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Headlines from the Dale Newspaper, written during live during the time when the event just occurred.
During the Repopulation Period of the server, one of AbstractEgg's IRL friends had recently joined the server. Their name was Carpo_Diem. A young and enthusiastic fellow, he learned the rules of the server quickly and tried to stay on everyone's good side. Believing the state of Rhett, led by his friend AbstractEgg, would be friendly to his buddy, Carpo_Diem foolishly underestimated the historic isolationism that the lands of Rhett once harbored. This fierce and militant isolationism is likely due to many previous incidents that often involved Rhett and ended him up as a victim, such as the crusade upon his island by the Order of Icedale, and the burnings of his house during The Middle Period and The Coalition Period.

Carpo_Diem decided to settle near Rhett's borders. According to the maps of the days and the generally agreed boundaries, Carpo_Diem had settled not inside of Rhett's territory but bordered them on a small island. While Carpo_Diem had already settled in the area for at least a whole day, that did not stop the Grand Rhett, AbstractEgg, from expelling Carpo_Diem from his zone of control. Rhett accomplished this by digging out the island from underneath Carpo_Diem's house, removing the island down below the water. The international community generally was critical of the action that Rhett had taken but it wasn't important or threatening enough to the stability of the world to punish Rhett for. After Carpo's home was destroyed he was displaced and moved to the Northeast of the map to form ARF (anti-Rhett faction), before scrapping the title and forming Richard.