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Prospero (stylized as "prospero") was a country formed by Frizfamipad during a secession from Vanskovich. The state was incredibly short-lived, and rarely existed in areas which didn't impede on other states' national boundaries. National announcements contended that the state desired only peace and to live a nomadic lifestyle, however, the state was formed as a response to Friz's loss in an incredibly bloody coup attempt against MedimaNN (see: Vansk Coup Attempts).

The state of Prospero was settled in three locations throughout its single-day lifespan:

The Yug

At first, Frizfamipad settled close to home, occupying the southern Vansk island known as "Yug", shown below:

While this location was undoubtedly near and dear to Friz's heart, it also unfortunately fell within the sovereign claims of Vanskovich, the country he had seceded from.

Seeing as how he had just attempted to overthrow their government, the state of Vanskovich was none too happy about his presence and bid him to leave promptly.

"A Village..."

Upon Frizfamipad's removal from Vansk territory, his location was unknown for quite some time as he found a new place to settle. Eventually, an announcement from Prospero rang forth: the nomadic nation has settled in a village. FlyingGMM, creator of the Montrosian Archives, was quick to consult his records upon hearing of this and found that all known villages existed within national bounds. As such, he issued the following advisory notice:

"Prospero has settled down in a village, and the leader of prospero, Frizfamipad, maintains that such village is unclaimed. However, all villages on the map are within political borders; therefore so is prospero. Those with villages within their borders are advised to check such villages for squatters."

The advisory notice sustained six "B R U H" reactions. After the countries of the world conducted a panicked survey of their villages, Frizfamipad was located residing within a village on Rhett Island, a landmass owned entirely by the Sylvian state of Rhett.

Rhett, an isolationist state, had responded with extreme hostility to intruders in the past (see: Diggy Diggy Hole), so Sylvian diplomats responded quickly to the intrusion before Rhettian forces were able to engage in brutal measures to remove Frizfamipad. Frizfamipad was escorted off of Rhett Island at bowpoint by AbstractEgg and FlyingGMM.

South of ToeGANG

Finally, after being escorted out of Rhett Island, Frizfamipad was led to an unclaimed area of spruce forest south of toeGANG (specifically Toe Forest) by vetous of Kingdom of Vailan. Little incident occurred with this guided resettling, as it did not impose upon any existing countries. After settling here for a time, Frizfamipad grew lonely and approached MedimaNN with a plea for clemency. With a discussion, MedimaNN resolved his differences with Frizfamipad, and Frizfamipad was inducted back into Vanskovich as a Vansk citizen. MedimaNN directed the international community not to further antagonize Friz for his attempts at coups or intermittent changing of factions. At this point, Prospero was disbanded.