Vansk Coup Attempts

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Due to Vanskovich's controversial leadership and political moves, some members have not always been on the side of the SGS. These have ended in coups, normally being perpetrated by Frizfamipad.


The Prospero Incident

The Prospero Incident was the coup against the Vasnk government in response to their "unfair treatment". This all started when FlyingGMM was on the Glavnaya fixing farms for the Vansk. This work was being done completely legally. To complete the job, FlyingGMM requested to claim over some land so he didn't need to worry about asking MedimaNN every time he needed to add a new area. Frizfamipad accidentally jumped into the claimed pen, and requested to leave multiple times. Due to the fact that FlyingGMM was almost done, he told Friz to wait. Frizfamipad was infuriated by this, and, when released, grabbed his armor and tools and proclaimed for all the server to read:

"Your rain is over"

This was mocked by both FlyingGMM and MedimaNN. Frizfamipad was threatening violence, so MedimaNN got FlyingGMM to call in Sylvian reinforcements. Vetous was also contacted to get Vailish reinforcements. Frizfamipad was promptly banned from Vanskovich. Frizfamipad was further enraged at the fact that MedimaNN called for backup, and proceeded to steal golden apples, building supplies, and other materials from the Vansk government. At this point, Friz started to run away, deciding to swim into the water. He was mercilessly killed multiple times before MedimaNN claimed over Frizfamipad's house, and "peace talks" commenced. Deadlocked2060, the SGP of Vanskovich, angry that Friz was killed so many times, told MedimaNN to give him another change. MedimaNN did not abide by this plea.

Frizfamipad was eventually let go with minimal supplies, and his home was destroyed. Afterwards, Friz created Prospero. After Prospero was dissolved, along with much discussion, Friz was allowed back into Vanskovich. He remained a citizen until his ban.


Most causes of these coups are due to MedimaNNs governing style. The most likely reasons for these coups are:

  • MedimaNN not allowing Frizfamipad to
    • build illegally on sovereign foreign territory
    • produce TNT for selling to global powers
    • sell TNT to both Sylvia and Vailan to create and prolong war
    • build potentially illegal structures
  • Frizfamipad's fervent love of destruction and chaos
  • Frizfamipad's dream of becoming a superpower via illegal trade (which, at the time of the Prospero Incident, was seen as a possible outcome for Vanskovich by MedimaNN and Deadlocked2065 alike)
  • Frizfamipad's want of Sylvian and Vailish destruction