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Frizlam, a portmanteau of Frizfamipad and Islam, previously a jab at Christianity, is a religion founded by MedimaNN, allegedly whilst playing poker. Frizfamipad is the ultimate deity in Frizlam, otherwise known as "His Frizziness". Hood King MedimaNN is the main prophet, invoking the words of His Frizziness through the medium of discord messages and prayer. Primarily a set of commandments that all Frizzites must follow, the meaning of said commandments are up to the discretion of each Frizzite (unless overruled by Hood King MedimaNN or His Frizziness Himself). This two part list is ever expanding with new input from His Frizziness (The Basics of Frizlam) and the Hood King (Frizlam Extended).

Power Structure

The god of the religion of Frizlam is Frizfamipad, otherwise known as His Frizziness. MedimaNN, the founder of the religion, is the Hood King, acting as a propher/pope of sorts. Argetlam04 and Deadlocked2065s are High Gangstas, ones who helps the Hood King with his duties. Gangstas (ClaimingBand) are prominent members of the Frizzite community, acting as pastors. Shottas (Stormur0ke) are the plebeians of Frizlam, the humble followers of His Frizziness.

The Friza'an (Holy text)

The Basics of Frizlam

BF 0:#
- Don't ever buy no weed from the gas station bro
- Bang bang
- Nar nar is life
- Fuck bitches, get money
- Fuck the homeless, they have no bitches
- We like gold
- Don't step in my hood unless you with the gang
- Cheef Keef
- Fuck J.B. Pritzker
- Christianity, but no virgin type shit
- It was just business, nothin' personal
- Its a fast car, that's why I bought it
- Giridano's is life
- You cannot change a hood rat
- No snitchin'
- Zoo Wee Mama
- I ain't said shit
- Fuck you, you don't know shit
- Bitch

Frizlam Extended

FE 1:#
- Drugs
- Shmoke that purp
- Claim your set proudly
- RIP Blood Money
- Stay onnat hood shit
- Keep it one hunned with ya shottas, for they are the labs to the methamphetamines
- Steak, bitch
- China is Mongolia but they wont tell you that
- *dolphin sounds*
- [Verse 3: Young Thug] "Nịgga, I'm a crack addict" ~Young Thug
FE 2:#
- Lil Big Mac "Shitstorm" Ft. Lil Shards o' Glass and Lil Gingy
- Dick thick like a glow stick
- The salami lid ain gonna fit. So the salami lid won’t fit da salami lid. The salami ain't gonna fit like that. So the salami lid is uh salami lid