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The Schevakian Empire is a nation located in south-central Elgeis, on the continent of Tierra del Fuego and the Ilyrian Isles. It is bordered by HUMian Rhett to the northwest, Fenian Toeland to the north, and Vostok and the IBWH-claimed city of Tsarevets to the east. Schevakia is divided into four provinces ruled by hereditary Lords, each anchored in a Ward of the Capital City of Schenektengrad and comprising the surrounding regions, along with two island provinces directly administered by the Imperial State. Descended from the historical Republic of Schevakia and its various Sche-splinter successor states, the Schevakian nation has played a key role of the history of Elgeis and is the largest and most populous country in the south.


Founding Period

The Sche people were first observed as a distinct group in Elgeis in early November of 2019. Ethnically and culturally related to the Balkan peoples of Tierra del Fuego, this nomadic people were invited by the King of Yugoslavia, ThePoptartTardis, to settle in the fertile lands to the southwest of his Kingdom, which had formerly been inhabited by the Bohemians, who had been wiped out shortly before the arrival of the Sche. 

The original Sche settlers were thepolg, catcherzw, The_Brunt and Mr_Waffles17, who together agreed to found the city of Schenektengrad, in which each founder would have his own ward. An industrious people, these four rapidly set about construction. The earliest buildings in the city were the Schevakian Center for Diplomacy, the Presidential Palace and the lumber building (Ward 2), The_Brunt's house (now the Veterans' center) (Ward 3), Mr_Waffles17's house (now a meth lab) (Ward 4), thepolg's house and the Schenectengrad Public Works building (Ward 5). 

Schevakia was assisted early on by generous aid from their first allies, Yugoslavia and Fianna, which provided the Sche people food and economic security as they sought to establish their nation. 

Growth and Development

In the weeks and months following its founding, Schevakia experienced a period of rapid societal development and population growth. Schenektengrad evolved from a small backwater settlement to a thriving metropolis, and is now one of the largest and most populous cities in Elgeis. Players rocketfart110, Kaleidoeyes127, NNDimethyltrip and SgtKickYourAss joined during this time period, with rocketfart110 settling in the slums of Ward 4, Kaleidoeyes127 and NNDimethyltrip founding the town of Schavick on the southern coast of Polgolas, and SgtKickYourAss settling in the swamps of west-central Polgolas.

The Schevakian Capital City of Schenektengrad, early 2020

 During this period population and building growth often outpaced economic growth, which resulted in many Schevakians contending with severe food shortages and periodic famines. Meanwhile, the Schevakian military was woefully ill-equipped for any kind of major conflict, which was demonstrated repeatedly by its inability to effectively address the dangers of even the most minor raids, and exacerbated by the lack of a central military organizational structure or plan, along with rampant military corruption and disobedience within the ranks of the army. Nevertheless, during this period Schevakia was able to make some minor territorial gains, expanding its borders north to the Sche River during the partition of Soraryius and taking advantage of disorganization and confusion in the government and administration of Funkyland to wrest control of Bordergoremandy Beach, on the west bank of the Strait of Jacksonia.

This period of development saw the entrance of Schevakia into several new alliances, as well as the further strengthening of its old ones. During the early development period, as Schevakia attempted to cultivate an image as a dignified and diplomatic country, they became allied with Vailan, Sylvia, and Ozai. They also expanded upon their alliance and relationship with Yugoslavia, which has been the cornerstone of Schevakian foreign policy since the dawn of time. Recognizing the extremely close cultural, ethnic and historical ties of the two Balkan nations, Schevakia and Yugoslavia together formed the Balkan International Congress (BIC) with the goal of furthering regional cooperation in politics, culture, and infrastructure. Sylvia is also an observer state of BIC, controlling the lands of Toegang in northern Tierra del Fuego via its state of HUM. There is substantial popular sentiment in both Schevakia and Yugoslavia favoring a merger into one massive unified Balkan nation, although such a merger is not expected to occur in the immediate future.

Headquarters of the Balkan International Congress (BIC)

During the development period, particularly during the latter half of it, Schevakia found itself embroiled in numerous political incidents, both international and domestic:

In December of 2019, Schevakia was targeted by international terrorist Medimann due to its alliance with Fianna, and were robbed of a substantial amount of iron. Medimann is still on death row in Schevakia for this heinous crime.

In January of 2020, following the Gateway Conference on the Division of New Lands, Schevakian delegates were indiscriminately slaughtered by Nyanian military personnel in the Nyanian Massacre. This inflamed tensions dramatically between Schevakia and Nyania, and Nyanian citizen Dragontek was sentenced to death and is still awaiting execution on Schevakian death row.

February of 2020 was an extremely chaotic month for Schevakia, during which the country experienced extreme political instability.

At the beginning of February, Schevakian citizens formed a key component of the BIC contingent, along with Yugoslavians, that occupied Goomtown in protest of Doctor_Hound's declining to attend the first meeting of BIC in favor of touring Goomtown. This stirred controversy, particularly in Goomlandia and Fianna, although an apology was issued to Doctor_Hound for disrespect shown to him during the occupation, which was recognized as a disproportionate response to his actions. Over 12 people died during the occupation, these casualties were overwhelmingly Schevakians.

Some of the participants in the BIC occupation of Goomtown. From left to right: goomyman77, thepolg, ThePoptartTardis, The_Brunt, NNDimethyltrip, kaleidoeyes127, coolnut10.

The day after the occupation of Goomtown, President catcherzw authorized The_Brunt to destroy the Yugoslavian historical site of Bohemskigrad. Upon the arrival and discovery of this by the full Senate, this action was deemed illegal, unconstitutional and deeply misguided. This scandal became known as "Bohemskigate" and the Schevakian Senate proceeded to impeach catcherzw and voted to replace him with Mr_Waffles17. This began a long period of disunity and acrimony within Schevakia, with tensions running extremely high among the populace and an absentee President (Mr_Waffles17) who proved incapable of healing the divisions among his citizens. The month came to a close with Mr_Waffles17 losing his Schevakian citizenship and subsequently his Presidency due to inactivity. In response to this and catcherzw's efforts to atone for his crimes (including the reconstruction of Bohemskigrad), the Schevakian Senate voted to reinstate catcherzw as President, earning him the moniker of "the Grover Cleveland of Schevakia". This period has been deemed "the Month of Three Presidents" by Schevakian historians.

Major Power

The month of March and the second administration of catcherzw brought a sea change in Schevakian society and politics, with attitudes towards foreign relations rapidly realigning from neutrality and diplomacy to a more interventionist approach.

As Miksa03 and much of the Ilyrian people fled Sylvia due to oppression they experienced there, they found a home in Schevakia, which welcomed these refugees with open arms. Responding to unsubstantiated WikiLeaks reports alleging widespread atrocities and ethnic cleansing by Wohlstandian authorities against the native Ilyrian population of Northbay (which was once ruled by Old Ilyria), Schevakia proceeded to annex all of the Ilyrian Isles (with the exception of Hunger Games Island, claimed by Vailan), including Wohlstandian territory, with the purported rationale of defending the Ilyrian populace. This move was met with a variety of reactions from the international community, ranging from extremely negative to neutral to tepidly supportive, with Schevakian ally Sylvia even threatening war.

With the annexation derided as a "clown" move by many, a protest against the perceived aggressive and unjustified actions of Schevakia was rapidly organized by guptacakeman. Guptacakeman and 2-4 other protesters attended this tense protest, which was greeted by Schevakian armed guards. Guptacakeman was killed at this event by an unidentified assailant, an independent investigation of the crime by Yugoslav King General_Draza found that the most likely perpetrators were guptacakeman's fellow protestor coolnut10 and Wohlstandian President OhOkayy (who was present for negotiations), as well as guptacakeman himself. General_Draza himself was killed in the aftermath of the protest, likely by the murderer evading justice.

In eleventh hour negotiations brokered by Vailan and Sylvian Consul MTJNC and taking place during and immediately after the protest, Schevakia and Wohlstand were able to agree to a treaty in which a demilitarized zone was established between the two countries' border on North Bay, and Ilyrian and Wohlstandian populations were resettled to their corresponding nations' portions of the island to prevent any future ethnic conflict.

Negotiators after signing the Schevakia-Wohlstand peace deal. (Back row: OhOkayy, catcherzw, thepolg, The_Brunt Front row: MTJNC)

These events, while resolved peacefully, have been interpreted by many Schevakian historians as a turning point in Schevakia's geopolitical role, marking a transition from being a passive, neutral small nation to a large major power more willing to throw its weight around.

A few weeks after joining Schevakia, Miksa03 departed in the aftermath of an unsuccessful attempt to rejoin Vailan while in Schevakia, and subsequently moved to Goomlandia after forming the short-lived nation of Miksalonia. Shortly after Miksa's migration, Schevakia gained the new members Banksy007, Usturi, and imnotcreative, some of whom then resettled Miksa's former province of Ilyrdom. In early April 2020, Schevakia had the second largest population of active members in Elgeis.


Main article: Balkan Troubles

This large population, however, expectedly gave rise to disagreements. In late April 2020, Polgolan Senator thepolg and several others seceded from Schevakia, citing corruption and breach of democratic processes as the reason and forming the Confederated Schevakian Alliance. In the following confusion, Schevakia splintered into multiple new nations, most of them based on the previous constituent states, several of which claimed to be the true successor of the original Schevakian nation.

Soon after the collapse of the Republic of Schevakia, the ensuing chaos culminated in the Great Balkan War, the largest military conflict in the history of Elgeis, which involved all of the residents of former Schevakia and Yugoslavia as well as most other countries in the world in some form or another.

Splinter State Era

In the aftermath of the Great Balkan War, the lands of Schevakia remained politically divided between the splinter states of the Confederated Schevakian Alliance (CSA), the Republic of Jacksonia, the People's Republik of Schevakia (PRS), the Republic of Ambrosia, and the Black Hand terrorist group. The next several months saw these competing states (which touted incompatible political ideologies and frequently had conflicting land claims) engage in medium-intensity conflict as each vied for power and influence in the Schevakian region, which remained dilapidated and depopulated as a result of the previous war, which had seen massive physical destruction and wide-scale emigration from the now impoverished land.

South Polgolas Conflict

Beginning with the foundation until mid July

PG Field Conflict

June-July beginning, SACG occupation 7/23, battle of PG Field 7/27

Ilyrian Genocide

June, execution 7/20

Wohlstandian Migration


Conflict in the Schevakian Federal Territory

From 7/19

Spread of Grove Faith

From 7/19

PRS Naval Blockade

From 7/27

Ambrosian Retaliations


Religious Conflict


Schevakian National Party


Reunification and early Imperial Era

On 9/7/20, after a period of non-aggression, the Schevakian splinter states reformed into the Schevakian empire, with Mr_Waffles17 serving as its first emperor for life. They then expanded their claims to Wohlstand, since they disbanded and most of its population moved to Ambrosia during the Balkan Troubles. The Wohlstandian population wasn't happy with their newfound rulers and seceded the next day, notably reducing their claims they had before they disbanded. Schevakia responded by sending in troops to reassert control.

Reign of Waffles I

Reign of Polg I

Birdboxian Decline

Wooklandian Conquest and Schevakia under camaradultudor

Reign of Kamara I

Reign of Kamara II

Reign of Kamara III

Camaradultudor being coronated as Kamera I

Camaradultudor, a long-standing ally of the Empire of Schevakia, a ex-Caracali and overall foreigner to the Schevakian people, would be chosen by the people of Schevakia to lead opposed to BIRDBOX18's rule, which was nothing but a state of anarchy in the lordships of Schevakia. Camaradultudor would be coronated as the Schevakian Emperor on June the 8th, 2021, with support and popularity of the Schevakian people. Shortly after this, camaradultudor would push for reform in the Schevakian government, wishing to bring the states of Schevakia to their former glory. Under his leadership, multiple plans would be drafted for Schenektengrad, such as a wall, auto pumpkin farm, and a fresh wave of emerald-related economic changes, which would hopefully increase Schevakia's prosperity. Few of these plans would actually be finished, due to camaradultudor's double citizenship within Montrose and Schevakia, having to bounce between each nation from time to time to actually make change. This, combined with the recent destruction of Wooklandia greatly impeded Schevakia's progress.

Socialist Transition

Camaradultudor would push for socialist reforms, as he would believe this would be the only hope for Schevakia's future, hoping in a socialist utopia for each Schevakian state. This change would soon become reality, as camaradultudor would announce that the Empire of Schevakia has died, only for it to return under the Confederation of the Schevakian Socialist States (CSSS for short). This would cause great turmoil, however, camaradultudor continued his plans for reforming the Schevakian government and making every citizen of Schevakia equal, as he would see himself with common Stalinist views.

The Jacksonian Genocide, being announced by camaradultudor after gathering enough evidence

Jacksonian Genocide

Camaradultudor would continue attempting to develop Schevakia, and with Wohlstand's return on the world stage, this seemed troubling, as Wohlstand would expand into the Jarn Saari, something the Schevakian people opposed but camaradultudor greatly wished. After witnessing the horrors of Wohlstand's leadership however, his ideals would soon shift to the Schevakian side, as he would start opposing everything Wohlstand did, going as far as to travel ban them from Northbay after 0kej asked if he can buy it. This turned into a boiling pot of political tension, as new Wohlstandic people joined, and would be teached about the history between Wohlstand and Schevakia, some of them even developing a hatred for Schevakia. This all led to GymShady69's attempted coup d'état of camaradultudor's government. As soon as camaradultudor would be informed of plots to kill him, he would act, imprisoning GymShady69. This however would not last long, as he would free him the next day hoping for reform.

0kej accepting the altered terms imposed by Schevakia

This did not last long as a few days later, on 8th of July, 2021, GymShady69 witnessed camaradultudor killing two villagers in Northbay, which led to him going to Schenektengrad and massacring Jacksonian villagers, which would be later on categeorized as a genocide by the Emperor of Schevakia. What led was a short period of political conflict between Wohlstand and Schevakia, where multiple sides would attempt to join in and appease both sides, however, nothing worked, as Schevakia held firm on their demands while Wohlstand seemed reluctant on giving in. However, after two hours and political pressure, Wohlstand would give in to a altered list of demands, which would see GymShady69 being relocated from the Jarn Saari, something deeply unpopular within Wohlstand.

Jacksonian Coup and Post-Kamara Empire


Schevakia was divided into four states, Jacksonia in the west, anchored in Ward 2 of Schenektengrad, Ambrosia in the north, anchored in Ward 3, Melaconia in the east, anchored in Ward 4, and Polgolas in the south, anchored in Ward 5. Each Schevakian state was represented by a senator, each of whom exercised equal legislative power in the national government and independent governing power over their individual states. The seat of the Schevakian government was located in the Schevakia Senate Building in Ward 1 of Schenektengrad, the Schevakian Capital City. All national legislative decisions had to be made by a majority of the Senate. Senators were elected by popular vote in their respective states, and served terms of six months before new elections would be held. Before the state's demise, catcherzw was serving as the Senator from Jacksonia, The_Brunt as the Senator from Ambrosia, Mr_Waffles17 the Senator from Melaconia, and thepolg as the Senator from Polgolas.

Map of Schevakian States and Provinces

In addition to the four original states, Schevakia included the semi-autonomous territory of Ilyrdom, located in the Ilyrian Isles to the west of mainland Schevakia. While Ilyrdom lacked a Senator, its provincial Governor, Miksa03, wielded much broader power over the internal affairs of his territory than the Senators did over their respective states.

In addition to the senatorial system, Schevakia had a president. The last president of Schevakia was President catcherzw, who also served as the Senator of Jacksonia. The presidential position was mostly ceremonial in nature as major decisions had to be made by the Senate, although the President did have the discretion to make minor executive decisions without Senate approval. 


Schevakia has great geographic and ecological diversity across its extensive lands, with the nation spread across five distinct landmasses. Northern Schevakia, which Schenektengrad was located at the southern tip of, was separated from the Polgolas landmass (distinct from the state of Polgolas) by the Strait of Polg, one of the two Schevakian Straits. The other, the Strait of Jacksonia, ran between the state of Jacksonia and Bordergoremandy beach, separating Northern Schevakia from the Ilyrian Isles.

Satellite view of Schevakia, early 2020

The Togoman mountains at the former northern border with Toegang have the highest elevation in the country, and from these mountains rise the headwaters of the Big Sche and Little Sche Rivers, which run southeast and west, respectively. The Big Sche served as the border between Schevakia and Yugoslavia for most of its length, and was the lifeblood of northern Schevakia, draining an area that comprises almost the entirety of the states of Ambrosia and Melaconia.

South of the Sche Rivers, much of the former Northern Schevakia is covered by spruce forest. The city of Schenektengrad was built in what was originally a large dark oak forest, but this forest has since been wiped out almost entirely, with small patches remaining in Melaconia and Northern Polgolas.

The Polgolas landmass, which consists of the entire state of Polgolas with the exception of Ward 5 of Schenectengrad, is covered in fertile plains to the north, swamp in the west, and dense dark oak forest in the south, surrounding the destroyed town of Schavick.

The Ilyrian Isles are predominantly forest and plains, with a large mountain range in the north that is part of the same tectonic faults that produced the Togoman Mountains in Northern Schevakia.


Population Distribution

Late Republican Census (April 2020):

The Republic of Schevakia had a large population that was spread across all states and territories of the country, although the bulk of it was concentrated in a few major population centers. A majority of the North Schevakian populace lived in the city of Schenektengrad, one of the most heavily populated urban centers in the world with five permanent residents. The next most populous settlement in the country was the town of Schavick, on the southern coast of Polgolas, with two permanent residents. The rest of the Schevakian population was scattered across the states of Polgolas Melaconia and Jacksonia, as well as the province of Ilyrdom. Polgolas was the most populous state in Schevakia, with five permanent residents according to the 2020 Schevakian Census, followed by Melaconia, with three. All other states and provinces had one or two resident each.

In the late Republican Era of April 2020, Schevakia had one of the largest and most active populations in the world, with 13 citizens, all active.

Imperial Census (Late 2021)

During and in the aftermath of the Balkan Troubles, Schevakia along with the rest of the Balkan region experienced massive demographic decline as a result of the widespread political, social and economic upheaval brought by the Troubles, as many Schevakians emigrated or perished into permanent inactivity. These effects are still felt sharply today, and this depopulation has proven to be a defining characteristic of the present Imperial era, with cratering Schevakian birthrates compounding the demographic crisis and being insufficient to make up for population loss. From a peak active population of 13 in the late Republican Era, the present-day population of the Empire usually hovers between 1 and 5, with Wooklandian immigration providing a small demographic boost.

Ethnicity and Religion

The populace of Republican Schevakia was comprised of two ethnic groups, Sche and Ilyr. The Sche made up 89% of the Schevakian population during the Middle Republican Era and were concentrated throughout North Schevakia and Polgolas. Ilyr made up 11% of the population, and were concentrated in the Ilyrian Isles. These two ethnic groups historically had positive relations with one another and there was negligible tension between them, although after fallout between the political leadership of the two groups during the Late Republican Era, the Schevakian State ethnically cleansed the Ilyr from their lands through a combination of forced assimilation and genocide, and by the time of the Balkan Troubles the Republic was officially 100% Sche.

Republican Schevakia was a very religiously diverse nation, with its populace adhering to a wide variety of different faiths. The most followed religions were:

Eastern Orthodox: 33%

Scheslam: 22%

Oarfanist: 11%

Racism: 11%

Various Indigenous Schevakian Religions: 22%

There was sporadic religious tension between differing Schevakian religions, often assuming political dimensions. However, religious violence was rare and the religious groups of Schevakia werere usually at peace.

By the time of the reunification of Schevakia into the Schevakian Empire, the region had undergone significant cultural and religious shifts, chief among them being the introduction of the Grove Faith and its widespread displacement of Eastern Orthodoxy and other less prominent faiths. Today, the state-reported religious breakdown is as follows:

Grove Faith: 70%

Scheslam: 15%

Miscellaneous/unaffiliated: 15%

During the Splinter State and Imperial eras, religious violence has become a much more common occurrence, with recurring conflicts between adherents of Scheslam and Grove Faith and numerous state sponsored religious pogroms and crusades.