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Despite Elgeis being entirely based in Minecraft, religions have sprung up out of various world cultures. Some of these religions no longer have followers due to the founders' absence. These religions include:


Banksyism - ???

Brain Stem - ???

Chadism - ???

Christianity - Created to protest Oarfanism, by Frizfamipad, and the national religion for the short lived state known as Prospero. It eventually converted into a sect of Oarfanism.

Church of Racism - A religion which is practiced in parts of former Yugoslavia and Schevakia.

Church of Scheslam - ???

Church of the Holy Potato - A brief state religion of Potatoesburg.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity - The original Christian Faith, founded by Christ, governed by an unbroken chain of apostolic succession. Practiced in former Yugoslavia and Schevakia.

Elytra Religion - The Elytra Religion was discovered on June 21, 2020 by Frizfamipad during his time in Deimos. It primarily focused on elytras and the end dimension.

Faith of LaPorte - A religion discovered on February 15, 2021 by Doctor_Hound.

Floppaism - A religion that worships the Big Floppa cat as a deity. Created by WorkablePuffin and followed by most Ozans.

Frizlam - A religion that worships the player Frizfamipad as a deity, spreading the word of money and hood rat activity, founded by MedimaNN while allegedly playing poker with some friends.

Grove Faith - a primitive spirit-worshiping religion of the Grove Tribe, founded by CreeperColder, the creator of the Tribe. A religion tolerant towards all except End and Nether creatures and worshippers.

Jǫrðars Creed

Marucitism - A monotheistic religion practiced by some Uiscelanders in southern Montrose.

Monkey Faith - Discovered by Saashin, Monkey Faith was founded on February 12, 2021 and its central scripture is The Monkey Way.

Montrosian Native Faith - Often syncretic folk beliefs and practices of Montrose, developed from Sylvian antecedents. Typically involves a veneration of nature, often through the forms of the Sun and trees.

Mother Fungus - A religion started in the HUM-owned Mushroom Island by GoatWhisperer which centers around the sanctity of nature and the concept of all red mushrooms being part of one larger, omniscient, subterranean fungal organism known as the Mother Fungus which permeates all land.

Oarfanism - A religion started in Vailan, spreading to create a religious alliance. The members of Oarfanism went on a crusade against the infidels, also known as the War of Northern Aggression. It was later revised many times.

Ooka - A "proto-religion" founded by argetlam04, focused on the fundamental aspects of life and nature, but mainly created to piss off followers of Oarfanism.

Redism - Founded by MTJNC which worships the "real gods", the machines.

The Church of Iskallia™ - Founded by MithicSpirit, it solely hates endermen (especially Brainstem) and loves slime.

The Orthodox Church of Jusef - Always praising, and occasionally razing!

Void - An offshoot of Oarfanism created by BHJ.

Wardenism - A religion born after communication directly with Halla lead the people of Vailan to understand the corrupting nature of Oarfans as a failed profit. Wardenism puts a strong focus on order and restoring the world to its perfect form before our current time.

Alaarism - A polytheistic religion that gave rise to the Naadic peoples and aided their transition into statehood after the fall of Championis. It believes that the people can achieve enlightenment by following the two sibling-gods Takue and Šifa.