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Naador, officially the Holy Kingdom of Naador, is a Kingdom in the middle east of Elgeis. It is known for it's very distinct culture.


Provinces of Naador

There are 4 politically recognized provinces of Naador, aswell as the unorganized city of Astria.

The Banner of Naador

Sa'amen: (Northwest) (sah-men) A flatland with many lakes, known for it's very low development.

Boša: (West) (boh-sha) The capital region, the birthplace of naadic culture.

Šremul: (East) (sh-rehm-ool) also referred to as "Kovska" in Overworld Common, known for the resilient city of Tym.

Ša'ampioni: (South) (sham-pee-o-knee) home to the oldest city in Naador of the same name, this city has influenced much of modern naadic culture.

City of Astria: (within the Southeast of Šremul) The town of Astria is an ethnic enclave of Nyanians that chose to stay in Naador after the Liberation of Kovska. (see below in History)


The Political structure of Naador is an Imperfect Oligarchic Diarchy, where the King, appointed by birthright**, rules with the Grand Chancellor, elected by the Lords. If the two rulers disagree with each other, a vote is held with the Lords, in which a majority vote wins. However, if there is no Lords, the King takes priority.

birthright** refers to the ethnic background of a player, in this case only players whose invite can be directly traced back to Parhma dynasty (since Nolan and Lettuce have both passed on.)

Foreign Policy

Isolationism has been the national stance since the founding of the Kingdom.



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The Provinces of Naador, as of March 4th 2023.Purple: Province of Kovksa, governed by the King.'Red: Province of Sa'amen, governed by the King.Green: Province of Alaraaq, governed by the King.Orange: Province of Ŝa'ampioni (New Championis) governed by LettuceHeads.

The Founding Period

After the fall of Championis, this region went dormant, unchanged by the thriving nations surrounding it. The land remained this way until Paarm and LettuceHeads, on March 2nd 2023, founded the city of Boŝ, and formed the Kingdom of Naador, crowning Paarm as the first King, and LettuceHeads as the Vizier.

The Instability Period

Early Separatism in New Championis

Not long after the founding of the Kingdom, LettuceHeads was unhappy with the new mandated laws, and seceded his province founding New Championis as a country. Paarm denounced this claim, stating New Championis was just a "rebellious province," and eventually reintegrated New Championis on the condition that strict religious laws only applied to Boŝa, the capital region.

About a week after this incident, NolanGamerKing13 joined the Kingdom, and was made Lord of Kovska.

East Border Crisis

Leading up the East Border Crisis, massive corruption engulfed the Kingdom. LettuceHeads had convinced Paarm to go to war with Redstone Valley due to their new colony touching Naador's border in the east. On March 11th, Naador annexed the entirety of the colony with help from Ozai. Mitomon was furious, and requested a ceasefire. Naador agreed to a temporary ceasefire and began negotations with Redstone Valley with HUM moderating the negotiations. For many days, the negotiations were a stalemate, LettuceHeads agreed to settle for a DMZ, but Mitomon was not willing to give an inch of land under any circumstances. LettuceHeads, drunk with power, said to Paarm that war was inevitable, and that Naador would end the ceasefire the following day. Paarm came to the conclusion that the already pointless conflict would now turn into a grueling war that would end the long peace of many nations. He told Lettuce he was ending the war. LettuceHeads then claimed that if Paarm were to end the war, Lettuce would seize the throne. Paarm went to NolanGamerKing13 and told him everything, and asked for help in constructing a cell for the capture of LettuceHeads. Nolan provided many resources for the cell, and swore secrecy. The following day, Paarm was called to New Championis by Lettuce to get some new armor, but upon arrival was locked in his basement. Nolan had informed Lettuce of Paarm's plans to imprison Lettuce for treason, and when stating his reasoning for taking LettuceHead's side, he simply said "we get more land." After a few days, Lettuce had been captured by Redstone Valley, and imprisoned in Naador. After hearing the news, Nolan fled. Redstone Valley took a few days to reinforce their claim, and eventually reinstated Paarm as the King of Naador in the San Francisco Treaty. Nolan was then granted his land back, but it was forcibly removed from Naador, and made into a new Kingdom.

The Three Kingdoms of Greater Naador with cities marked as of March 21st 2023.Green: Kingdom of Naador'Pink: Kingdom of Sa'amenOrange: Kingdom of Shremmelton

The Three Kingdoms Period

Founding of Sa'amen

On March 20th, AtlasWolfYT arrived, and was given the lands of the former Province of Sa'amen, in the condition that he makes a Kingdom that has economic and cooperative ties to Naador.

Fall of Ŝremul

During the Founding of Sa'amen, the Kingdom of Ŝremul (Shremmelton) had been very hostile to Wohlstand. In a move that shocked everyone, He declared war on Wohlstand, and in response Wohlstand, along with Nyania, Shaxian Empire, Redstone Valley, and Losoša all denounced his actions and declared war. Despite Ŝremul's population of two people, Nolan and AliveSnowTMH, the fight continued for many days. Various hit-and-run tactics utilized by Ŝremul made the fight have many casualties on both sides. Towards the end of the conflict, Nolan implemented Snow in Redstone Valley for espionage. Snow's goals remain unknown to this day.

The proposed division of the former Kingdom of Ŝremul, that was later rejected by Mito, Leader of Redstone Valley.

Nolan was discovered in a bunker underneath the city of Ŝa'ampioni (Championis) by Parm. As Parm wanted no part in this war (Naador was still recovering from it's last), He wanted him off his land. Parm was able to negotiate for Nolan to move outside of the city towards the coast, provided Nolan was able to keep his villagers there until after the war, and was not able to use the bunker as a hideout for himself. A day later, Nolan was caught once again by Parm hiding out in the bunker, and was reported to Wohlstand and their allies. Fighting ensued, and Nolan was killed in action on March 23rd (banned for metagaming lol).

The territory (strangely) was occupied by Redstone Valley, claiming they would bring stability back to the region. Naador lobbied heavily against this, claiming It was unjust as the land should be divided amongst the remaining two Naadic Kingdoms (as seen in the image to the left), but Mito refused.

Many weeks later the land was granted to Nyania, as according to Mito they were "the only nation in Elgeis with an authentic claim to the land."

Dissolution of Sa'amen

Sa'amen and her people, troubled with an extremely low economy and very low development, went inactive for many days, before the King AtlasWolfYT stepped down due to IRL issues. in The Salta Accords, all territory and belongings were granted to the Kingdom of Naador, with the one clause that if Atlas is to return in a capable state of leading, then he will be granted territory back.

The Lone Kingdom Period

Liberation of Kovska

The Liberation of Kovska (05/24/2023 – 05/31/2023) was a grueling 7 day war fought between Naador and her allies (Ozai) and Nyania and her allies (Shaxian Empire and Redstone Valley). The central cause was rooted in the fact that Kovska is an ethnically Naadic region, and that it had been taken by Redstone Valley and held unjustly for months, before being handed over the Nyania, as according to Mitomon, they were the "only nation in Elgeis with an authentic claim to the land," when in reality, their only claim was that they held the land for a grand total of 28 minutes 3 years prior to the war. This was a spit in the face from Redstone Valley, and Naador privately swore that one day the Kingdom would be reunited with the region. For 63 days, Naador lobbied heavily for the returning of the land (see Fall of Ŝremul above), but came to the conclusion that all diplomatic avenues were lost when a joint Nyanian-Redstone Valley military base was discovered being constructed on the border of Naador with the goal of "reasserting regional dominance." This would lead to a formal declaration of war 5 hours after the discovery.

the red was the original offer from Nyania, the black is the final decision.

On the first day of the war, King Paarm granted dual-citizenship to a group of Ozan nationals, and formed the Kovskan Liberation Army. The army moved in and built a fort ontop of the under-construction military base. They held this point for the rest of the day, waiting for an attack. On the second day, the Narofa'ani (Naador's Military Intelligence and Espionage Agency) informed the KLA of an incoming attack from the north of a battalion of roughly 8-10 well-equipped soldiers. They stood guard, and decimated the attackers in a resounding victory that resupplied the KLA thoroughly. Three days in, the KLA captured the city of Tym. Four days in, a battalion of 3-4 rushed Paarm while he was the only one guarding the fort. Paarm was able to get the message out in just enough time, and led the battalion into an ambush where they were all killed except for 1 nyanian who fled. Five days in, Paarm, with Kovska captured and the Nyanians driven out, gave Camara full control of the rest of the war provided Kovska is returned to Naador in the end. At this point Nyania's moral was low, but still unwilling to end the war. Camara led the KLA in a siege of the capital of Nyania, New Bohdanburg, bringing the will to fight in Nyania to an all time low. Not long after, a deal was struck, and all but the city of Astria was ceded back to Naador.

A few days later, Lani, the leader of the Nyanian city of Astria, would secede from Nyania and join the Kingdom of Naador, revealing herself to be a Naadori sympathizer from the very beginning. Lani was secretly a Narofa'ani, and provided key intelligence during the wartime to the KLA.

Fun fact: although ethnically Nyanian, Lani was a practicing Alaar even before the war.

Limiting of the Monarchy

On 6/19/23, a massive government reform was inacted by King Paarm in an effort to encourage the prosperity and general well-being of Naadori citizens. a diarchal government where the newly elected Grand Chancellor Lani_Ka of Astria would rule by the side of the monarch.


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The official language of Naador is Naadu'ul. It is spoken primarily in Boŝ, the capital city.

For Travelers, a minor understanding of the language is necessary as there are almost no literature or signs that are in Overworld Common. (speak with Parm for any questions on this matter.)

The Beetroot, or "Ru'uta" is the holy vegetable of Alaarism. According to the religion it has magical properties that grant luck to the consumer.


The official religion of Naador is Alaarism. The religion is characterized by it's strict vegetarian laws, and it's animal gods.


According to an ancient folktale, Ŝifa's physical form died next to a beetroot plant, imbuing it with some of her aura. Now, Alaars celebrate this vegetable in all occassions, especially in times of need. A famous dish is Kwaeve d'Eruz, a soup popular during festivals.

Miki Festival

The Miki Festival lasts 4 days, and consists of games, entertainment, gift giving, and a feast at the end of each night. It is popularly celebrated in Boŝ every 4 months (January, May, September), starting on the 4th and ending on the 7th.

The Na'adi Saieatim

The Na'adi Saieatim is the calendar used by naadic peoples.