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Taming_Ocelots joined the server on June 7th, 2021, as an invite from goomyman77. She quickly joined Goomlandia and began to build a house for herself in Voidnest. Recently, she has also begun to develop an island in the Eastern Icefield into an underground city called Briza. Her notable achievements include being leader of Goomlandia from December 12th, 2021.


Early Life

Taming spent much of her early life on the server building her house in Voidnest and farming the birch forest around her. She also enjoyed helping her brother, AmethystDragon18, with building his own house not far from hers. Upon mistaken advice from Goomy, she created a series of Birch Cult-like birch-henges across the world with cryptic poems attached, with the intent of causing a mystery for others to solve. However, upon discovering that the Birch Cult was a more serious terrorist organization than she believed, she confessed to being behind the project and disavowed it. One artifact of this period still remained, however: a giant birch tree she'd built on an uninhabited island in the Eastern Icefield. Excavating and expanding the caves beneath the island, she decided to create an expansive city underground, which she named Briza. Constructing this city is her main project on the server, and she considers its creation her most beloved achievement.

Tenure as Leader of Goomlandia

Upon the departure of both Stonks and Saashin as leaders of Goomlandia, Taming stepped up to run for leader, campaigning as a moderate proponent of reform. She had had no previous leadership experience, but only a firm conviction and a love of her country. When she won leadership, she was faced with many challenges that would be difficult for even an experienced leader to navigate.

List of events overseen by Taming as leader:

  • The Goomlandian Collapse (see Goomlandia for details)
  • Negotiating with kaab to return Voidnest to Goomlandian control
  • The foreign occupation of Goomlandia turned 'Occupy Voidnest' initiative