Redstone Sea

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The Greater Redstone Sea Area

The Redstone Sea was discovered and explored by Mitomon and others. It's discovery led to the subsequent expansion of ATRaC, the creation of Deep Dark Mountain, and the subsequent ultimatum from Askar and Ozai. Despite being the most prominent explorer of the area, Mitomon publicly stated that the island names were picked to prevent any connotation of ownership by other nations. This was purposefully done to keep the islands free for new players to feel free to use for their own new nations. Redstone Sea features a tropical ocean, coral reefs, a swamp with a witch hut, and connects to the Emerald River. Red Peninsula features a populated village that bridges to Orange island. Orange and Yellow Islands are mostly made up of Spruce Forests with the only notable landmark being a wrecked ship on a hill in Orange Island. Green Island is made up of a much greener forest than the other two islands, with a hilly forest biome extending from the Deep Dark Mountain Range.

Most of the Redstone Sea, including all of the islands and peninsula, is currently owned by the nation of Aradialma, itself of vassal of the Shaxian Empire.