background, Lettuce and Paarm had been speaking to other nations in an attempt to build rapport and hopefully gain more military support while Redstone Valley told allies to not participate lest the Ozans get involved and drag the conflict out. Ozai's involvement in the war was only intangible as the nation did not provide weapons, armor, or supplies to any of the belligerents and did not participate in combat themselves.

Failure of Mediation

In the background of the mediation talks, Paarm and Lettuce argued over the ideal way to proceed. Lettuce had been using the mediation talks to purposefully stain Redstone Valley's public image to encourage its allies to drop support for the nation's defense. Paarm on the other hand, had wanted to continue negotiations in earnest, not use them as a political tool like Lettuce wanted. This led to plans being made by Paarm to imprison Lettuce along with the leaking of screenshots from his and LettuceHeads' DMs to Redstone Valley. After being informed of this and the fact that the mediation still had not given any results, Red. prepared for war as did Shremmelton.

Naadic Revolution

Paarm's plan to imprison Lettuce ended in failure when NolanGamerKingYT betrayed him and sided with Lettuce, imprisoning Paarm instead. Lettuce then announced that Paarm had attempted to imprison him to avoid the war and pin it all on him and Nolan despite his previous approval of it. They then proceded to remove Paarm's weapons and armor and exiled him. Paarm fled to HUM where he remained for the rest of the war. This led to the Naadic revolution and the formation of three separate states: New Championis, Shremmelton, and Naador, with the first and last being controlled by LettuceHeads after Paarm was exiled and the second by NolanGamerKingYT. All three states, or "Kingdoms", were under Lettuce's rule until he was killed. After his death, the Kingdom of Shremmelton split off from the now ruler-less nation of Naador(which contained both the Kingdoms of Naador and New Championis) and became independent from the nation. It was during this chaos that Redstone Valley sent troops into New Championis(LettuceHeads' original kingdom) and Shremmelton to build fortifications and force the rulers to take back their annexation of GIANO and end the war. While RSV occupied the entirety of the region, Lettuce was banned, negotiations began with Paarm so that he could return as ruler of Naador and New Championis, and Nolan was assassinated as he did not respond to any attempt at negotiating the end of the war.

Paarm says Shremmelton is an independent nation and must be dealt separately from Naador during negotiations with Mitomon

After he was assassinated, Nolan claimed he did not even know a war was going on and that he only wanted to just build and be an isolationist. It was later discovered through AliveSnowTMH that Nolan had in fact known about the war and planned to "hunt RSV" at Emerald Enterprise with Snow, someone he invited exclusively to join his nation to fight Red. in the war. Since Paarm was the default ruler of the countries of New Championis and Naador, negotiations for that area were done with him, while separate negotiations were conducted with Nolan as Paarm insisted he had nothing to do with the nation of Shremmelton. The conflict ended with the Treaties of San Francisco, one destroyed the previous nations of New Championis and Naador, forming the new nation of Naador in their place, and the gifting of the RSV-occupied land to Paarm. The other destroyed the old nation of Shremmelton with a new Shremmelton taking its place and the gifting of that RSV-occupied territory to NolanGamerKingYT. No reparations were asked from the new rulers with the only requirements of both treaties being the permanent end of hostilities from both nations and the promise to not create any laws marginalizing any group in the new nations by their rulers. In exchange, RSV would give them all of the land their old nations used to control and form economic and defensive alliances with them to help rebuild their nations with protection while they did so.

Nolan confirms that Shremmelton is independent