Fourth Naadic War

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On October 18th, Year 6, the trial of Grooge64 for attempting to influence a member of HUM to leak state secrets was held, in Properpolis. During this trial, all war equipment was banned, and it was meant to be staffed by security to prevent the chaos often plaguing such public events. However, this security was never implemented, and throughout the trial, Paarm killed Mejackmac a number of times, with a set of war gear that he had snuck in. After the trial, in response to this annoyance, Taming_Ocelots hit Paarm with her axe several times - this was not something that could be a serious threat to someone in full netherite armor, but in response, Paarm killed her. He also killed Goomyman77, who rushed to her defense, and kept both of their items, later described as "compensation for the attempt on [his] life".

In response, a day later, Goomlandia issued an ultimatum to Naador, demanding their items back within three hours (around 20 hours total since they were taken). Paarm stated that he would only return the items with compensation in the form of valuable resources, and a formal apology from Goomlandia. This was rejected, and a force of Goomlandians, as well as RSVians and Montrosians (who had pledged to support Goomlandia) gathered at the southern border of Naador, in Goomlandia, before launching the invasion, with two horses carrying around four people each, sitting on each others' heads. First, Championis was claimed over and its Nelt connection trapped. Soon after, Acethedragon491's house also came under occupation.

After about an hour of teasing (logging on and off), Paarm logged on, and the coalition made its way to Bosh, the capital city of Naador. Upon entering the gates Paarm was standing with Clodovo near the large pond in the city, and according to multiple eyewitnesses, Clodovo started attacking the coalition forces alongside Paarm, something denied by Ozai. Regardless though, as Clodovo continued to fight as the battle was joined, instead of easily walking away and saying he wasn't involved, he was for all intents and purposes fighting on Paarm's side. He was killed relatively quickly with no casualties, but the forces became split up, allowing Paarm to fight Mania_Man and FlyingGMM alone. He eventually killed them both, but was overwhelmed outside the city's eastern gate by the rest of the force.

Afterwards, a short search was mounted to determine Paarm's location (and thus spawnpoint), which was found to be his house. After a few unsuccessful attempts to fight him while he was inside (ending in Taming_Ocelots's death, although she was able to recover her items), siegeworks surrounding the claimed house were built. Paarm moved to a small wooden dome on top of the building, and the coalition briefly considered burning this dome down to flush him out (which would not damage the rest of the sandstone structure), but Paarm threatened to completely level Goomtown if such a thing was done, and so it was abandoned. For the next several hours, Paarm stayed in the dome. In the meantime, Acethedragon491 and Lani_Ka logged on. In an attempt to reduce Naador's faction power and thus claim over Paarm's house, FlyingGMM attempted to kill Acethedragon491 (after giving her the chance to surrender), and chased her as far as Grove Tribe, where she escaped in the canyons, popping at least five totems in the process.

Shortly thereafter, it was established that these two other citizens of Naador did not want the war, although they supported Paarm unconditionally, with Acethedragon491 stating "I support [Paarm] not what he does". As such, the coalition adopted a diplomatic approach, to attempt to convince them to end the war by simply doing the /f unclaimall command, or simply leaving the faction. This was ultimately futile, although later both of them left, which will be explained further on. During this time, awesome_ketchup, Doctor_Hound and bluedude104 showed up at the scene of the siege, as well as the neutral spectator Admin_Drone. The coalition began heavily fortifying their siege operations, building elaborate siegeworks that completely surrounded the house.

With negotiations with the other Naadorians going nowhere, the coalition decided to attempt to use chorus fruit to get into the dome. Every participating member was given several chorus fruit, and everyone ate theirs in unison, until they found themselves inside. This, however, was very unsuccessful, largely due to the many chorus-able places in the house. Only FlyingGMM and Doctor_Hound (out of maybe eight people) managed to enter, each at separate times, allowing Paarm to kill them in individual combat. Seeing the low chance of success of further attempts, this plan was quickly abandoned.

Several hours into the siege, Naebaru, another Naadic country to the north of Naador that had recently had a falling-out with them, declared Paarm as "unfit to rule", and began an occupation of Lumor (a largely-inactive ally of Naador) and the Naadorian province of Sa'amen. Their leader, KnightmArz, showed up at the siege to partake, but was shot dead by Mania_Man, who thought Naebaru had sided with Naador.

Eventually, a plan was devised by RSV to bring a warden into the Overworld, onto Paarm's house, where it would sniff him out and attack him. Special additions to the siegeworks were built, as well as a portal in the Nether that would connect directly above Paarm's house. There were three attempts (by bluedude104 and Mitomon) to lead a warden through the Nelt and through this portal, worked perfectly. In a spectacular show, Mitomon used a fishing rod to land the warden on the wooden dome, a block above Paarm's head. In response to hearing the warden's sounds, Paarm immediately logged out.

Afterwards, Acethedragon491 showed some coalition members the inside of Paarm's house (which was streamed by Dragontek21 to Lani_Ka), prompting Paarm to kick her the next day. Paarm was killed by awesome_ketchup, who managed to recover some of the items taken by Paarm in the battle earlier. Nyania also pledged its support to Goomlandia, and a fort with supplies was built near the siegeworks. For the next few days, there was very little fighting, except sporadic attacks by Paarm on Nyanians and Montrosians, wherein 451Ginger (a Nyanian) was killed. On the 22nd, Lani_Ka was eventually convinced (both by coalition members and Paarm's behavior) to secede with her city of Astria, as well as making a colony in the southeast of the map. For the next week, there was no fighting at all, and Paarm inexplicably surrendered to Naebaru on the 30th. In response, Naebaru rebranded itself to Na'alu, meant to be a nation-state of all Naadic peoples. Part of the surrender agreement was also to return the items taken from Goomlandians at the trial, which was achieved after several days.